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Battlefield Will Return in an "Entirely New Way", Says CEO


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During EA’s latest earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson finally broke the silence on questions surrounding Battlefield, saying that the franchise will return in an “entirely new way”.

Speaking in the latest investor call, Wilson surprisingly dropped Battlefield a number of times, reassuring and installing confidence in investors in the franchise. Wilson said throughout that the team has the “ability to bring Battlefield back in an entirely new way in the future.” (via GamesRadar+) During the calls Q&A segment, where investors asked questions regarding projects, Wilson was asked how the company’s Battlefield franchise was progressing. Whilst Wilson said that the company didn’t have any date announcements, he said that he had “extraordinary confidence” in the new Battlefield leadership team following a recent call.


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Battlefield 3/4 part 2.

Thats all we need........seriously thats all we need, dont make a battle royale, dont make a Tarkov clone, dont make portal mode(even its actually pretty good), dont make a hero shooter, dont make any other foofoo........just lock down the core of Battlefield and we are frikken sorted....its not a hard formula my G.

You cant fuck this up.

P.S: Dont forget the destruction.

P.P.S: Bring back the Metro.

P.P.P.S: We want little birds!!!!!


More GaaS, more micro transaction, more manipulative mechanics to push you to open your wallet.
You’re gonna love the new Battlefield.

Edit: do you think the entirely new way is to not release a broken game and patch it later?
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People in lofty positions of success are often found to be incompetent, and highly unintelligent.

For a general example. Imagine if you had an exceedingly successful sci-fi television show. Everyone loves the characters, the storyline is going great. And then for some reason the head of the studio decides to start adding fantasy and Western elements into it and gets rid of 3/4 of the characters.

BF is dead. It's time to just move on.

For background, I have been playing since BF 1942 and played when Desert Combat was a mod (whose team went on to work on BF 2)...


As someone that has adored BF since 1942, this kind of communication doesn't really excite me, lol. Especially after 2042. Hoping for the best...


When do people begin to accept that their favourite developer is no longer capable of producing their next sequel the way it should be done?

Dice is not "Dice" today, it's not the same developer that made BF3, 4, or any of the Bad Companies. It's almost completey restaffed, it's identity is completely gone.

So why would we demand these developers go back to the way they used to do something when they aren't even the same people who made those games?
Like, dude please don't make shit again. I really hope Vince Zampella can influence the game's movement and gun mechanics. I want it to feel closer to BF3 mixed with Titan Fall.

Somehow even Titanfall is slower paced than the shit that is 2042. I feel like my character is made of paper in this game.

I want the guns to feel heavy again. I want to feel like I have equipment on. I want the choppers and jets to have actual weight to them. Like they can crush you when they crash and bash through concrete walls and rooves.

I want tanks to feel scary as shit. Hell Let Loose does this so damn well.

You can do all this while keeping the pace in between too slow and too fast. BF3 did most of this perfectly.


do not tempt fate do not contrain Wonder Woman's thighs do not do not
I remember seeing some comment like this on Battlefield 1

Double irony
And BF1 was amazing.......so im assuming this is a good thing?

EA DICE just seem to NOT listen.......instead of building on the good things of previous titles the seemingly keep removing what people like and adding shit no one asked for.

BF3 Customization, alot of weapons and gadgets, decent destruction, Metro 24/7.
BF4 Even more weapons and customization, a tank busting Engineer class, levelution(come at me).
BF1 best atmosphere of the series, tight gunplay, also the best sound design and thats saying something cuz Battlefield has always had amazing sound design.
BFV when its not broken; good movement, fortifications(come at me), field upgrades for PTFO.

BF1 was pared down in terms of content, there just werent enough "good" weapons, gadgets and customizations.....they fixed this.
BFV atmosphere was lacking, weapon customization and class customization was worse....it had a battle royale mode no one asked for.
BF2042 they basically said fuck everything people liked, we taking all that shit out....OG Maps were almost universally bad.

Their dev team just needs to look back at BF 3, 4, 1 and V.....see what the community loved about all those games and combine that shit.
Prerelease I was so hype for Battlefiled 2042 because I kept thinking it was gonna be Battlefield 4.2......it was some other shit.
Its a much better product now, but it shouldnt have taken them that long to figure it out.
Yeah that seems like a great idea, after fans expected the last game to return to what they loved about the series based on trailers, it turned out to be different once everyone got to play the beta, and people were unhappy. So then they spent over a year trying to right their wrongs, and now they want to go into a completely new direction again? Good luck I guess.
They said that with BF1 and delivered. Then again with BFV and it was atrocious at launch and gave up on support mid-way through development for DLCs. Lo and behold said the same shit AGAIN and we got fucking BF 2042, which sucked ASS (heard it got better but that's not a compliment when they keep fucking it up). Don't fall for it guys!


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Hopefully that means returning to authentic depictions of historic wars, I still get chills whenever I play Battlefield 1.


They lost their way, and no longer understand what made Battlefield such a popular game. like when they said they don't understand why people like Bad Company games.
They can learn something from Apex Legends. The longer TTK actually makes gunfights more intense, and gives players the opportunity to respond vs getting one shot.
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