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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance - PC Launch Trailer

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Experience a classic Dungeons & Dragons action role-playing game, as Interplay Entertainment (IPLY) and Wizards of the Coast rerelease the iconic action-RPG Baldur’s Gate for the first time on PC, Mac & Linux.


Experience the massively popular world of Baldur's Gate as never before. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance thrusts you into an epic Dungeons & Dragons adventure filled with intense action, intricate puzzles and sinister intrigue, where your mastery of cold steel and devastating spells is the only thing between you and ultimate evil.

• A ground-breaking adventure, featuring the 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons® rule set.

• Explosive spell effects and incredibly detailed creatures and environments deliver a more realistic gaming experience.

• Three customizable characters, each with distinctive powers, appearances and abilities that develop throughout the game.

• Battle alone or join a friend in two-player cooperative mode.

• Explore Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance all over again, experiencing newfound adventures with a different customized character or replaying in Extreme mode for ten times the difficulty and fun.

• Dolby Surround sound, real-time sound effect mixing, Hollywood voice talent and an original soundtrack by acclaimed composer Jeremy Soule.
Damn, had no idea this was coming. Played it on emulator recently and it was great. Dem water effects...

How is the port?
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My tired eyes this morning diagonally read « Baldur’s gate 3 launch trailer » and got freaking hyped through the roof for a second until I reread.


Happy Daniel Bryan GIF by WWE


Laughable. Fuck these guys. Game could of been so good if they put some damn effort into it. Not just the ridiculous amount of fixes and quality of life improvements that should’ve been included to begin with, but more content. Way too short.

Edit: I just realize I’m thinking of the other game. Just kidding.
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Actually played this back in the day. It was a solid 7/10 but no idea why it needs to be brought back. The Baldur's Gate name sold it.
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