A new display called xScreen turns Xbox Series S into a portable console


It's portable. The world literally means 'able to carry around'. Just like how desktop replacement laptops are portable.

'Mobile'? I mean, barely, but I wouldn't call it that. You ain't gonna be using this 'on the move'.

Also, the devs need to stop putting their shoed feet on tables. Dirty fuckers.


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This thread reminds me, the real dream portable solution would be if I was able to plug my Xbox Series S to my new iPad Pro 12.9 or new MacBook Pro. They have insane screens, too bad no HDMI input.


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For all those people saying "I can't play it on the commute" all the trains iv been on for the last 2 decades have had wall sockets by the table seats for a laptop... more recently larger buses seem to featuring these too.

It takes up a similar form factor to an old laptop so admittedly while it has no additional battery capacity for true on the go, you can play it on any form of transport with access to power. That's not a viable use case for many, but for me I could use it for the entire journey into London, as well at at our office break areas, as they contain plenty of outlets for laptops, which iv seen people use for Switches.
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Used to love these things as a kid, any way to play a game when family won’t let you use a tv. Can’t think they are much use these days when screens cost next to nothing.

I remember playing Sega Genesis in a Picture in Picture square of my grandfathers rear projection big screen tv.…


I have a G Story 12.5 inch 1080p 60hz monitor for mine. It, too, is an ips monitor. Mine cost just as much as the Series S. :/


Never realised it could work off your car cigarette lighter, that's quite impressive you can have raytracing on the go.

In certain games, the power draw of the entire console is the same as one of these:

Any oldies remember the same thing but for the PSX? They might have even made a PS2 Version as well.

This isn't console warzzzz, the topic just reminded me of the PSx screen that made it 'portable' (for 15 minutes until the battery died)

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People here forget there are multiple forms of portability. This is the kind where you take it with you on a camping trip in a tent type of portable.
I brought the Wii U camping one time, just for shits and giggles.

It was fucking awesome. Ended up camping right in the eye of a storm the first night, rain was insane. Wife played Luigi's Mansion on the Switch, I was playing BOTW on the Wii U. We laid on the blow up mattress and ate cheez-its with our dogs.

It was awesome.

Yes, the above is glamping, not necessarily "camping." Sometimes we opt for state parks with power boxes. We do a fair amount of back country camping as well.


These sort of devices were useful for when you were traveling to various hotels, and the hotel TVs were generally locked down to the point you couldn't access the av inputs, so these screens were useful to play when you were away from home.
Now that's no longer the case but could be a good alternative if you only have one TV and someone is currently watching
I really like this thing.

I think Sony's Ericcson team was super talented and used to make killer phones in the 2000s. I hate how Sony and Blackberry just stopped innovating after the iphone came out. They shouldve continued to push stuff like this instead of just copying Apple and killing their brand.
Sony sort of still innovate in the mobile space, the latest Xperia phones have 21:9 screens which are ideal for multiscreeing apps.
Blackberry had the Priv which was your typical smartphone with a slide out keyboard which could have served its own market, but it was expensive and didn't sell very well. Shame, I hate modern touch keyboards for typing.


And of course Neogaf is going to downplay this. Like clockwork.

So overpriced welfare tier hardware and detachable controllers by japanese console maker is fine but this is not?

This is the perfect use case for a series S. 1080P is more than enough for that screen. Add retroarch, gamepad and the fact that it's a cc PROPER next gen console and you are golden.

Oh, no downplay. This is definitely better than a fridge.
You guys are laughing, but a this setup is a hell of a lot cheaper than a gaming laptop for what it does. It should be obvious that this is geared towards people who travel a lot, as opposed to using it on public transportation for 30 minutes at a time.

I used to work a job where I had to spend a week at a time in hotel rooms pretty often. I'd much rather have this setup than rely solely on my Switch, or ask the front desk to unlock the HDMI ports on the TV every day.


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With The all-new xScreen from Upspec gamer, you can turn your Xbox series S into a portable gaming machine! This is one of my favorite accessories ever made for the Xbox Series S! With an 11.6” IPS display and dual stereo speakers this is a mist have for the traveling Xbox gamer for sure and by adding a battery back to the Xbox you can go fully portable running the Xbox and xScreen totally on battery power!


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"nah bro, this nintendo switch aint enough, i gotta play halo in the burger king restroom"
thought process of one of the goofy ass motherfuckers who'd buy this thing..... myself included
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