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Areajugones: The Metal Gear Solid remake for PS5 is real and will be announced soon

I don't agree in the slightest. Death Stranding is by far his most creative work since MGS2, and one of the most interesting and mind bending games (at least in the AAA category) in the past 20 years.
Also MGS is not your typical franchise like Assassins Creed or Call of Duty, where there's a check list that needs to be fulfield by the devs. It's the work (MGS) of a real autheur and that means it's much more than the sum of its parts.
Anyone else making a MGS game, is like some random poet continuing Eminescu's work. Kind of not how it works.

But of course, to each his own 🤝
Oh boy....let's not compare Kojima to true genius please. He named a character in death stranding "John McClane" with the codename "die hardman." This isn't creativity, it isn't homage, Its beating the audience over the head. There's no subtlety. I could list every character from death stranding that has a creatively bankrupt name but that might take all day. They aren't primitive and they all had names before the stranding. Sam Porter Bridges just happened to have the perfect name for his job I guess.

Looking over his body of work, he's been beating us over the head for years.
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Sad to say this but i would rather play old shit than new shit at this point.


Sad to say this but i would rather play new shit than old shit at this point.
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My daughter returns to my same primary school 30 years prior and I get to play FFVII Rebirth and a Metal Gear Solid remake.

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…My daughter will never give me a chance to play either, Zack shows up ruining Rebirth and this rumour isn’t happening. Also Sephiroth shows up and burns my old primary school to the ground. A touching reunion.


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Hard to tell if this is real or a guess.

Look...it could happen considering its a safe bet by Konami considering their situation. License out MGS, have Sony publisher, have Bluepoint make the game as they have a history of porting and remastering that series btw, it makes sense even in light of the Silent Hill 2 remake...but thats the thing...it makes sense to also fucking lie about something like this as it can fit a narrative thats out there.

For all we know, this is true and this person didn't leak shit, they might just be making a guess as even I made that guess and I'm not some deep leaker, insider type person.

So I'd file this under inevitable, but not based on this leak, merely based on how Konami has been lately.


Ok now we're talking. All this movies and TV shows Talks has been quite boring recently, games is what really matters, at least to me.

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i know it is a bit lame to comment on a topic that is basically dead but I want to say that an MGS remake with the fox engine could be really really good.

(im still v. sad about how MGS ended. i dont care who is to blame, dammit!)


My heart wants it but my mind is like: MGS3 is more suited for a remake with a lot more options to make it extra cool.


My heart wants it but my mind is like: MGS3 is more suited for a remake with a lot more options to make it extra cool.
I think the only issue with that would be with newcomers to the series. Maybe if this is true, and MGS does get a quality remake, then it’s only a matter of time?


Any leaks saying its 100% real with confidence makes me lose confidence in them.

And after MG:Survive, Konami gonna fuck up anyway so it doesn't matter. Half the part they might do right will be ignored by gamers because Kojima.
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