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Amazon schedule Red Dead Redemption Remastered for Dec 10th and then delete the page


RDR1 runs amazingly on the XB1X or XSX, in 4k and with a buttery-smooth frame rate. So I’ll pass unless the enhancements are significant.


Hopefully it's not just a port ("remaster") like the NFS Hot Pursuit but a full on remake in RDR2 engine, otherwise I'm not interested.
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Iced Arcade

It's happening guys


man I can't wait.


I notice it says RDR 1 is inspired by the original. Wonder if they just completely redid it.

You think they would go the trouple of redo the entire game?
I think its simplier to deliver the same already made game with better textures.
But if this indeed happens, that would kill my interest in the game.
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Golgo 13

The Man With The Golden Dong
%100 fake. Grammatical errors in the first bullet-point, plus it’s listed for Series S (which games aren’t because Series S is all digital).


Its a matter of time before this is real, but no way Dec 10th. You think they would do all this before getting GTAV remastered out?


Omg omg omg omfg YESSSSSSS! Two of my all time favorite games and the first remastered and potentially on PC?! TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE!


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I never played the original so this is probably an Instabuy for me. Hopefully they release stand-alone Eventually.

Golgo 13

The Man With The Golden Dong
Overwhelming evidence of it being fake. Above post I mentioned very important 2 things and here’s another. They fucked up the math, which is done by Amazon and not the merchant, another indication this is fake.

$60 off $69.96 isn’t zero. Low effort fake, honestly
Overwhelming evidence of it being fake. Above post I mentioned very important 2 things and here’s another. They fucked up the math, which is done by Amazon and not the merchant, another indication this is fake.

$60 off $69.96 isn’t zero. Low effort fake, honestly

To be honest, the cover has been put together really well!


Where tf is the PS4 version... But meh, it's fake anyway. And I want RDR1 separately, I already have 2. It'd be a shame if it never happens tho, feels like a waste seeing New Austin again and barely doing anything with it.


RDR2 was pretty good, but I'm not sure I need to play through it again. Especially with Cyberpunk and Hitman III on the way soon.

I'll check it out if the update is free, but if not... Meh, I'll pass.
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If they turn the graphics up in level 3 I'll give this game another chance.

Because we need better graphics...all the time.


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So, Rackstar Mag as just posted an article and well, it seems this compilation of the two games remastered is true.
They are trustworthy and don't do fake statement, and have be right a lot of time in the past.

Translated from French:

"Let's start with the probable fake of the day with this Amazon file which was leaked this afternoon on Twitter. Shared by an account accustomed to fake news, we find absolutely no Amazon cached links on search engines, nor links to find the record in question. In addition, the mention “Xbox Series X

There is therefore a very high chance that this ad is fake. Another fake is the famous “Red Dead Redemption Remaster” search on Amazon.com which is getting a lot of talk as well. When you do this search on Google, you come across these results:

When you click on the two links, nothing is displayed. This is simply an automatic request following a lot of research by fans. But to date, no “Red Dead Redemption Remaster” or “Red Dead Redemption The Outlaws Collection” listing has existed on Amazon.com.

In June, just before “The Futur of Gaming” event, I had fun teasing you on an announcement during the month. At the time, we had to find out the first information about the GTA Online update (which was partially canceled and postponed due to the Black Lives Mater and COVID).
But I also told you that we should "rediscover" Red Dead Redemption II. In fact, the RDR2 remaster for PS5 should have been announced at the PS5 event. And the remaster of the first Red Dead Redemption was due to be announced on or later in the year.
Against all expectations, this announcement was canceled and replaced by that of GTA V on next-gen (hence the lack of trailer and first next-gen images of the game from Rockstar).

Thus, we can confirm that for several months now, the “Red Dead Redemption” Remaster project has been underway at Rockstar.
Also according to our information, the release of this compilation was scheduled for spring 2021 (our information dates back to May 2020, before the announcement of GTA V instead of RDR 2 during the PS5 event).
Last month, during the week of October 16, Rockstar Dundee joined the ranks of the firm. Upon the takeover, Sam Houser and Take Two said this new studio is working on an unannounced new game (a new game, not a new license). Also last month, at the same time and still according to our sources, we announced that the Dundee studio could work on a Remaster. If so, that would mean that Rockstar Dundee has been working on this project for over a year now.



Rockstar is known to sell you the same thing multiple times.

What though? Only GTAV afaik. The other games got ports, but they didn't charge full msrp each time they were ported

This would be awesome!

Which is why we won't get it. If RDR had sold nearly as well as GTAV this thread wouldn't exist (well we would be on the third console portof RDR and RDR2 wouldn't exist).
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