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A Week With The PS5


Oct 26, 2014
The Bad:
- Missing UI features
- Every so often the disc tray spins
- No themes, or folders
- Missing the long press on the PS5 button that would bring up all your favorite options.
Isn't the PS4 long press now the PS5 short press that brings the same menu at the bottom?

Short press the PS button then press down on the analogue or dpad

The PS5 long press is the PS4 short press.
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Jun 3, 2013
I think the use is more for keeping games/system updated so that when you turn it on you do not need to wait for the download.

Meh, typically I just keep playing without updating and then restart the game once the download is finished. The only time I find myself waiting for downloads is on the first install.
Feb 27, 2013
After 2 weeks:

- I love the design of the PS5 (unpopular opinion I’m sure). I even love how obnoxiously big it is for some reason. Everything about it feels premium.
- UI is fast and easy to navigate.
- Astro and Miles Morales are phenomenal.
- Quick game downloads.
- Dualsense feels great, and battery seems to be good. My longest sitting so far has been 5 hours and its battery was only down to 2 bars.
- No crashes.
- Have had a blast playing Astro and Sackboy with my kids. Seeing their faces light up with joy the first time they controlled Astro was a special moment.

- Cloud saving keeps giving me errors for some reason.
- Face buttons on my dual sense seem to get slightly stuck when pressing them down at times.
- I’m not too impressed with the pulse/headset 3D audio. Can’t really tell a difference vs any other headphones I’ve used when gaming.

Oh shit I thought I was the only one facing this. It was the x button for me. But after few days the slightly stuck issue magically disappeared. So problem solved?

Magenta Mage

Dec 1, 2020
I can't say I really have any complaints with mine after a few weeks. The best part about it is how snappy and responsive everything feels. Right now I'm mostly playing backwards compatible games on it but it's just a much more smooth experience than even playing on a PS4 Pro. And it's so nice to be able to play games without a roaring fan in my living room...

I don't think anything about the console is really transformative, and that's okay. Even the DualSense stuff really doesn't blow my socks off. It's just an overall better console than the previous one, I can't think of a way that it's a step backwards for me personally.
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