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Arrogant Sony would have gone for the jugular today and announced a Showcase, or dropped a SpiderMan 2 trailer




How is it arrogant that Sony announce and show games?

What next? Calling doctors arrogants for healing people? Or calling movie producers arrogants to release movies? Or maybe calling a Car brand to produce new cars? WTF

Bruh Microsoft really conditioned people will their ultra low and cheap standards.
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GAF machine

Nah this is arrogant Sony :messenger_grinning:


Nothing arrogant about it. Microsoft fired the opening salvo.



As for Nintendo, they blew up their partnership with Sony and any amicable relations they could've had with them. So what if SCE wanted to take shots at Nintendo and gloat over PlayStation's success, again.
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The only thing Sony should care about right now is how long the ABK merger is going to keep MS in a state of limbo. :D

Plain fact is MS *REALLY* want the deal, and so are on their best behaviour in order to look good for the regulators. Meaning that they can't make big moves elsewhere and Sony can do their M&A/exclusivity deals unopposed.

Ev1L AuRoN

Microsoft is trying to appear weak in order to buy ABK, I think Sony would be doing a favor to them. I think that Phils interview is a 4D Chess move.


With Phil Spencer at the helm of XB, they don't actually have to do shit apart from stay the course.
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