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Australian Rules Football (AFL) Thread |OT| Boy oh boy wowee!

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Trade rumours!

North have told Ben Brown to look for a new home.

The $1m reason why star free agent Zac Williams is seemingly bound for the Blues.


Brad Crouch to Port?


Ollie Wines to Carlton is a “watch this space”


Essendon are interested in the Saints Ben Paton, who is out of contract.

Essendon is prepared to offer Joe Daniher up to a four-year deal as he considers his future.

Polec to the Dees?

Jack Graham has re-signed with the Tigers after being linked to Carlton.

Collingwood 2021 father-son prospect Nick Daicos has "magical talent": Sheehan


That last one gave me a boner.

Recent retirements

Ben Reid
Will Schofield
Jack Watts

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We've been moved to the communities section, right as Brisbane start to choke.

Edit: Lions win.
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Tomorrow night the Tiges better put in a performance playing their own game at its best, instead of the ambulance chasing footy from last week. I'd appreciate if the umpires weren't slowing the game and calling bullshit too.

Misses then has the Pies on SAT night. Guess I need to get some snacks and drinks sorted.
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Almost game time. Hopefully it's a close game and they smash the shit out of each other.

In other news, North have released some info about Rhyce Shaw's issues. He probably won't be coaching next year, with Ross Lyon & Voss early faves for the gig.

On 7 News, Mark Stevens has reported that the Pies have asked Treloar to find a new club and that they are interested in getting Zack Merrett.

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Almost game time. Seems a bit weird with it being at night but it should be cool.

Cats by 7

Cam Guthrie for the Norm Smith.
Great final, I had a few gripes with the umps favouring Geelong but it didn't change the outcome of the game. Tigers turned it up in the second half/4th alright, Cats showed up on the day. Really good game to watch. Poor Vlastuin taking that huge elbow, fuck. 3 out of 4 years running, next year Tigers go for that Hawthorn glory of 4.

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Cats bringing in the geezers.

Apparently it's a 6 year/$800k a season + incentives deal for Williams.

Oleg Markov has requested a trade to Gold Coast.

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North have bent us over and made us say thank you.

Jaidyn Stephenson, Atu Bosenavulagi & pick 39 to North Melbourne.

Pies get picks 26, 33, 70
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