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Bandai Namco appears to be making an HD remaster of a Nintendo game


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The listings, which appear on Bandai Namco’s Japanese recruitment page, suggest that Nintendo has commissioned the company to give a modern upgrade to one of its older polygonal titles.

One of the listings, for a “3D action game designer”, states: “You will work as a planner and developer for a 3D action game project commissioned by Nintendo.”

A second listing for a “3D action game background artist” is described as a “visual artist position for a 3D action game project commissioned by Nintendo.”

However, a third listing then refers to a “3D action game background HD remaster” role, described as a “visual artist position for a 3D action game project commissioned by Nintendo,” specialising in “HD remastering of 3D backgrounds”.

Among the duties listed in this HD remaster role are the “remastering of deformed 3D backgrounds”, the “porting of existing 3D background data” and the “incorporation of data into in-house game engines”.

These duties suggest that the successful candidate will be responsible for handling 3D background assets that had already been created for a game released on a previous Nintendo system and remastering them for an upcoming Switch game.

Bandai Namco has enjoyed a close relationship with Nintendo for some time now and has worked with the company on previous games involving its most popular IPs.


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Remaster means GameCube, Wii or Wii U. Anything older than that is usually a remake.

I'd take Wave Race, F Zero or Odama
Wave race was my favorite back in the early days of the Game Cube and F Zero was pretty cool. I wonder if a 3DS remaster to the Switch would be in the posibilities.

F Zero GX HD for Game Cube would be amazing in a VR-Like system. Too bad Nintendo is out of that market currently. I hope Nvidia could make a Tegra with VR capabilities so Nintendo could fill the void and create competition against the Oculus.
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