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Batman Doesn't Go Down


You obviously don't read the comics where they show Catwoman and Batman fucking. Hell Batman: Damned showed his dick.
So what Batman shows his dick and fucks in the comics and now every show has the right to show him sexually? I don't really get that logic. Especially when you consider that Harley Quinn engages in shock comedy. Besides I wouldn't use anything DCs done in the last few years in it's comics in defense of anything.
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Rat Rage

To be fair, motting catwoman after a whole evening in her latex, it'll be like opening a sweaty day old cheese toasty


Edit: Don’t understand the outrage/surprise at this…. Is soft core porn ok for everything? We gonna get our panties in a bunch the next time anything with Mickey Mouse is licensed and it doesn’t show him tossing the salad giving Minnie a rimjob? Or just a transparent faux attempt by supposed journalists to say Batman is misogynistic because DC won’t allow a sex act with one of their properties geared towards children?
Code this us up as “working as intended”

clickbait makes me feel autistic and out of touch with reality
Nah, you came across that way when you were all like "b-b-b-but The Comics Code !"

The show is rated TV-MA and adults are the target audience. Anything it would have shown, would've been tame and barely resemble "softcore porn".

The people who are afraid of womens sexuality and sex in general these days are usually ones who rarely or never get it.
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