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Battlefield series begins up-hill battle, feature reversions coming to next title as "valuable lessons" learned from Battlefield 2042

Completely agreed.

I'm happy they won't be working on another Star Wars game. As great as Battlefront 2 was, under EA, with how they are treating DICE as this "everything" team, it will always be a struggle for that team and unless EA splits the teams, increase the size of each and allow that freedom, it will always be some compromise. They had this team juggling like 3 to 4 titles at once and with how good Battlefront 2 was, imagine how much better it could have been if that was their sole focus?

So them being off of some Star Wars game might be better for DICE overall and a sign that EA sees they can't really force that team to do those things, even 2042 not having a single player is a welcome as I'd rather just not have resources spent on something many of us simply won't play. It will take some time to see how all these moves play out and how it effects the next BF title. Even as someone that generally likes all BF titles, I don't have much hope that some Summer update will fix a lot of this, even with fixed maps, fixing specialist, adding more to Portal.

By then, how many will care? I've seen some great updates come to 2042 only for the response to be like "oh yea 4 months late" or " why wasn't this day 1". All logical, but shows that the community may not even care if this game is 100% corrected, they may have already moved on to something else. With how fast the MP genre moves, maybe having a standard concept makes more sense then jumping all over the place trying to quickly add on the new fad, trend etc thats going on.

In this respect, I do agree with @KyoZz I understand they can innovate without changing the core elements....but can THEY as in DICE of today do that well enough? lol At this point, if such features will be seen this way, maybe they should just focus on those standard features from now on and leave all those ideas to other IP or something. No harm in that btw, lots of IP are that way.

Whats the point of a new feature if it can't be done right? They should just split the IP. Make the F2P their experimental all out, anything goes concept and the standard games a set design with Portal for old maps. Maybe this is just too much to please everyone and the concept should be split.
I agree…people are trashing Halo Infinite saying updates are slow, the game is barebones, its done, they wish the game would die and it was well received and praised in the beginning, due to its sticking to Halo’s formula and roots where alot of gamers didn’t like Halo 4 or 5 for doing things too differently…


"We're sorry for BF2042. These will be the next 3 games we develop."


I would play those games 100% Probably would only buy Bad Company 3 though.


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I like how Mirror's Edge 3 is like "Game Of The Year" lol

To be honest, I don't know if any of that matters.

Making a game called Bad Company 3, may not mean much to many if that concept is fucked up or they lost any good will or something like that. It would be to suggest that the community will pretty much buy anything if you just name it something lol

The destruction in the BF titles continued to get more advanced as time went on , yet you still saw people under this weird impression that it needed to be called "Bad Company" to have destruction, even to the point of NOT KNOWING the other BF titles had more advance destruction.

So people will ask for Bad Company 3, but I question this to them......with all the shit talked about DICE, are you 100% sure they will like Bad Company 3 BY DICE of today or something? With the comments made, you'd think this game being made right now would have no hope based on how the thread feels about the team, but with how 2042 did in sales, I legit don't think much of that might matter. You might see people buying that shit even with knowing how bad 2042 was and who made BFBC3 lol
Imagine the nips that would be twisted if ME3 happened.


We just wanted a better looking BF4 with some new maps and gadgets.

How did they not read the room?
cant find the twitter thread from the old dice dev anymore but apparently they were not even allowed to give negative feedback internally for example about art assets because that could hurt a graphic designers feelings (not even joking)!


BF1, BF5 and BF2042 already showed more than enough that they just don't give a flying fuck what the players have to say about their games, they'll release whatever they see fit and push their narrative, and if somethign goes wrong they'll as always blame the players.
Oi, BF1 is a good game which was set in a period that has never gotten enough attention in gaming.

Sure, there were some technical and balance issues, but in terms of story, even as a background, BF4nwas worse. No charm there.

Of course, after that DICE decided to go woke on top of their usual technical fuck ups at launch. That even goving the players all the memes they wanted couldn't make up for (which also was a stupid strategy as it wasn't organic).
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Why are they already looking forward to the next Battlefield game instead of fixing 2042?
Fixing 2042 costs money they would never make back where as making huge promises for the next BF will get people excited all over again

That said if they get 2042 right I would buy it again in.a heartbeat though I expect it on Gamepass within 3 or 4 months (but I kept hearing it was going to Gamepass at launch to boost player count and that never happened)
Hello EA,

To make battlefield relevant again, just do the following:

Take Battlefield 4, give it the proper remaster / remake akin to 2019’s Modern Warfare, and boom - that’s it! You’ll have a good selling game!

*Please no woke bullshit or forced diversity nonsense, no hero shooter garbage*


Why are they already looking forward to the next Battlefield game instead of fixing 2042?

??? Not sure where you heard any of that.

They likely have creative directors, producers, etc starting the next BF, the rest of DICE and DICE LA working on 2042.

Nothing has been stated to even remotely suggest that was an either or.....

4. Because they know that fixing everything wrong with BF 2042 is almost as much work as creating a new BF

yet they are doing both lol

Why even fix the maps? Why have another feedback session for specialist? Sorry Winjer, but 99% of your post are just rage with like 0 facts, as in you are responding based on what you want to happen or how emotional you are about the situation, vs factual information to back up what is being stated. One can feel this way about EA sure, but....you still need something to back up such claims. Regardless we have more then enough info stating something is being fixed, updated, redesigned etc that you've ignored to bash.

Imagine even saying some shit like

You are one of the very few, that refuses to acknowledge this.

Yet you ignoring the game is being redesigned aka still being worked on.

Fixing 2042 costs money they would never make back where as making huge promises for the next BF will get people excited all over again

yea but, they never said anything about some "instead of". Its a nice narrative to bash, but nothing really supports that other then rage post lol

So yea, fixing 2042 will cost money, not "would", the person is making an assumption about what is being stated, nothing I've read regarding this has made any mention that the next BF is being made INSTEAD OF, as in nothing is being worked on with 2042, shit at least look that up before posting, many of you jumped at the opportunity to comment "instead of" researching and looking up if what was stated was even true or not lol

Take Battlefield 4, give it the proper remaster / remake akin to 2019’s Modern Warfare, and boom - that’s it! You’ll have a good selling game!

lol unlikely. Look at it like this, COD4 got a remaster and even that didn't just magically fucking outdo the current COD.

You can put all of BF4 in Portal and you'd still not see some massive seller or something. I don't think people get that most don't care for old games like that, I love BF4 and have hundreds of hours in it and even I don't buy that some remaster or remake would really change much tbh. I mean shit, folks keep screaming BF4 and its not even the best selling BF title lol


I also learned a valuable lesson. Don't buy the next battlefield day 1. I'll be getting it at least a year after launch and on a nice discount.


They should literally call it Battlefield Day 1

Battlefield 7 : Duck Tape Edition.

Battlefield 7 : Day 1 Warning Edition lol

With all this focus on GAAS, they need to focus on that um...."service" part, if its going to focus on such concepts, they game might as well have a longer launch window like beta, early access etc, as the way I see it, all the changes and redesigns being done could have fucking been done or started during the beta based on THAT feedback, might as well just extend that concept longer to even avoid all of this.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Downright epic experience, battlefield has its own unique energy and has a rivalry with call of duty.
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