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ATLUS appreciative of how much support PC gamers have given Persona 4 Golden


Mar 16, 2019
So you like better the shitty procedural generation of P4 dungeons?

There's so much more to these video games than just the dungeons. Dismissing it based on that is silly. Besides, they're tolerable, usually short and the combat itself is fun.

There isn't really a definitive answer to that. I'd say its split between people who think 5 is better and those who prefer 4. 5 is my personal favorite, but 4 is still really good. 3 is the hardest one to go back to. A definitive version of 3 would be cool, but I'd prefer they just work on a persona 6 instead.

I'd have to replay it from start to finish since it's been a while, but i can't recall anything inherently worse or hard to adapt for in Persona 3 FES with the exception being the non-controllable characters in combat, which can become a pain in the ass. I surely think it's worth adapting for, because the narrative and the characters are great; The general vibe and atmosphere is also something i prefer over Persona 4. The soundtrack is also just phenomenal, my favorite in the series.

And if push comes to shove, you can always play Persona 3 Portable which is just incredibly streamlined and effortlessly easy to get into. The production values took a huge hit, but the story and characters are still there, with improvements to the gameplay.

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May 18, 2020
Really glad this game is no longer stranded on the Vita. Hopefully it gets a console port as well.

Would love to see 3 get the same lifeline thrown to it as well but they would have to create some sort of definitive edition of that game between the console and portable releases.
Mar 26, 2010
I'd have to replay it from start to finish since it's been a while, but i can't recall anything inherently worse or hard to adapt for in Persona 3 FES with the exception being the non-controllable characters in combat, which can become a pain in the ass.

They've been controllable since FES. It was only Vanilla P5 that you couldn't control other party members.

So you like better the shitty procedural generation of P4 dungeons?

I actually don't think Persona dungeons are "solved" with P5 at all, I feel like there are as many problems as there are improvements and in some ways I do like the older dungeons.

I agree that dungeon crawling in the previous games can get old at times. But at least dungeon crawling is quite distinct from other types of gameplay. When I do a dungeon in P5 there's SO much stopping and talking, sometimes I feel like I might as well be doing social links with all the endless chatter. It doesn't help that I have problems with the writing in P5, but I think the main issue is the flow and pacing of each dungeon get bogged down by constant long conversations to introduce sometimes clever and sometimes very basic filler puzzles. Some of the palaces are better than others, but there's a sense in which I like dungeon crawling being about fighting monsters and exploring dungeons, and when I get tired from doing that in older games I can leave and go do something different. Triggering a conversation every 2 steps into a palace can feel quite exhausting in comparison, especially towards the back end of this incredibly long game.

Anyway, I don't want to only say bad things about P5, which is a great game that I like. As someone said earlier in the thread, you really can't go wrong with any of these games and they have different strengths and weaknesses.
Mar 26, 2010
No, Persona 3 FES doesn't let you directly control the party members, that feature was added in Persona 3 Portable. I could install a mod for PCSX2 to let me control them, but vanilla-wise, not an option. Or are you talking about the tactics?

You're right, My bad. Just looked it up.

I've played the game so many times yet I misremembered and thought you could control other party members. Maybe I was remembering P3P and thinking it was FES.
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Jul 4, 2020

I have Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita. It was a no brainer. It is pretty much universally called the best game on the Vita.

... I have had real trouble playing it. The tutorial seems to have gone on too long for my tastes, and the first level after that tutorial, the red castle thing, is too, i dunno, retentive and lacking in intrigue... I dunno what to say. I REALLY want to get into P4G, but I just. can't. There's just something about the gameplay that makes me turn my Vita off after half an hour or so, continuously.

<3 my Vita ofc.
Jun 23, 2020
Atlus needs to shut their fucking whore mouths and finish SMT V. Someone should sue those fuckers for fraudulent advertising.

They refuse to acknowledge the game even exists. It's mindboggling.
Well they said in December 2019 that they were still working on it, so... patience, my man.

Besides, didn't the same thing happened with Persona 5?


Jul 26, 2018
The thing I don't understand about SMT5 is that they changed engines to UE4 and being all excited about possible reduced iteration times, since they don't have to recompile the whole thing just to check whether assets are placed correctly (as they had to do with their proprietary engine that Persona 5 uses):

Famitsu: "We thought the scene of Shinagawa station was an elaborate cel-shaded anime, but if we take a deeper look, it turns out that it’s CG instead."

Yamai: "That’s right. As the Unreal Engine logo is displayed in the PV, it’s the first time our company is adopting this powerful game engine. In the past, things created with development tools needed time to be converted (outputted) into the actual game screen, so in the meantime [while the conversion was being processed] we would go out to eat, and when we returned sometimes [the conversion] failed so we had to work all night to convert them again.

If we use Unreal Engine, it can be outputted in less than a minute, so the environment for making games has drastically changed. Because when you can check what you’ve made on the game screen instantly, you can take more time to polish ideas or do trial-and-error. Furthermore, this engine has deep capabilities that let us do arrangements unique to us, so I’m really glad we get to implement it."
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