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Drama Business Cringe Banks are nothing more then a bunch of crooks and legal white collar criminals #$%&/

Ron Mexico

Jul 31, 2012
There's so many things here that cause me question. Granted, I'm way more well-versed in things on this side of the Atlantic but here goes nothing.

I'd love to see the actual note (basically the legal agreement outlining all the terms and conditions). Gut feeling is there's more buried in there but couldn't offer any better advice with incomplete information.

As for the fund itself, I'd like to see some documentation on that as well, specifically the part about how it's not interest-bearing. Again, gut says it is actually interest-bearing, but would come with some kind of penalty for taking it early. In either case, I'd double-check if/when you receive that money to make sure it doesn't become a(n additional) taxable event for you.

Of course it goes without saying to study any legally binding contracts before you sign them but that's all hindsight. I don't think screaming at the bank is going to help. Instead, I'd look for the exact terms that led to those contributions, find the details of that fund, and find how to withdrawal from there and see if there's penalties/fees/etc.

Best of luck.


bankers suck

We do. Completely.

S' why I use a credit union not a Bank.

S'why I now work for a credit union not a bank.


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Dec 25, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic
That's why you invest, sensibly, to a crypto. Or mine/stake over time, based on cost of electricity. Staking cost is miniscule, if you do that on RPi.
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