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Amy Hennig's new Marvel game rumoured to star Captain America and Black Panther in WW2 Official reveal coming tomorrow.


I'll be happy to admit that I don't know the IP. I just know WW2, and the general level of racism in society back then. But it is based on a comic book, which does mean fiction, and as I said I think you could still tell a story without time travel and without revisionist history, and it not be woke.

You focused on one sentence, and did so out of context of me answering the question how it COULD be woke. Sorry, but I don't like revisionist history that ignores historical racism, or pretends that people weren't as horribly segregated as they were.
My great grandfather owned a granary in rural Ohio in the early 1900's. His second in charge of the entire property was a black man, over many other white farm aids. That black man was pretty much family to my father and his father.

My point is, yeah, the world was way too racist, and that was lame, but there were absolutely outliers and deep bonds between different races, though perhaps this a good bit rarer than today. Just look at a lot of jazz bands throughout the 30's through the 60's, black and white people played together in those bands all the time man.
Most media is generally revisionist, MW2019 revised a very recent war crime. Revising a single character's personality is less worrisome than an event. I do wonder whether most people realise how 'progressive' comics were.
Even with my somewhat limited knowledge of comics, I certainly understand that. The racism and prejudice allegories of Mutants in the X-men are an especially noteworthy example, as is Black Panther himself, and Wonder Woman, and the list goes on.

Really the only point I'm trying to make is that some recent video games in historical settings have bothered me with their depictions of how much progress society had made at that time, and I just hope this won't be another one. Then again, I'll admit it's kind of a lose lose situation where I might find a game woke because they ignore historical racism and sexism, but the next person might find a game woke for making racism and sexism a focus and showing them in an historically accurate light. Either way, however they decide to treat any serious topics, I just hope it's well-written.
Does Amy Hennig have the woke mind virus?......if so this should be an hilarious dumpster fire of social justice/racism messaging,with a video game tacked on.
It doesn't matter, if she wants her story to be used chances are that it's going to be revised by some sensitivity expert(s) then modified to get the company ESG points.


Captain America is gonna turn heel, isn't he?

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Its disney.. you are lucky if thats the only thing that he "turns"


Sounds like it can be great. Not really fond of the WWII setting, but a supernatual twist with the Red Skull and Hydra can make for an exciting story and gameplay possibilities.

True. Thats such a crazy storyline that I'm hype to see it come to life in a game. I do wonder the type of game it will be gameplay wise though, like I'm assuming some TellTale games or something, but could be wrong.

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...please disperse...
Weird that there's no title announcement.

I appreciate that they're taking an original angle and not just going for an off brand version of the MCU, which is what I think sank Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. With Hennig on board I am sure the writing will be strong so I guess we just have to see what they're planning for gameplay.
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Always open for a solid comic themed game that’s not Spider-man or Batman. Save to say the odds are not in their favor if history is anything to go by.
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