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And today in "reboots nobody asked for": The Raid, this time by Michael Bay


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Hollywood has been trying to reboot the title ever since and this looks like the one that will finally make it to production. This version is set in Philadelphia’s drug-infested “Badlands,” where an elite undercover DEA task force climbs a ladder of cartel informants to catch an elusive kingpin.

Track record of the director Patrick Hughes:

Hughes has quickly become one of the go-to directors in town when it comes to big action movies following his breakthrough work on The Expendables 3. He has since directed the box office hit The Hitman’s Bodyguard and its sequel The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Next up for Hughes is the action comedy The Man From Toronto starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson.

Prediction of this movie's quality:



We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
Well, that's the worst fucking idea I've heard in a while.

Evans is a better director than Hughes, Bay is a hack and The Raid works is so good because it's NOT a run-of-the-mill western action movie.

Also, they already made western raid, it's called Dredd and it slaps.
Just don't even call it the raid if its in the US. Its fine to make something similar like Dredd. Just put a different name on it at least. I'll watch action if its decent.


Another pointless American remake of a classic international film.

They're never as good as the original (See the pointless American remakes of Old Boy and Let The Right One In), so I have little hope for this remake, especially with Michael Bay involved.
And, this unneeded and unwanted remake (or inevitably the demake) of a classic and it’s differently awesome sequel, after all who doesn’t love baseball bat boy and hammer 🔨 girl 😁

Will make more money, than Dredd !!! And that will just be sad 😞

Explosions from things that shouldn't explode...

Cut-away edits where you KNOW the majority of the fights are done by stunt guys instead of the actors except in the start of the fights and the end...

Too much dialogue that has nothing to do with the plot...

An unnecessary love interest that has to be rescued and who is probably wearing a revealing top and has a butt flatter than a nail head...

I'm not watching this


All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
I don't think Michael Bay would even understand what The Raid is. Making a movie in the franchise, one should constantly be skirting an NC-17 rating. Bay isn't going to do that.


I'm ok with this as long as they don't put the Raid name on it. Yojimba has been remade multiple times with some successful and some total shit. It's basically an archetype structure that you hang your own world and story on.


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No... not The Raid....

They are 2 of the most impressive movies of all time please noooooooo.



I remember before the Michael Bay - produced 2014 TMNT movie came out, the creative team was talking about how the fights would be inspired by The Raid films. Certainly set my expectations high for a completely disappointing film.

That said, the action in the movie was still probably the best thing about it, and they apparently cut the best fight scene from the film, according to some of the actors.

Now Michael Bay is going straight for the throat.


There is no fucking way they can replicate the visceral fights... No fucking way.
What do you mean?
Bay's new movie offers a glimpse into the next evolution of movie making. It's going to be V-I-S-C-E-R-A-L!

And nothing says visceral more than ground level camera position!!
Now everyone can experience what it's like to be a vertically challenged mini person, as the entire movie has been filmed to truly make you feel what it's like to be 2 feet tall.

Now doesn't that make you EXCITED?! Doesn't that makes your knees shiver and your crotch moist!?
Just imagine!!!!
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Another pointless American remake of a classic international film.

They're never as good as the original

David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Granted, I’ve not read the books, but I’ve felt like I’ve heard most of those who have say that Fincher’s film is actually better than the original Swedish film. I mean, Fincher is my favorite director so I’m hardly shocked by that.

But don’t get me wrong, yeah I have little faith in this one.


They're treating on sacred ground - The Raid and The Raid 2 are two of the greatest pure actions movies ever made. Give them a wide release - with a fucking shit-tier dub if American audiences are seriously that opposed to other languages - and just let them stand as they are.


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They should mention it every few years so that we can get upset about it as a generational pastime



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We already had a remake, it was called Dredd, and it was awesome.

Go home Michael Bay, your movies are no longer required.
The remake that came out three days after the original. Honestly I wish those two movies had been released further apart. I feel the The Raid overshadowed Dredd a little bit.
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