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AMD's Ryzen 3000 Review Thread: More Cores, More Threads.

Dec 14, 2008
So, a lot has happened since my last post about the Ryzen 3000 series boosting issues. Many users have reported boost issues, but ultimately it fell to German Youtuber DerBauer (Translator's Note: DerBauer means "The Bauer") who requested all the Ryzen 3000 users who saw his video conduct a test of their systems and send him his results. This video is his answer after thousands of test results were submitted to him by the community.

Suffice it to say, only 5.6% of 3900X actually reaching their advertised boost clocks is a really bad thing.

This video was released over the Labor Day weekend, and now AMD has (finally, after months of silence been forced by coverage of DerBauer's video in mainstream tech news outlets) responded with this tweet.

So now we all wait with bated breath until September 10th. Further information has been offered by 1usmus, a well-known overclocker in the AMD community who is responsible for the "Ryzen DRAM Calculator" tool that most AMD overclockers rely on for memory overclocking.

This ought to be interesting. At least it's better than the total radio silence from AMD before DerBauer released his survey results, but that's basically saying it's better than nothing. Let's all hope it really was a problem with AGESA/SMU all along and it can be fixed in software.

Technical footnote: AGESA I have already explained previously. Contained within the AGESA blob is the firmware for the SMU (System Management Unit), which is critical to properly providing power delivery to the CPU.
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Apr 7, 2006
The 3950X has finally Arrived, it corecimates and decimates the competition in girth, depth and stamina......

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