Activision confirms all its core studios are now working on Call of Duty

Ok anyone saying its wasted potential, or devs being used for trash....COD is making BILLIONS a year. Almost 19 years going strong. You can jump on that hate-train if COD isnt your cup of tea but you cant deny its sales numbers. So If one day all Activision does is make COD titles, its because they are laughing to the bank. At least they try to innovate and change up the campaign each year and new maps. Look at Nintendo...they released Mario Golf and Pokemon Snap that both look like a Wii title, bare bones, barren world, washed out colors...but hey it prints money so we dont care. COD at least gives you each year a new campaign, better engine and brand new MP maps.


All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
I don't think I've ever played a Call of Duty game. I played a WWII shooter on the PS2, but I think it was Medal of Honor.
Does Call of Duty still have campaigns? Or is it yet another series that's just multiplayer and nothing actually fun to do?

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Well it looks like that after a few years of enjoying games like Crash, Spyro or THPS 1-2 I'll go back to not buying any Activision games. They could've had some cool side gigs going especially for people not interested in Call of Duty games, but no - they want maximum profits from CoD games.

this is who they are. This company ran stuff like guitar hero and Tony Hawk into the ground chasing every penny. CoD drowns everything else they could make.

it’s amazing we even got the great games you mentioned from this fucking company at all. They published Sekiro, and the Crash and Spyro returns were great and made with love by the studios. CoD is made like sweat shop shoes.
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Once these series, COD, Madden, EA Sports, WOW, etc. are done and as they diminish, there's nothing coming up behind them. Just spamming the same games over and over. The money has been extracted from the industry. I see it as the end coming... We'll see.
Anyone else remember the phrase "Call of Duty fatigue" being thrown around back in 2012 - 2014ish?



For all people that are worried: of course Crash and Spyro are still alive!

Just you wait for Call of Duty: Wumpa Warfare and Dragon Ops!


I remember people said you watch COD will decline this year and then it will be the end of Call of Duty and will never be successful. I heard that back in the PS3 generation, and yet here we are COD is still as popular as ever. I think it's time to admit that COD will always be popular just like FIFA. And let's say putting the eggs in 1 basket fails they can easily switch to other IPs its not like they will stop owning other IPs if they keep making COD.

In conclusion for fans of multiple IPs this is bad news

For Activision making money this is good news
How many of those will be developed and well-known by the time they are forced to switch, though? Seems risky to me.


Blackout is better than Warzone.

It would be interesting what some of their studios would make if they didn't have to make yearly CoD's.


COD is a lot of fun, not sure why it gets so much hate. I have enjoyed the last couple of games and to be fair to activision, since they release yearly its more like 600 people working on a game since most studios take three years at least to get something to market.
Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare, Cold War, Black ops 3 have all been amazing releases by the Activision with Modern Warfare and Cold War having what I consider very fair monetization systems.
Because it is released every year. Western creativity and talent is dead.
Kotick might as well rename his business into The Call of Duty Company™ at this point.

Waste of talent if you ask me. Even if their other acquired studios didn't release as big moneymakers as CoD.
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So I'm never buying an Activision game again then, cool. Actually, I can't remember when I last did anyway.
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