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A year ago February 25th 2022 The Greatest Game ever made was released


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Widespread industry recognition. 300+ GOTY awards and counting.
Forever adore this beautiful game for being the peak gaming experience personally, reviving that magic spark I first experienced in games in Zelda OoT.
Upcoming worlds Zelda ToTK, GTA6, Starfield, etc. should recycle less templates and takes notes on ACTUAL game design from this masterpiece.
Anxiously waiting to see what FromSoft can pull off with some sweet, sweet DLC.
Happy Birthday Elden Ring. May your reign be long.
Elden Ring will be one of the best games of this generation for sure. And it is a crossgen game! I hope that we get a PS5 only Souls experience before PS6/next Xbox arrives. I found GOW Ragnarok better but it was because I personally choose to go to Caelid too soon and suffered a lot there. The best part were in my opinion moments like the castles where a Dark Souls like experience (tight game design, more controlled and hand crafted experience) than the open world sections. It makes me hope that Armored Core will be as good. We need masterpieces games like that.


Miyazaki nailed it..300hrs spent in the game. It's worth every single penny. Bloodborne is nowhere near elden ring. First of all its a small game with small map and few weapons. Elden ring is 10 times better than bloodborne and offers more variation. I got platinum trophy in bloodborne but elden ring is just a better experience altogether.
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Yeah console, it's just not worth the performance trade off imo.

I'm surprised there isn't already a mod for ray tracing on pc? :p
I don't know. I don't really bother with mods. Well the only time I used a mod was for DS1 prepare to die so i could run at 60fps. I'll have a look and see what mods are available.


The only big negative I have is the progression that leads you astray for hours unless you come across exactly what you need.
As when Dark Souls first came out, it was a lot of fun discovering everything for the first time alongside the community.

What a great game and a refreshing take on the Open World genre.
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The atmosphere, the sheer scale and the amazement of the exploration! It was such a special experience. Even though I clocked around 130-140 hours I didn't feel exhausted and wanting to finish it asap as I do with many other long open world games. Replay value isn't as high as you know and remember most of the stuff so exploration isn't nearly as enjoyable. That's my main problem with it.


Gaming since the 80s, the wonder the surprises the atmosphere everything about that game is excellence, really one of the best games ever created and it never stops surprising you !


I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
Souls borne fans are among the most annoying fanboys.
I used to think playstation fanboys are the worst, thanks to the 8 to 1 ratio. Xbox fanboys are just as stupid, but having a playerbase 8 to 1 it's just easier to see the annoying fanboys.

But souls borne fans, they are a different breed.
They constantly have to jerk each other off, and if you don't want to jerk them off then you need to git gud.
They can't understand that people can't like what they play.

It's only because people are bad at the games. Because if you were good then you'll love it. Best game ever made.
And they get a boner while typing it online.

They want to be Chad's because they play difficult games, just because they can mirror themselves in it from the real world.

They are the most vocal minority of fanboys, yet when one come out talking about the games then it's only minutes before the great big circle jerk comes out.
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Worst souls game by far, too gimick and easy....uninspired bosses , terrible replayability because of the open world and unbalanced difficult that make you became OP to beat the end game but in the same time make 95% of the early game too easy ... its a souls game made for the mainstream and for the open world crazy "afficcionados" who like to spend 500 hrs on a game seeing the view

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I'm close to 500 hours now. Halfway through my 5th playthrough. I'm a huge fan of previous Souls-game so my expectations for ER were sky high, but thankfully Miyazaki and From Software exceeded them. I think the map and world building are my favorite part. It's so much fun exploring the Lands Between. The game has an impressive over world and equally impressive legacy dungeons. There is always something around the corner, always something to discover, whether it's a new weapon, tool or boss.

Everything with this game just comes together like clock work. Elden Ring is the culmination of over 10 years experience producing Souls-games. You got the world class art design, with beautiful vistas that you can gaze at for hours. The magical music score, with different OSTs for each area. The combat that's been evolved and provides more variety than ever before. The replayability, with all the different builds you can make, with different weapons and ashes, is even greater than past games, which I didn't think was possible. The game is so rich in content, providing hundreds of hours of entertainment, without any predatory mtx, that paying full price for this seems like a bargain. I hope developers and publishers take notes of From Softwares impeccable business practices.

Elden Ring is such an amazing achievement in the world of video games. It brings out that adventurous feeling of going on a magical journey, that only a few select games manages to do. It's a landmark title and deserves all the success it can get.
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Yeah console, it's just not worth the performance trade off imo.

I'm surprised there isn't already a mod for ray tracing on pc? :p
Ray tracing mods aren't easy to make, i've only ever seen it properly done with really old games, usually ones whose source code has been released. Though that might change when RTX remix releases.
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I put 30 hours into it then dropped it. It was boring and soulless.

Bought it twice and put nearly 200 hours into it. When I got "serious" about beating the game is where I have up. Too much filler already but then getting to Giantland I was like: I'm out.

. . . that the bloat in this game is never brought up or how the game does nothing to advance the souls formula is criminal.
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