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Asobo Studio (Microsoft Flight Simulator) is reportedly prototyping a racing game for Xbox.


That was said to actually be a mistranslation or over-assumption in that original article. I think the weather simulation system was shared for reference and maybe used to some degree between the two, but it's not ForzaTech powering Flight Sim.

Thanks for that. Even more impressive then that Asobo built the engine in house.


I'm amused the title of the thread is "Asobo, the Microsoft Flight Simulator devs", as opposed to ... A Plague Tale: Innocence devs.
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As a big fan of racing games I'd love the idea of a reboot or brand new IP. Especially with Sony abandoning the racing genre outside of GT.


Hopefully a kart racing game with all the Microsoft ips :)

Ever since I saw the fortnite Master Chief on that mini warthog (I saw a gif on twitter, if someone can find it, please post/tag me)

It made me realise they could easily do a great kart racer and make it work :)

Edit: don't matter posted an image below.

They have a ton of IPs they could bring into something like that, new and old. I'd be interested in giving that concept a look.

Although an OTT arcade racer on city streets with randomized, fast moving npc traffic during races akin to a modern midtown madness would be cool too.
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So will this be an actual racer or a driving type simulator where you get to drive around uber realistic looking places (cities, terrain etc...) akin to Flight Simulator. Instead of the skies it'll be on the roads.


"Nick’s source "

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Personally I wish Asobo would create a combat version of FS like the one MS made years ago. That was awesome.

I would love a modern game in the same vein as Strike Commander!
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Midtown madness reboot? Seems like that could directly conflict with Forza Horizon thought

Eh, that'd be a pretty different game. Forza is about a place and a sense of speed and tournament play and striving for perfection even in the wild open "world" of Forza Horizon; Midtown Madness would be more silly (depending on how they did the driving/crashing mechanics) and more exploratory, more for the fun of driving than the thrill of the race (although Forza has that too, in a different way.) And if we're assuming that they're going the Flight Simulator route of real roads, that's different than the Forza feel of one place meticulously designed for fun. Real roads aren't mapped out to be fun.

Drive Simulator using Flight Sim tech to drive anywhere in the world is the next step. Would be amazing if its possible.

...Eh, but we should be careful about over-assuming what this game would be and what "Flight Sim tech" can do, probably?

Flight Sim has petabytes of stored data to put through to players for its representation of the globe and yet it's still drawn at a scale of detail proportionally way, way, way down from what you would need for even a casual driving sim. The roads are simplified geometrically, the terrain has very little elevation data (which is fine when you're 20,000 feet up or flying over a mapped hill but flat as paper if you're actually rolling around a neighborhood,) and the buildings are generic representations (albeit with actual low-res textures/color-values from satellite and street data.) Also, a flight simulator can compress and re-use material across its loaded section of the globe map, which would be a problem if you were experiencing a game at street-level. It for example only launched with 7 types of trees, which you can re-use and re-color to fill a forest or the vegetation around a hand-detailed airport, but just seven types of trees would not cut it if you were driving around town or cruising famous mountain roads. And while a Driving Sim would move through areas and biomes much less often due to the relative difference of speed, the specificity and variety would need to be much higher.

Now, Bing Maps does have a lot more data than what Flight Sim would use, but they're still mapping individual cities in 3D (and, eh, not really doing it too well? They did make strides in detail level when Flight Sim grabbed these maps so maybe the Bing Maps viewer just sucks in resolution? User-contributed 3D maps are also in the Bing Maps data, but those aren't up to driveable detail either) and do not have an actual 3D model of every town on the globe yet. So we're probably still a ways off from a racing game where you can drive past your house.

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I wonder if the intent is to do something that leverages the cloud like flight simulator. Like something that would let you drive anywhere using real map data.

A guy can dream anyway.
Came here to say this. I almost certainly believe this is it.
I can't believe it took until page two for someone to put 2+2 together.
If they can land this, it will be huge.
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I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
well thats boring.
Imagine you already have FOrza, the best racing game currently.


Maybe they will go all simulation and shit...hardcore racing sim for the hardcore wannabe drivers out there
What about just a driving sim sans racing? Would be cool if it was 1:1 to real world countries. Just pick a car and drive around the real world like FS. I would be down for that, though I don't think it will happen.
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too many racing games in your Fist Party Portfolio.

I don't think there is a rule about this. Nintendo had Mario Kart, Wave Race and F-Zero, also Diddy Kong Racing, maybe even more...as long as the games were good, no one ever complained that there were too many! The thing is, they were distinct enough.


This makes a lot of sense. Xbox is already THE console to own for fans of racing games. Add another to the stable.
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