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Any way to get 3D audio on PS5 using headphones with an AV receiver?

I have HD 6xx headphones that are somewhat hard to drive. Definitely cannot be driven through the controller. After finding out PS5 doesn’t support external DAC/AMP’s without doing some kind of workaround or buying adapters, etc. I just realized I can just plug my my headphones into my AV receiver and sure enough, they sound great and have plenty of power. BUT, the headphone section in the PS5 audio settings are grayed out. I can only select AV receiver thus not leaving me with the option of using the 3D audio feature which is kind of a bummer. Is there any workaround for this? It’s not like the 3D effects are being computed by the controller. It’s coming from the consoles CPU, so I wonder if a firmware update could fix this.
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