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News Apex Legends lead designer Daniel Klein (apparently) fired over racist and sexist comments he made 2007

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Oct 13, 2014
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Cancel culture strikes again. Apparently Daniel Klein, lead designer at Respawn Entertainment, who worked on Apex Legends, brought wrath over him in some heated balancing discussions about Apex Legends. A YouTuber named Thordan Smash then probably took the topic a little too personal and started putting his energy not into something positive and constructive but rather digging out old posts from Klein in 2007. In a total number of three posts there has been apparently some racist, bigoted and sexist remarks by Klein; there he said that women are unreliable and crazy people with their brains inside their boobs; they [women] furthermore have the idiot chromosome pair XX; they are unable to make rational decisions. Thordan Smash argued that Klein was already 27 at the time and NOT an angsty teenager, should have known better and hence is unbearable for Apex Legends, a game that presents itself as diverse and progressive.

Thordan Smash, however, wasn't alone and soon some guy over at Twitter, going by the handle "The Sherrif" digged even further and tweeted some more comments made by Klein, questioning Apex Legends directly: "Is this who you want as the lead balancer at respawn?"

Over at Twitter, a service that should not exist in my humble opinion, he praises his cleansing work:
Daniel has been fired. I’m extremely happy I could play a big role in getting this done. Thank you to everyone helping make Apex a better game
After Klein disabled comments on his twitter account/tweets, this dude threw another punch
You’re not letting people comment, you’re not showing real accountability. You’re a bitch
I usually wouldn't quote or even recognise posts by random strangers with no reach nor impact nor anything meaningful to say. Apparently this had some impact, though, and just shows there's a lot of people out there (calling other people toxic despite being the exact same just on the other side of the fence) that draw they sole life purpose from their twisted understanding of being "helpful". And since it's so easy and doesn't require a real torch and fork, and real effort and to go out and is instead conveniently possible from your armchair, this seems like a real nice hobby for some people.

Klein apologized for his comments he made in 2007 and said he was a different person back then:
I have poured so much energy into becoming a better person since then, and right now I'm just very depressed because it feels like I'll never be able to make up for who I was.

I said racist and sexist things, not because I deeply believed any of them, but because I knew I could get a reaction out of people. That does not excuse anything I said; the impact of my words was the same regardless of what I believed.

My takeaway: In corporate business where it's only about image and PR and numbers – and zero fucks given about actual people – you simply cannot state your opinion; you have to stick to corporate code, drummed-in phrases and educated marketing babble.

Take care and watch out, guys, for not being fired in 30 years for posts you made here or anything else five years ago. :messenger_dizzy:
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