Attention to Detail in FromSoftware Games


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Following an obsession with Elden Ring, I wanted to revisit FromSoftware's earlier games to showcase some of their attention to detail. Enjoy!

Dark Souls (Trilogy): 0:00
Bloodborne: 2:40
Sekiro: 4:27
Elden Ring: 6:56

I managed to pull myself away from Elden Ring for a bit to revisit some of FromSoftware's previous titles. I chose to only focus on games with details I found interesting. I couldn't find any in Demon Souls, but I'm sure they're there. Let me know if you found any!
FromSoftware's attention to detail is mainly in how they build their worlds and lore, and less so like Rockstar who focus on making their worlds realistic (e.g. shrinking horse balls). This meant the video was a bit tricky to make, but I managed to find some stuff I found interesting. I hope you like them too!


I'd like them to put that same attention to hitboxes and framerates

I play BC PS4 version on PS5 but sometimes load up PS5 version to check gfx differences (if there are any) and holy shit... It's unplayable to me, framerate and framepacing is a complete mess. It's super funny also that 1800p CB on PS4 version sometimes look sharper than PS5 performance mode.

I doubt they will ever fix it, only VRR can help....


In Anor Londo, the gods walk in the middle, humans on the side of the stairs, just like pathways in Shinto shrines.
Interesting video, didn't know about most of them.
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Still nothing can match Kojima's team attention to details. That is next level.

Even got praised by the man himself saying he couldn't do the same on such a scale.
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