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A ton of new Deathloop Previews

Dishonored series and Prey 2016 are some of my all time favorites, and I could not be less excited for Death Loop. Unless something changes I'm gonna be bummed out Arkane sunk so much time into this. Still willing to give it a shot because of the pedigree, just not very excited to.


The little shit sites are run by one guy and the big sites they all have access to every console.
Okay but I can’t see one guy on the big sites choosing the GOTY, there will be voting, and a game more people have played will have a bigger chance of winning an award, otherwise we would see much weirder choices.

Anyway, I still root for both Housemarque and Arkane this year. It’s fun when devs try new stuff. Neon Giant / The Ascent should at least get nominated as well, such a sleeper hit among gamers, one of my favorites this year so far.

Ratchet & Clank is my big blockbuster choice. If nothing else I want it to get some kind of localization or family award. It’s amazing what they did, sounds like a Disney movie production, superb voice-acting even up here in tiny Sweden, made it one of the most enjoyable play-throughs I’ve ever done with my kids because of that. 👌


I’m legit happy for them. But also a bit sad for them in that this is likely the last time they see the Arkane logo upon startup of their Sony console for a new Arkane game.
No need to feel sad, PS5 has plenty of logos startingup this gen that won't be on Xbox. Not a sad time for either console this gen 👌🏼


The game looks lame but it's Arkane so I'm sure it'll deliver. I would follow them, Kojima, and FROM into battle.

Fools idol

Didn't care much for the idea when it was first announced but after watching and reading some of these previews I am very excited to give this a shot.

It seems like they have blended Hitman and Dishonored together with a dash of roguelike mechanics which I'm all for.


10% off digital preorder on the PS Store, I figured what the heck it's only money. Rollin the dice on this one but what else am I gonna do that week aside from drink myself into a stupor.
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