Autumn/Fall Best Limited Time Foods


Sitting here thoroughly enjoying a slice of Costco's Pumpkin Pie, with a bit of whupped cream goodness on top. Truly one of fall's greatest delights.

Which fall treats do you enjoy at your homes and on your tables during the spooky harvest season, GAF?

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My wife and I were ordering drinks at a local coffee shop one cozy September morning whilst on vacation. I ordered a dirty chai, which is common for me. The guy behind me scoffed and said that he only drinks those during the fall. Don't be like that guy. Don't limit your palate for arbitrary reasons, it's not the middle ages any more. We aren't beholden to the growing season.

Also, fall sucks.
Spring > summer > winter > fall


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winter is coming GIF

its getting colder and thats when I turn into MetalMaestroMike

ate some double hamburgers from mcdies for dinner lol more chocolate, more cruciferous greens and more fat from nuts/seeds/eggs; higher calories in general also lot of antioxidants from berries and sweet potatoes/carrots too

getting ready for peak frost in january/february two months away i'll be ready :messenger_face_steam:



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Pumpkin pie, by far. It's my favorite dessert, probably in my top five foods/dishes overall. There's a few pumpkin farms nearby (well, like a 45 minute drive, but since I live in city center that's relatively close) so when the farmer's market is open there's inevitably some people selling pies using fresh that day pumpkins from one of them.
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