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Atlus – Project Re Fantasy progressing little by little, surprises and big unannounced projects in development, more news on Etrian Odyssey

May 9, 2019
The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu includes interview with Atlus senior managing director Naoto Hiraoka, who comments on various titles currently in production.

Here are the key tidbits:
  • “In addition to the Persona 25th anniversary project, we hope to share a few other surprises.”
  • “We would like to hold events for Persona where possible. Not just for Japan, but also overseas.”
  • “We’re continuing to put our efforts into Vanillaware titles and other Atlus intellectual properties.” (Editor’s Note: A new project with Vanillaware was teased back in March 2019.)
  • “We’re working on a variety of titles, both announced and unannounced, and hope to release them as soon as possible. We also hope to bring you some surprises in the future.”
  • “There are currently five or six development lines in effect. Or about 10 when you include Vanillaware and other external companies we’re working with, plus technological research and development.”
  • “Project Re Fantasy is progressing little by little, and we hope to deliver it when the timing is right.”
  • “We hope to be able to share more news on Etrian Odyssey to everyone as soon as possible.”
  • “There are other big unannounced projects moving forward that will also surprise everyone. We’re excited to tell you about them when we can. Please give us a bit of time before the announcement.”

I hope to see them re-reveal Project Re Fantasy soon. It has been a while.


Dec 6, 2013
Fingers crossed for Dragon's Crown finally for PC.
While it works flawlessly on RPCS3, I'd like to own it, gain achievements and the convenience.

Everything from Vanillaware would be welcome on PC/Switch/Xbox.
13 Sentinels, Dragon's Crown, Grand Knights History, Muramasa, Odin Sphere, etc.

They make great games that IMO could really benefit from a larger audience.