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After so many attempts to like triple A games lately, it’s refreshing to actually enjoy one


Oct 14, 2015
Always the same on almost every thread here:
1. I more like game A than X,Y,Z which is Sony first party
2. Some Sony cult came in and said otherwise
3. I never seen one of them praise non first party games ever



Nov 8, 2020
You're brave OP, very brave indeed.

To flatly state that you prefer a AAA game that isn't one of Sony's copy and paste affairs here is just asking for punishment. Akin to reaching into a beehive... The reaction is to be expected.

A masochist perhaps?

Bernd Lauert

Apr 15, 2018
Ironically, the most entertaining PS4 exclusive for me was Until Dawn. Played through it twice with my gf.

Bloodborne is a close second, such a great game despite the poor tech. Every other exclusive I played was audiovisually impressive, but overall quite mediocre or maybe only slightly better than mediocre. I never played GoT and TLOU2 though.


Apr 27, 2020
Always the same on almost every thread here:
1. I more like game A than X,Y,Z which is Sony first party
2. Some Sony cult came in and said otherwise
3. I never seen one of them praise non first party games ever

I have to assume you're referring to me since i'm basically the only one here defending these games from the usual suspects.. be a man and tag next time.

Since i'm forced behind a computer, i have a lot time and luckily very few posts.

Me on Witcher 3:
Probably not, but keep in mind that the game handling of fantasy is possibly the most grounded/realistic there is.
Because of the way these themes are treated i don’t think you’ll have much issues into buying whatever you’re seeing, or at least this was my experience. Felt almost like witnessing a Verhoeven take on the fantasy genre.

Plus the game (outside of mechanics, ironically) is a monumental masterpiece to the point side quests alone could be entire movies.. because of personal experiences, A Towerful of Mice “real” ending is the peak of my emotional investment in gaming. That shit killed me.

Me on Dino Crisis games and Dead Space:
Great taste man. The sequel is one of my favourite games ever, although very different from the first entry.

The atmosphere in it is just something else, and those backgrounds, man:

Always loved how the Hydroponics Deck in Dead Space recaptured the feeling.

Not exactly. The first is an hardcore survival experience, the second basically an action game (more action than RE2), with some puzzles here and there.
It's much easier than the first one, but i'd love to hear your thoughts on it, free from the nostalgia that i have.

Me on ugly games i love:

Still one of the best controlling games of all time.

Me on Mafia: DE:
And Mafia Definitive Edition. Full Remake, same price, mind blowing art direction and best in class visuals.

Me on Ghost against Witcher 3:
I literally started GoT today, and while combat is already better than W3, there’s absolutely no way in hell is going to be nearly as good. I mean, it’s great, beautiful to look at (because of it’s art, least impressive Sony F1 i’ve played this gen technically, outside of vegetation which is basically next-gen and what i guess took all resources) and with jap dub i get chills constantly, but W3 is one the best games every made bar none.
I don’t want to vote W3 yet, but i don’t see my preference changing.

Me on Xbox One X value:
To be honest, an X or Series X would be worthy for me even just for playing the original Red Dead Redemption in 4K.

Me on Microsoft buying ZeniMax:

Only read now.. i knew there was a strange smell in the air.
Fucking megaton.

Fire awaits indeed, incredible day for Microsoft and fans.

Me on PCMR against Fanboys:
And here i thought i would be greeted with admiration and respect for funding and providing feedback for seven years on RE4HD.. turns out PC GAF hates masterpieces and classic genres anyway. What a bunch of hypocritical ungrateful whores.. :messenger_pensive:

I agree, totally. But you can’t blame fanboys for mocking obscure stuff they don’t understand if you’re constantly acting like an idiot by calling objective masterpieces “interactive movies”, because you sound salty and give them the impression of being detached from reality.

Just say “Would you like to play Silent Hill and Resident Evil games in 4K? Would you like to play Nvidia versions of the Arkham games much better than you chinese remasters? Would you like to emulate the entirety of console history in immaculate resolutions? Would you like to play The Witcher 3 modded to the point of looking ten times better than your poorman version? Would you like to actually download modifications of every kind for every game you can think of? Then buy a fucking PC. Oh and, by the way, i will play your games emulated anyway. :messenger_winking:"
I guarantee you they will understand.

I for one basically only use PC for retro gaming and nude mods ffs.

Cinematic, interactive movies you mean. Fuck that basic crap anyway.

Me on Mafia: DE:
Why on GAF nobody cares about this game? :messenger_pensive:
I feel everyone should just buy it D1 without asking questions ffs..

Me on my hidden gems from this Gen:

Me in a Thread called "RE4 was a massive mistake":
Sure one of the best games of all time, which changed gaming history by being father of series like Gears of War, Uncharted or The Last of Us, and saved a dying franchise which wasn’t selling enough despite masterpieces like RE on Gamecube, was a mistake. Of course it was.

Me on TLoU2, Thread is closed so can't quote:

Me calling RDR2 my favourite looking game ever:
They got rid of light sources, severely downgraded the ambient occlusion, which is what gave the game such a strong, stunning "physical" presence, introduced visible pop-in which was miraculously nowhere to be seen before, and God only knows what else. They announced patches to fix the game on several occasions, but ultimately they really didn't given the still equally compromised AO, missing light sources and noticeable LOD transitions.

These are examples of how the game looks in 1.00, on Pro:

As i often say, RDR2 1.00 is my favourite looking game ever and most impressive piece of tech i've ever seen. What's lacking compared to The Order: 1886 or TLOU2 is (used to be) compensated with it's huge scope, the best LOD system ever, the most impressive dynamic lighting, complex simulations and top-tier AO.

Me on Silent Hill 2:
My first game on PS2. What a masterpiece.

Me on wishlist from MS:
Why just one?

Ninja Gaiden by Team Ninja

Dead Space reboot/sequel by any studio as long as they have as many original devs as possible

Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2 Remakes by Capcom

Project Gotham Racing by ex EVO devs

Alan Wake reboot made from the original concept by Remedy

Witcher 1/2 Remakes by CD Project

Dead Rising 5 by Capcom

A proper exclusive from Crytek

Me on RE2R:
Disagree, during my entire first run of RE2R (on Hardcore) i was constantly mind blown by how much it felt like a completely ''real'' and ''normal'' OG Resident Evil experience. Just with a different camera.
True dreamlike survival experience, to the point i'm genuinely sorry for those who played it in any other mode.

And also strongly disagree about RE7 surpassing REmake, or most of the old ones for that matter.

Me on RE5:
I remember constantly bitching about RE5 when i was younger.
Endend up playing it for hundreds and hundreds of hours across various platforms, always with RE4 control scheme.
Definitely the most fun in the series for me. Hydra rules.

Me on Sony killing Evolution. And Forza Horizon being my third favourite racing game of all time:
Never forgive Sony for this, it's my favourite racing game of all time.

Well, at least on par with GT4. And right behind there's the first Forza Horizon.

Me defending Microsoft:
They pressed Sony to deliver on Backwards Compatibility. And with an exclusives-heavy brand that's a pretty huge deal since there's no PC versions of 99% of these games.

It's thanks to Microsoft i'm enjoying InFamous: Second Son, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, God of War or The Last Guardian at 4K 60fps.
The last two only thanks to physical support at the moment, but still.

Sure it's also thanks to Microsoft that i'm paying for multiplayer.. but that's another matter.

Me on SH2: Enhanced Edition:
You forgot the GOAT implementation of all time. Silent Hill 2 on PS2.
Those soft shadows are still:

Can't thank enough the folks behind Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition for bringing them on PC.

Some of them. Sure alot of my posts here have been in defence of games from SIE, but that's only because you have to undestand that reading posts from ALOT of shameless users here reads exactly like this:

Resident Evil 2 Remake (one of my favourite games) is the worst piece of shit ever. You can only walk on rails and aim and shoot with awful mechanics stuck from two generations prior, there’s the worst aiming system ever concieved and there’s literally nothing else you can do as a player in terms of actual mechanics, there’s bullet sponges enemies everywere, the worst idea ever implemented in a game which is an unkillable bald wax hulk wannabe who just follows you to frigging punch you, braindad puzzles which are boring as fuck all while confined in the most strict environments ever seen, with absolutely zero physics and interaction whatsoever to be seen, assets recycled from past games, and a story/narrative which is worst than the original and every B movie ever made. Should have stayied in the nineties! 2/10

Gears of War is the most retarded video game series ever made. All you do is walking on rails and take cover, killing braindead enemies which doesn’t make any sense and only serve as slight moving targets, all while doing literally nothing else in the entire fucking game, the worst character desing ever seen by mankind, super dull environments which are literal corridors and the worst boss battles and final bosses ever put into a game. Disgusting. 2/10

Max Payne 3 is an insult to the past games, is literally walking forward and nothing else in the most strict level design ever concieved, there’s annoying as fuck unskippable cutscene literally every single minute of play, shooting actually sucks but trick players into thinking it’s cool by adding those over used billions of times shitty slow mo Matrix style, AI sucks, Max just turned into a worthless old fart which had noting to do with the original. Embarassment. 1/10

Just Cause 2 shouldn’t even be mentioned by anyone who have the audacity to call himselft a gamer. It makes you think you’re free, but you’re not since all you can do is walk, jump and open you fucking parachute. And it’s an illusion of freedom since in the end all you can really do is moving the stick forward, left, right and down and that’s it! Or driving the worst feeling vehicles ever seen in a “map” which is actually 70% made of shaders to made the illusion of water with nothing to see/do and the rest’s a totally empty wasteland with recycled nature assets repeted everywere, with absolutely noting do to outside of those fucking camps which are literally seen in every single game in the past decade, AI is nonexistent, the actual mechanics sucks balls and the story/narration is literally the worst piece of crap ever assembled by a human being. Burn it with fire. 2/10

And this does not happen for third party games. Sure, you could hold these positions in theory, but you'd have to be a fucking weird kind of gamer to do so.

So i'd say the only "pathetic" thing here is you completely ignoring the blatant fanboy nature of the users who started this all, and i now beg you to find me a single post in which i talk bad about any exclusive ever produced on non Sony platforms, like those childrens constantly do. Any, even objective turds.. or just kindly STFU next time.
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Jul 27, 2020
I don't know, that you weren't able to get the most out of these game's mechanics to make them work the way they are supposed to be played by skilled players, perhaps?

NeoGAF officially made me a Sony fanboy at this point, i can say that quite confidently now.

I didn't find them very challenging. If you did, good for you, but in no way does it suggest you're some advanced gamer.

I prefer not to be a fan boy. It's reductant and silly,and just gets in the way of good experiences wherever they might be.