Battletoads E3 2019 gameplay trailer



God Enel

Not only the art style.. everything looked so childish and kids friendly.

Is this Disney?

What happened to the “brain” (that’s what I called it as a kid)? The camera angle is weird and seems to make it so much easier.
(Though you have to play it, this is just from what the trailer gave away)

The studio making the game.. did they ever play the first games?!

Surely a huge disappointment.

KI was nailed and this..


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Hey, look on the bright side... at least it's not as bad as the Commander Keen reboot (is it a reboot?? I dunno...).


I didn’t pay attention to the dark queen...
I’ve changed my opinion ...
I’ll still play it because it’s on gamepass but SOR 4 can’t come soon enough...


Cool. NES Battetoads is on of my favorites, and looks like it won't be topped.

this, commander keen and more to come...

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Came for Battletoads, got a Ren & Stimpy cartoon instead.

I’m not liking the look.

Yeah animators are entirely ripping off the Ren and Stimpy style these days. Even the new Mickey Mouse looks like a twisted R&S parody of himself.

I’m sure kids these days don’t care and may even like the style but yeah not for me. Uggo


I caught the quickest of glimpses of the OP video preview before it was blocked (I'm at work), and for half a second I was excited because I thought I saw really high resolution detailed spritework. Then I saw the Dark Queen images. Good lord.

Maybe someday us adults can again have something as titilating as what children in the 90's were able to play.
Rarewear Wastewear

Disappointing that these guys are not back for a resurgence. These guys need management, new blood and the ability to redeem themselves. So goddamn frustrating year after year, seeing them not being able to perform.


The art style isn't my favorite, but I can live with it my biggest issue is it looks like it's too busy, I re-watched the trailer and at least half of the time I can't even tell What's happening it's just too jumbled...

I'm not exactly certain why that is perhaps it's because it's hard to distinguish The protagonists from the antagonists, or just looking overall too similar...but it just looks like eye noise...if that's a thing

Oh, and if that is in fact the dark Queen in the post above mine, don't mind if they change her design a little bit but that looks like it was drawn by a ten-year-old so hopefully that's not the case o0
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Really disappointed with this one. Don’t like the art style, it looked like a jumbled mess of nonsense going on, on screen. The only remote redeeming quality was the speeder bike level looked good in an Earthworm Jim kinda way
I slept on it, hoping that when I woke up there would be news that they were joking. I don't think they are.

Dlala studios artist bio explains everything, "I think annoying my teachers with doodling and wanting to do cartoony things rather than oil paintings paid off!" She didn't care enough in school to listen to her art teacher and learn the basics and it shows in the game's awful animation and art direction. Battletoads is clearly not being made by people who played the original games, and the animator is just doing her own thing, paying no respect to the fans of the original nor it's style. What they showed was unnacceptable. I don't expect Cuphead levels of animation from this studio as Chad & Jared Moldenhauer (MDHR) really went all-out. They went as far as to employ the same techniques and tricks that Max Fleischer used in the 1930's. Respect was paid to the art they were inspired by and the result was incredible. What they showed of Battletoads was beyond disappointing

What's been done with Battletoads is nothing new though. For a few years at least, beloved old franchises have been getting reboots that are absolutely awful, all with terrible art styles and none sharing the feel or style of the original. These new shows are being created by people that didn't grow up with the originals, but are creatively bankrupt so they rely on re-hashing other people's ideas for their own grotesque creations.

Take Thundercats for example, it was an American cartoon with art done by a Japanese studio. While the cartoon was typical 80's fare made to sell toys, it had a certain charm that still holds it up today. In 2011 it received a reboot with great animation and the feel of the original but with a bit less 80's camp, but nobody knew it existed so it was cancelled. Fans of the original liked it and wanted it to continue but it soon disappeared just as the 2002 He-Man reboot had before it. That He-Man reboot brought back all the original characters, great animation and design, and fleshed out the backstories for even the c-tier characters. It was a great example or a reboot done right, but unfortunately they missed their target audience (people my age at the time) and it was cancelled just as they revealed Hordak and the extent of his power.

Recently Thundercats was brought back again as Thundercats Roar. It's terrible in every sense of the word and nobody likes it. It's offensively bad.

Teen Titans is another example similar to Thundercats. While the original TT wasn't the best thing in the world, it did have it's own style and the characters were fleshed out over the course of the series. The animation was typical weekly cartoon fare but again, there was at least something there. It amassed a fan base and many of the characters became /b/ and Deviantart favorites ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Then came Teen Titans GO which made light of everything all the time, turning the franchise itself into a joke.

Soon after that She-Ra got the same treatment. Now She-Ra was originally a direct branch from He-Man and featured the same art style, themes and many of the characters from He-Man would make their way into the show in cameos (Skeletor's appearance in the Christmas special was one of the best things ever) The new recently released version is insufferable featuring bland character design that pays no mind to the original show, an apparent fear of drawing the shape of breasts on the female characters. For good measure they made several characters overweight or made them into tomboys.



What they are going for is fine I think, but the art execution needs to be a lot more solid. The animations are a mess and they need some shaders going on.

Looks really low effort


I agree with you guys, the art direction looks just ugly and to me it doesnt even look like battletoads at all 😢, I was excited when battletoads was announced, but I'm not now.
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Hey look everyone

it's the...Dark...Queen

Maybe she’ll the costume off just before the last boss fight and some monster titties will fall out? And then Rash and Zits can have steam shoot out of their ears and Pimple can stamp his foot and howl like a wolf?

I dunno.

This game looks like doodie diapers.


They’ve gone in the wrong direction with this. Real missed opportunity.
#metoo think so.

Liked BT & Double Dragongame, still play it from time to time on my arcade machine.

Gameplay looks weird, in parts more like those endless mobile gams, than BT.
Every time I see this kind of artwork it's like crappy childhood drawings where instead of encouraging them to get better they just threw loads of cash to animate it and cover it in visual effects.


This game was emblematic of the Microsoft showing at E3- just a huge disappointment for me. I own both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, and this E3 was going to be my deciding factor on which console to stick with next gen (4 kids leaves me with not a huge amount of game time). Microsoft went out of their way to completely turn me away to be honest.
Battletoads was one of my favs as a kid. I was so proud to have clocked the NES game multiple times and it's a game I love going back to every now and then. Obviously I haven't played this new version, but by god it looks so awful. It's just not what Battletoads is for me, and seems like, as mentioned above, they've gone the "woke" route in terms of designs with certain characters.
I'm almost certain to stick with PC for gaming and working, and PS5 for exclusives. But seems like if gaming decides to go the route of streaming i'm out for good. Seriously, who asked for streaming as the next step in gaming? Are they ALL reading the room wrong, or am I alone in this???


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yeah, this modern animated art style, it's not appealing at all to me. the proportions are all weird and wrong. they rip off anime lighting and special effects but everything is squared off and blocky, every character is wearing the same self satisfied smirk, it's just, yuck.
I saw the cgi turtles reboot and it seemed like nick was doing ok with the IP.
But then I saw this and thought, man I'm old.
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