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Anyone addicted to a game (you enjoy) but wish you weren't so you can play other games


Destiny 2 for a long time did that for me, to the point where thats all I did or played or watched

Zelda BotW and finally God of War 2018 broke that 2 year cycle for me, even though I still play, its much much less, pretty much seasonal content, a few Raids/Dungeons and get to Level 100 that season and dip, I like the rest away, it makes the next season more enjoyable


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Brand new 55" OLED TV. Elden Ring, forbidden west, deep rock galactic, wreckfest.

And im playing slay the spire night after night.


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Probably Destiny. New seasons tend to come out at about the time other games I want to play also come out.

Its not a big deal. I play what I want, but still.


League of Legends for me. Between 2 accounts, I have over 4k hours.

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Final Fantasy XIV usually. But, I haven't been playing it a lot lately and taking a break from it. I do keep up with the patches though.


I am a bit addicted to some of these f2p titles. Which is annoying because I also love single player titles and these f2p multiplayer games are endless. The content never stops coming in and the grind always continues. Especially if I am playing a competitive title with friends. They are obsessed with climbing rank. I will play it with them but I won't pursue it in my free time for the sake of giving myself time to play other titles that I want to try out.
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It only happened at specific times for me, but yes. Almost all focusing on the social interaction aspect of games. Its a different element all together with mp titles, especially ones that evolved to try and improve "player retention". Old mp games didn't have that pull, we'd get burned out on the repetitive nature(my group) and go back to single player games or switch to the next new thing. I have several friends I met on the job who'd exchange gamertags and I see them now focusing on those similar titles as I once did. Except I think that now its even worse, as they spend money on new games they never play and while touting most of these FtP titles as cheap and such they dump a LOT of dosh into them. For all the games I've bought I'd say I've spent less and when servers are shut down at least I still have products.

Its funny looking back on it, I started feeling that lack of satisfaction that "real" games have. A sense of completion instead of the umpteenth season pass to grind through. Not saying I didn't have fun, but I learned that for me personally it just wasn't a fun time being so heavily nickel and dimed after peeking behind the curtain. The fun I had was with my friends and as my group has gotten married and had families, which they now avoid and ignore(something I wish I had but can't, its my girl not me. I'd drop most of my hobbies in a heartbeat for a real child of my own), I chose to remove myself from the group because its hard to hear everyday. They try to bring me back but I just don't want to be around that, plus they constantly go afk which is annoying as F leaving myself and other hanging only to lose in competitive stuff.

So two reasons that drove me away from these types of games. I much prefer more traditional titles that have a beginning and end, a proper story to tell. They respect my time far more than those that want to monetize me with user engagement etc. My main complaint in the current industry is everyone is trying to make it big on the next social craze completely saturating the market and stifling innovation. I apologize for rambling, just thoughts I've had over the years. I've noticed this problem doesn't extend to traditional titles, even mp games on the same system like an inhouse party. My tabletop rpg group has a blast no problem, no issues going offroading, shooting, hiking, skiing, etc. My early CS and some other tons of guns mod I used to play with new friends online back in the day were the only times I'd be so hooked that I'd ignore irl friends and family. Not doing that again for sure, learned my lesson.



Backlog just keeps getting bigger, and it will continue to do so when MW2 releases on October.
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Ryu Kaiba

Embarrassingly Overwatch

but thanks to Blizzard abandoning the game I was able to realize it was an addiction so I uninstalled it and decided to just play something else whenever I got the urge.


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I mostly play single player games and great thing about SP games is they proper end and I can move on to the next game.

The closest thing I got "addicted" to a game that way was Dissida on PSP.


Thanks I'll check that out. Is it a one of payment to buy it or do you pay a subscription?
I believe it's a subscription to play multiplayer but a one-time fee for singleplayer.

I have 600+ hours in VP4 and LOVE it, but after getting used to Shooters Pool, I have to say it's even better. You can also shoot on "real" Diamond and Rasson tables, and generic tables that are essentially replicas of Gold Crowns and Valley bar tables.


Yes I still play Top spin 4 (ps3) on league tournaments after 11 years it came out even when there is few people left playing and 2k stopped supporting the game aftwr 2018.


League of Legends for me. Between 2 accounts, I have over 4k hours.

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Same here for me. Although im not as addicted as i was before. These days when i want to blow one or two hours and get a gaming rush i always play League.

Its not really taken time away from my games i would otherwise play though. These days i prefer intense challenging games that you can just pick up and play and there just hasnt been much games like that anymore.


Fifa Ultimate Team definitely, never tried it before but kind of got interested once I played eFootball 22 and Im enjoying it! its a card building game and more about the menus and trading than actual play, but im enjoying building my dream squad minus some problems like the shitty chemistry system.

But the gameplay itself, Im enjoying it online, I play a slow methodical build up play which is often at odds with the meta, which is basically hold sprint and trick your way through with ping pong passing. I don't sprint at all and using passing and build up- Im sure it won't work at the higher divisions but for now its fun.

I fell into the Fifa trap this year as well first one i ever bought and I’m seriously considering never buying another. I have nearly 1000 hours in the game, Not spent a dime on packs grinded a really good team only to realise I’d have to do it all over again come 23…Yeah don’t think so 😂.

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Dota 2, the thread.

I've been addicted and played 2-3 games a day for almost 10 years.

I'm still a scrub
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Loop Hero and Vampire Survivor's

What ever you do, don't play them.
There fun, heavy time sinks and incredibly addicted.

I spent two hours setting up a new 283 mod build for Skyrim on PC the other day.
Everything was in working order after a few tweaks, and I was able to create my character and stop within a few minutes.

Started up Loop Hero, 5 hours later.....



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That was me with RDR2/RDO for quite some time, Bloodborne before that. Currently me with GT7, though I did sneak in platting both HZD and Days Gone (what a damned great game).
I've found myself another game that I find quite addictive. And although I enjoy playing it, I do find myself thinking to myself that I shouldn't be playing it and should spend my time playing something more substantial.

This happened to me when I couldn't play anything other than Rocket League. And now its..... Virtual Pool 4 :messenger_smirking:!

Virtual Pool is quite new to me but efore it I was playing through some of Sony's finest (TLoU, Uncharted). GoW is the next series I chose to play through next, starting with the very first game GoW 1. I like GoW 1. I've been really enjoying it. I'm surprised how well it holds up after all this time but.... i just dont have the enthusiasm for it when virtual pool 4 is grabbing my attention.
Let me help you get off a pool video game for an even better one ..
ShootersPool :)

I hear you about virtual pool though. I'm quite addicted to pool in real life and I have also played a lot of Virtual Pool 4.

To answer the question it used to be Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Chas Theory online versus mode - Spies versus Mercenaries.
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Forcing myself not to go ADHD and play another game. So BoTW has been my main game sunk over 70 hours into it. Will be the longest game I’ve played I reckon will either make me enjoy long form games or I may just want nothing over 30 hours (I still have the wither to play as well)

But let’s see.
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When i played wow, holy shit i couldn't play anything else when it was the vanilla/tbc area.
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I think Diablo 3 was first proper "addiction", put about 2000 hours into that between 2012 and 2016, Borderlands 2 in 2012 was about 700 hours over a year or so while I waiting for Diablo 3 to become good/have an end-game, Hitman 2016 I played for 1200 hours, then about 600 hours on Hitman 2 in 2018, and finally BotW in 2017-2018 I did ~400 hours total over about a year.

Just Cause 3, Batman Arkham Knight and Mad Max I was also pretty addicted to doing everything/replaying it but Arkham Knight was over the years (2015-2018) I accumulated that time, just kept coming back to it. I still played other games during those times of course, just they took up a lot/most of my time because I loved them so much.

I was unwell for a lot of my 20s so I wasn't working much and now I don't really have the time to do what I did with Diablo 3 or Hitman any more unless I did nothing else after work or on my days off which isn't really realistic.
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