Best control/feel in a platforming game?


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ReCore was fantastic for this.
It's not used to its full potential because it's not all about platforming, but when you do play some of the harder platform dungeons... It's really amazing and actually the platforming gameplay I enjoyed the most.

People who didn't play the game probably won't get what happens with the mechanics, but basically you have a double jump (with the second jump being available at any time while you are still in the air), and one dash when you are in the air. But you can also start your dash from a platform and then double jump and do another dash, because if the first one was started on the ground, it doesn't cout in the amount of air tricks you can do. The blue flying gates let you reload your dash once.

Joule is easily up there in the list of characters I like to control. Getting perfect runs in all the dungeons using the techniques you described was one of the highlights of last gen for me.


What do you guys think are the best feeling or controlling platforming games?

Maybe do one for 2D and one for 3D.
This isn't necessarily a question of " Which is the best platformer ever"

Let me explain the difference. I love Donkey Kong tropical Freeze but I would say controls and feeling wise it's not the best of it's genre. It's designed to feel heavy and that's cool cause it's donkey Kong but I enjoy platforming games that are fast and light feeling.

Also I dislike the feel of any 2D Yoshi games.

Or any of the Rare N64 platformers (conker feels the best though)

My 2D choices are:
Feels amazing. I could do without the 8bit graphics but still it feels great to play and very satisfying when you hit a complicated jump.

Ori and the will of the wisps:
Cheating a bit here as it's not a platformer but still it controls like no other, extremely fun to zip around the map once you've powered up fully.

Sonic Rush adventure ( on the DS):
The original 2D sonic games I prefer overall and mania just missed out here but I cannot deny how much fun it is to boost around a colourful map using the Rush mechanics.
It's one of those games I lose myself to.

Super Mario world GBA:
I could be misremembering here. I love the original SNES one as well and it's better in almost every way BUT the feel is a little tighter in the Advance 2 version in my ooinion.
I can not stand the movement in the NEW super mario games.

Donkey Kong Country 2:
This game when you pick Diddy Kong feels amazing. It's so fast and fun. Again I love Tropical Freeze and also enjoy the platforming but the edge goes to the 2nd game.

3D choices:

Super Mario Sunshine:
I think all 3D mario games are quality here but the edge to me goes to Sunshine. Although not my favourite 3D game I think this game controls like a dream. Mario has so many moves and animations it's staggering. Years later I think figure out new moves like the rope spin and jump. Playing this with a GameCube controller is a must though.

Crash Bandicoot NSane Trilogy(Only the 60fps pc version)
I was very hard on this game when it was released. I loved the originals but found the NSane trilogy for the PS4 to have wonkier controls than the original and I found a lot of people felt the same.

I'm not sure whether it clicked with me better the second time or whether the 60fps mode made all the difference but it plays soooo much better on the PC. Get that version if you can.

Now this game isn't perfect. The jetski Coco missions from crash 3 are worse than the original but for the general platforming. This is one of the best I've played for a linear platforming game.
Celeste for sure, Lonely Downhill Mountain, All the Marios have a place for all my expectations are built on it, i have been playing blue fire and that is pretty good too- not tight enough though on the handling.
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