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52 Games. 1 Year. 2022.


Game 71 - Tetris DX - Game Boy Color - 100/100
This game has had a permanent residence in my Game Boy advance for almost a decade. I play it all the time. This is the best version of Tetris. No infinite spin, no gimmicks, clean background with no distractions, snappy, tight controls. It's absolutely just Tetris exactly as it should be. With every new version of Tetris they release they try to change things up and all it does is take away from what makes Tetris great.

Game 72 - Tetris - Game Boy - 40/100
This is the version of Tetris most people know. Like DX, it's Tetris and nothing else, no gimmicks, no added shit. Unfortunately it's a Game Boy game and plays pretty sluggishly compared to DX. Seeing as controls are 100% of this game that's a tough situation.

Game 73 - Guardians of the Galaxy - PC - Finished playthrough - 80/100
This game was a huge surprise to me. I hate constant banter in games. I hate exposition being piled on me. I hate just pressing up on an analog stick while both of those things are happening. This game does all of that, but the banter is fun, the exposition is meaningful as everything on screen is entirely fictional the environments I'm walking through are actually interesting. Great writing, great voice acting, well directed cinematics and the gameplay was a ton of fun on top of that. Gameplay options were also a huge plus, the option to turn off the shitty QTEs was very welcome for example. The game looks absolutely stunning and the performance was awesome. My GPU isn't exactly new anymore but I was running around 100fps the whole time with maxed-out settings. It was seriously the biggest surprise of any game I've played in a long time. I'd rate it higher but towards the end of the game a couple pretty annoying gameplay-related things happened. I have been recommending this since I played it.

Game 74 - Trip World - Game Boy - Finished playthrough - 60/100
This is an unbelievably good looking Game Boy game. Tons of detail everywhere and I swear I'm seeing more than four shades of grey. You're a little furry forest creature making your way through the levels though what exactly you're doing is a bit unclear. The game controls really well, but the game itself is odd. Most enemies don't really attack you unless attacked first and just sort of push you around. Also not explained at any point is the ability to transform that you have. You can grow "wings", turn into a ball, etc. At no point does the game show you how or why. Eventually you fight another furry thing just like you and save a furry princess or something... I have no idea.

Game 75 - Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins - Game Boy - Finished playthrough - 75/100
I played the shit out of this on my old toaster-size Game Boy back in the early 90's. At the time visuals like this on Game Boy seemed crazy. The game is typical Mario fare, jumping and hitting blocks, but the environments were all unique to this game as were the enemies you faced. This game even had it's own unique villain with the introduction of Wario. You had very specifically themed worlds like a giant toy Mario statue, the moon, a haunted Halloween, etc, all with special enemies catered to those environments. The game also featured unique music for each of those worlds and to this day each of those tracks are still permanently engrained in my brain. The game is by no means perfect, stages are often way too long, or way too short. You can fly right over entire stages with the new bunny ears and their infinite hover ability. Bosses are among the easiest in a Mario title and the game is plagued with slowdown on original hardware or using correct emulation. In the end though it was a fun game to play through again.

Game 76 - The Gunk - PC - Finished playthrough - 65/100
One of the first things I did when I played this was shut off the dialogue. It's not enough the voice acting is awful, but they constantly tell me how to do everything all the time. The game and the "puzzles" in it are about as complicated as the flusher on my toilet and I got that figured out within a few minutes of being able to reach it as an infant. The visuals are a mix of fantastic for environments to dog shit for character designs. The game itself controls well, exploring the world was mostly interesting but it all culminated in a cliche villain who, based on his actions and motives, was apparently just retarded or something. Overall it's a very forgettable and very short indie game that could have been a lot better if more time had been spent making more interesting puzzles and more challenging gameplay in place of whatever time they wasted recoding voiced dialogue. I've already forgotten most of this game.

Game 77 - VIP - Game Boy Advance - Eventually called it done - 60/100
I started this game up as a joke. I recently got a GBA Everdrive and have about 2000 games on it so I was picking the worst looking games. This game is so strange in a good way. It plays like a Gunstar Heroes or Contra style shooter, but you're tits on a stick Pamela Anderson. You have diagonal aim, you can duck, crawl, you can jump into or out of the backgrounds, grab ledges, there are a ton of enemy types, the graphics are actually good, you can play as multiple characters from the show each with different weapons and abilities (Vallery uses her purse as a melee weapon for example). I'm not saying this is a great game but I can't believe how good it actually is. I got about as far as I'm going to get and decided to call it. Honestly I had fun with it.

Game 78 - Final Fantasy - Game Boy advance - Finished playthrough - 80/100
I recently played Final Fantasy X after a 20-year hiatus on the series (I stopped at IX) and putting it nicely I thought is was absolutely a piece of shit. To cleanse my RPG pallet I've decided to run through the original games again to see if the original was as good as the later games I did play. It was great. Right away I'm sent to go beat up a knight who kidnapped the princess. I kick his ass, find out I'm part of some destiny 2000 years in the making and am given the big opening to the series. Go beat up a Pirate's entire crew and just take his ship, find my way around the world by listening to NPCs and using their clues, find a buried airship, ride in a submarine made out of a barrel to save some mermaids, find some useless piece of shit to show Bahamut so I can get ripped and wreck shit, close a nonsensical time loop and kill Chaos. For being the OG, the adventure is pretty great in both scope and execution. Every step is memorable and no time is wasted on animated attacks that take several eons to execute (every single time). I'd never actually finished this game before as Final Fantasy VI was my first introduction to the series and I'd only gone back as far as Final Fantasy III on the DS, but I'm very glad I did. I'm very much looking forward to Final Fantasy II.

Game 79 - Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge - Game Boy Advance - WIP - 60/100
Just started this one, so far it's better than I expected it to be.

Game 80 - Final Fantasy II - Game Boy Advance - Completed playthrough - 70/100
This game is very interesting. It was a massive departure from the the first Final Fantasy in many ways. Your party no longer has levels, instead each individual stat for each character has to be trained. Missing enemies with attack increases your accuracy. Using spells makes them stronger but also makes them use more MP. Taking damage raises defense and HP. it makes you seek out not only stronger enemies to fight, but special types of enemies who can help you buff particular stats. Dialogue in this game is very ahead of it's time for a console RPG. In dialogue you learn keywords that can then be used in conversations with other NPCs which often reveal secret information related to your quest. This can help you figure out what do do next or reveal location you might otherwise overlook. The party structure is very different too with three permanent characters and a forth that is constantly swapped out throughout the game. The story is great, the power-mad Emperor of a powerful Kingdom invades your kingdom. You and two friends survive the invasion then along with other survivors and the royal family form a resistance. You travel the world to find a way to fight back and drive the Emperor out of your kingdom. People die a lot and I mean a lot. Several times in the game entire towns are entirely wiped out, party members routinely get killed off and at every turn things only get worse. Very compelling given how limited things were back then. Now for the bad. Combat in the game is often infuriating and at many points in the game I got to see the title screen again every second battle. Almost every enemy type poisons you on each attack or causes dizzy which cancels your turn, many enemy types can cause petrify with regular attacks. More often than not the battle is an ambush situation where the enemy attacks first and also attacks again before your turn has completed. In a battle with eight Cockatrices it's pretty common to get entirely wiped out with the first volley. The same can be said for enemies that cause confusion or cast spells that affect the entire party, often your whole party will end up confused in one shot then kill each other. The other major issue is the dungeons are filled with empty "trick" rooms that are entirely empty but have massively inflated encounter rates. Of all the doors in the game only a handful don't just lead to an empty room. Despite that I had a lot of fun playing this and it game me better understanding of how things changed further on in the series.
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17. Needy Girl Overdose

9:12h. All endings.

Oh nooo a cutesy Visual Novel that for some reason exploded in popularity all over the Internet! And people in imageboards are spamming memes like "I can fix her!" or "🙏BLESS🙏". I wonder if there's something special about it? More than meets the eye? A plot twist, mayhaps?

Yep, it's one of those.

I'm not saying this as a pure negative. It's just that the Surprise Creepy trope is not longer, well, much of a surprise. After DDLC and others went viral, you come to expect this sort of twist. But Needy Girl Overdose (I'm not calling it by the new name, it's dumb) is a great game. More of a Raising Sim than a Visual Novel (Think Princess Maker) NGO stars Ame, a very cute, very disturbed girl that by night becomes the ace streamer KAngel. Your role as his boyfriend/producer is to direct her daily schedule and make sure her stats don't go too high or too low (like in Reigns) lest you trigger an early bad ending. During her short career, Ame can experiment with different types of streaming (From being a camwhore to a regular letsplayer) drugs, paranoia, therapy and even Tinder. The denpa style soundtrack is full of bangers, and the localization is absolutely god-tier; at first I thought it was another "animesque" western game, but it's actually Japanese.

There's 22 endings and none of them 100% good, because you CAN'T fix her. Only she can fix herself.. The worst ones are... well, you can imagine. I personally enjoy Raising Sims more than linear Visual Novels so I've had a blast with NGO. If you enjoy this kind of agressively Japanese game even when it's not porn, you can safely add a star. If you don't like the denpa aesthetic and music or you're tired of games trying to upset you from behind a cute facade, you can remove two stars.


My Score: ★★★★☆

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First 10 games done. About 6 weeks behind?
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Here are my first 10 rearranged from favorite playthrough (left) to least favorite (right), not necessarily a measure of quality.

I think I will work on the Zero Escape games next then AI: The Somnium files. Need to get ready for the sequel or I'll be in trouble with Boss Danjin.


Last game in April:

Game 21 - Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition (XBO) - 10h 51m
Beat 30/04/2022 - my score: ★★★


so in April i got caught up in work and stuff. but managed to finish these two very cool games. mafia nominated by game club so thanks to GC :)

11. Marvel's Guardians of Galaxy - 32 hours

quite a fun game ! gameplay gets stale as most others would say. starlord's abilities are shadowed by the others. others have amazing animations, abilities and talents that all go to waste because you can't admire them to their full extent in the chaos. yes, the gameplay is also chaotic. when its stale and chaotic, its not a good mix. i can see why combat got so much flak. it could've been handled better.

but have they overall achieved a good sense of them being very powerful ? absolutely. combos, teamwork, AOE attacks... they have it all. and they're COOL while doing all that. that's what GoTG is all about , and that's a point movies lacked! combat was a second thought in movies. these are competent warriors.

characters have more depth, more weight to them in the game... but of course a video game have more time to convey these, so its understandable. it is why i love video games more than movies for story telling :)

12. Mafia: Definitive Edition - 13hrs

i never played the original, it was a fresh new experience. missions get stale at times and i'd prefer more shooting than driving.. regardless, the story and dialogue and characters are authentic and i value that a lot. therefore it was worth it. a great GC nomination. i had no short term plans on playing this but turns out it did not need heavy time investment either. quite short. i could actually would love if this game had more variety in missions and was extended to 15h-18 hrs. there are very big gaps between some crucial story milestones. actually the first half had narrower gaps and felt more natural ,but towards the end it felt the story was a bit rushed. that's okay though they wanted to stick to the original content maybe. and doing a game in 2000s was no easy task

sooo... 12 games in 4 months. i have to speed up a bit :)

i will start mafia 2 . just a quick story re-run. back then i spent maybe 30 40 hrs on that game, collecting all collectibles. it was the only mafia game i've played up to this point. i want to revisit the story. then maybe i'll finally give mafia 3 a chance.

21 may edit!

mafia series are over. it was a fun ride overall.

Pros: practically the mafia 2 we know
Cons: practically, no improvement. nothing "definitive" about it. no additions. game had a very "subpar" ending. if you're going to make a "definitive" edition, make it worthwhile. or do not make anything at all. any kind of graphical enhancements that can make use of new generation of hardware? absolutely no. bugs that did not existed in actual game? hell yeah.

Pros: main branch of questlines had no fillers. memorable questlines. fantastic places
Cons: post-main quest filler quests that caught me off guard

Pros: memorable story, Donovan is a fantastic character, so is Lincoln Clay. outside of filler quests, in times where actual action takes place, the game gets pretty good but it all goes downhill once you are done with the quest, since you need to go through endless amounts of racket take over for the next "cool" quest to capture another capo
Cons: copy pasted racket take overs to kill small bosses... kill two small bosses to unlock a capo. then take over two copy pasted racket in the exact same style to reveal where capo is. repeat and rinse for 10x times.
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18. Yakuza 4 Remastered

48:33h. Normal difficulty. All substories and character specific activities. Around 40% completion.

This is the first multi-protagonist Yakuza game, starring the worst cop, the worst criminal, the worst moneylender and the worst hitman solving an overarching story that goes all the way to Yakuza 1. It's also one of the unintentionally goofiest stories, with the famous magical RUBBER BULLETS plot twist and the highest amount of characters shot in the literal back in a single game. For many, this is the game where Yakuza jumped the shark, though Yakuza 5 and 6 and especially Yakuza 0 and LaD disproved that notion.

Goofiness and all, this is a very good game. Three of the four protagonists have the right amount of charisma to work (I'll let you guess which one doesn't. Hint: it's the one that doesn't come back later). Also, the fighting styles of the main characters are different enough to keep things fresh, and the way their stories entwine at the end is actually pretty smart and makes for a satisfying conclusion. After Yakuza 2 and 3 took us to Osaka and Okinawa, however, Yakuza 4 lacks this extra oomph of having a second "playground" for us to prance in (No, Little Asia and the rooftops don't fucking count). So, as the first game since Yakuza 1 that doesn't take us out of Kamurocho, it ends being a little tiresome after a while - but never enough to make you want to abandon.

My Score: ★★★★

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19. Dôkyûsei: Bangin' Summer

22h-ish. Easy Mode. All Endings.

Do you remember those old ass Japanese titty games dating sims where you had to look, talk, think etc. in each location before being able to move on with the story? True Love, Season of the Sakura, Tokimeki Memorial, etc.? If you don't, the Famicom Detective Club games play a lot like these, minus titties. Well, the original Dôkyûsei is one of those. In this game you control your hormone-addled late teen totally 18 year old guy in a quest to get his willy wet with a wealth of willing women (Around a dozen of them in fact). This game is pretty much a cult classic in Japan and was never released here, until now, with "Bangin' Summer", an HD remake with all gorgeous graphics, all new voice acting and all the trimmings.

I'm selling this game short, actually. Dôkyûsei isn't porn. You can in fact play it without any sex scenes and when there are sex scenes, lots of times they don't really go anywhere (The girl falls asleep, the MC gets cold feet, etc.). Dôkyûsei is a window into the 90s style of dating sims, where you usually prowled around diferent locations in town trying to locate girls to advance their routes. If you played Love & Sex Second Base or Summertime Saga is a lot like this, only much much milder in the sexual themes. The perverted protagonist and game weirdly fourth-wall-breaking sense of humor are relics from this era, like the girl's stereotypes (Teacher, school nurse, cutesy pink girl, school princess, sporty childhood friend... you don't get more 90s than that)

Unfortunately... this game is marred by the poor difficulty options. You see, you have two choices: the first is Classic Mode, which apparently requires you to be a 90s otaku with dozens of hours of free time (Since you don't get barely any hints except from those from the Gypsy, which are cryptic and you have to pay for them) and you have to actually pay attention to the conversations to deduce where the girls may be at any particular time. There's also Easy Mode, which could easily be a regular Visual Novel because you not only get indicators of where the girls are, but you're also shown the correct conversation choices and in the off chance you get sidetracked you can simply go to the options menu and select the Flag List to instantly teleport to the date and time required to woo your choice lady. I tried Classic mode and found it impossible, then I tried to play a mixture of both, by selecting Easy Mode and vowing to never use the Flag List, but the game was still far too easy for my tastes.

I understand it's hard to adapt a hard-as-balls difficulty curve from the 90s, but there ARE examples of modern nanpa games that do this well (Like the two I mentioned before). Maybe they'll get it right for a possible Dôkyûsei 2 remake...

My Score: ★★★

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Game 22 - art of rally (XBO) - 16h 38m
Beat 03/05/2022 - my score: ★★★

First time I saw this game on yt, last year and I was intrigued. Finally have a chance to play it. Very good racing title. Almost fantastic, but only a few countries for so long carrer is a weak point of this game.
1. Max Payne (XSX) - 7 Hours - 1/1/22 - 3/5
While it definitely shows its' age, it's a great time. I've been bouncing between it and MP2 which I've almost wrapped up as well. I haven't played them since they originally released on PC. I had very fond memories of the original and thought the sequel was a disappointment but upon replay, MP2's improvements really help it stand the test of time far more than its' predecessor.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2 (XSX) - 40 Hours - 1/2/22 - 3/5
Really mixed feelings on this one. This is probably the most consistent story that a GTA or RDR has ever presented. There are far fewer sophomoric quick laughs that are often found in these games and there are some genuinely sweet moments that will stick with me for a long time. Still it can feel clumsy at times particularly with Arthur's redemption arc and how they portraited his bout of tuberculosis. There are some wonderful characters to be found. Sadie and Charles were great before the prologue. Lenny, Hamish and Charlotte were wonderful. I was sad when Hamish died and decided to retire my horse and ride Buell in his owner. And then I was really bummed out having to whisper goodbye to him. I was pretty mixed on Arthur, I wanted to like him but the narrative forces you down some messed up paths that made empathy for him sort of difficult. Micah and Dutch were like cartoon villains towards the end and I was a little annoyed I was forced to go along with their schemes.

RDR2's world is beautiful but the mission design completely betrays it. Everything is far to scripted and the missions rarely take advantage of that world. It really feels like the designers wanted it to be Uncharted. Go to this yellow cloud on the map and do an action until the next yellow cloud appears on the map. It really leaves no room for creativity or the randomness that a well crafted open world can provide. The action is serviceable but it tends to throw twice as many enemies at you as there should be and becomes tiresome in the process. I do appreciate the idea of the moving camp and letting quest givers stick with you much longer than what you see in Rockstar's typical open world formula. It really helps a lot of those characters develop and helps bolster the strong elements of the writing even more. I had a pretty good time until the prologue. That was a complete slog and could have been dealt with in an hour instead of three to four. I never really liked Abagail or Jack and this game did them no favors. Worse yet, I think the portrayal of young John is a little too annoying and detracts from the character we all appreciated in RDR. The prologue did nothing to bolster this, in fact it diminished some of the characters I liked in the main story.

The game is also pretty buggy. I had a stranger mission bug out, saw lots of t-poses on checkpoint restarts and the my horse would often glitch out. Lastly, the fishing mini game is fucking terrible.

3. Overwatch (PS5) - 15 Hours - 1/3/22 - 4/5
All Winter Wonderland 2021 items collected.

4. Max Payne 2 (XSX) - 6 Hours - 1/3/22 - 5/5
A lot of game play and controller improvements make this game hold up remarkably well.

5. Tetris Effect (Switch) - 2 Hours - 1/3/22 - 5/5
Finally got around to finishing the Switch version which is a great port. This is the ultimate peanut butter and chocolate game combining everything great about Tetris and Rez. I love it dearly.

6. Burnout Paradise (Switch) - 10 Hours - 1/9/22 - 4/5
All smash locations and billboards.

7. Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (PS5) - 1/11/22 - 5/5
I got stuck in one part and I probably missed a contextual conversation (wearing a bracelet to open a door). I really love this game though. On to Aria of Sorrow!

8. Deathsmiles (PS5) - 1/11/22 - 5/5
Pure Arcade Bliss

9. The Gunk (XSX) - 1/15/22 - 2/5
Disappointing in every facet.

10. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow - 1/16/22 - 5/5
While it's the best of the Castlevania GBA games, I do think it's a little too straight forward.

11. Forza Horizon 5 (XSX) - 1/23/22 - 4/5
The map is wonderful. The Forza Horizon structure is getting long in the tooth. They really need to rethink the progressions system. I still had a lot of fun with this.

12. TimeSplitters Future Perfect (XSX) - 1/24/22 - 3/5
It holds up really well consider when it released. It is corny as hell. Some of the later levels are a little bit of a slog.

13. Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) 1/30/22 5/5
Advanced: Born of Paradise and all other quests complete.

14. Earth Defense Force 3 (Switch) 1/31/22 5/5
Normal mode cleared.

15. Halo 2 (XSX) 2/3/22 - 2/5
MGS2 was a pretty big disappointment for me but there are things I can appreciate about it. It along with Halo 2 made me stop hyping games. Replaying Halo 2 all these years later and I can't say there is much to appreciate about it. The Arbiter switcharoo feels like Bungie ripped off Kojima's playbook. The biggest problem is replacing Elites with Brutes. Brutes are just a boring fucking enemy to fight and it saps most of the joy out of the game. And where I loved Halo's light touch on narrative, Halo 2 goes off the deep end.

16. Max Payne 3 (XSX) 2/5/22 - 3/5
Dear Max, please shut the fuck up. Self commentary every time you pick up or take health medicine is so annoying. I get it, you are a drug addicted shit bag. I think it misses the mark tonally for what Max Payne is but that's not surprising coming from Rockstar. A lot of the level design is a drag but things like the police station (kill house) and airport are a lot of fun. the action is pretty great but everything surrounding it is kind of bad.

17. Overwatch (PS4) - 2/11/22 - 4/5
All items collected for Year of the Tiger

18. Cuphead (PS5) - 2/13/22 - 5/5
Amazing game. It's amazing how hopeless you can feel against the levels and bosses and then ten minutes later it all just clicks.

19. Streets of Kamurocho (PC) - 2/20/2022 - 2/5
Even though the Yakuza series is an evolution of the side scrolling brawler, I really hate side scrolling brawlers. I'm not sure why I'm so excited for the new Turtles game either.

20. Espgaluda II (Switch) - 2/21/2022 - 5/5
Just so goddamned fun. Arcade bliss.

21. Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth (XSX) - 2/22/2022 - 3/5
Yahtzee said it best: "It's okay."

22. Inscryption (EGS) - 2/22/2022 - ?/5

23. Unpacking (XSX - 2/24/2022 - 2/5
Moving is one of the most miserable exercises I can think of. Turns out doing this in video game form isn't much more entertaining. I do think the game is super creative with telling a subtle narrative based on the objects you unpack (old, new) throughout the years. I'm really not a fan of the art though which at times can have readability issues.

24. Elden Ring (PS5) - 4/4/2022 - 4/5
Maybe my least favorite FromSouls game. While the world is lovingly crafted and you get some of the traditional Souls design, a lot of the extra dungeons feel like filler and the game just doesn't have enough unique content (bosses, items, etc.) to justify its' size. Still a great game.

25. Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) - 4/5/2002 - 5/5
Finished up the café missions. The game is a love letter to automobiles.

26. Kirby and the Forgotten Land (Switch) - 4/5/2002 - 4/5
This was a pleasant surprise. I've never been a Kirby fan. The mouthful transformations are great as is the variety in level design.

27. Halo 3 (XSX) - 4/12/22 - 3/5
Some high highs and really low lows. The last two levels are an absolute slog.

28. Overwatch (PS5) - 4/13/22 - 4/5
Level 1300

29. Overwatch (PS5) - 4/19/22 - 4/5
All Anniversary Event items collected.

30. Tetris Effect (Switch) - 4/24/22 - 5/5
Journey Mode (Expert)
You should put a spoiler alert for Rdr2 dude ..
20. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

10:02h. Almost 100% (Missed 3 chests and 2 enemies from the Bestiary)

Gotta be sincere, I wasn't expecting to like this one as much as I did. This isn't as much "Final Fantasy" as "Japanese D&D: The Game". The Vancian magic system, the monsters (Ankheg, Beholder Evil eye, the different flavours of Dragons with the appropriate breath weapons...). Most of the FF mainstays aren't there yet, but you can see the seeds being planted, up to the initially-nonexistent plot that has a very FFesque twist at the end, one that I bet that blew some minds back almost 40 years ago. The graphics are actually really serviceable and feel "right", and the music is, well, the same amazing music as always but in a nicely rearranged orchestral version.

As per length and difficulty, I've read Final Fantasy I is pretty merciless but really, Pixel Remaster is way too easy, except for the lack of guidance. I've only died twice in the whole game, both times in the final boss battle. This while running with a very offensive party with no dedicated healer (Fighter, Thief, Monk and Red Mage). This is likely due to the ton of QoL improvements (quicksave, etc.). The game is short, but it's a NES game so it's to be expected, and it's still longer than the first Dragon Quest. And it's not expensive, so the bang you get for your buck is still really great.

My Score: ★★★★☆

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21. Holedown


A Breakout-inspired puzzle game where you have to break blocks launching balls down instead of up. That's all she wrote. An inoffensive divertimento that won't get any awards nor it wants to.

My Score: ★★★

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Time to create a new post as I've hit the character limit for a single post (30,000 characters)

21. Evil Dead: The Game - PS5, est Playtime: 10+ hrs, played 10hrs of online matches as a survivor on 5/15/22
I'm a big Evil Dead fan (I've met both Ted Raimi aka Chet/Henrietta and Bruce Campbell aka the man the myth the legend Ash Williams) as well as a big fan of the Friday the 13th: The Game (I'm also a big F13 fan in general) so this game was a day one purchase for me (I got the Collector's Edition) and I gotta say overall I'm enjoying the game so far despite the main mode (Online multiplayer) pretty much only having one massive map with repetitive objectives (Collect the pieces of the map, collect the dagger & pages from the Necronomicon, expel the demons, protect the book) & it being really challenging at times especially the 5 single player missions. I definitely plan on playing this game a lot more especially considering that I haven't even played a single match as a Demon so far.
22. Vampire Survivors

33h-ish. All levels released so far beaten

Haha what? This game has no right to be as awesome as it is. They describe it as a "Reverse bullet hell" and it's an apt moniker, but really, it's basically a twin-stick shooter with (mostly) aimed autofire (Single stick-shooter?). It's stupidly fun and addictive and it costs like 3€. Give it a try.

My Score: ★★★

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23. Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster


It's really fun to start playing the previous entries of a famous series one after another and see how they've evolved during the years. While Final Fantasy I was definitely "Not a Final Fantasy", Final Fantasy II has upgraded that to "Almost a Final Fantasy". Lots of series mainstays debut in this game (Chocobos, Ultima, Cid) and instead of the nameable mutes of the first entry, you now have defined characters with personalities and dialogues, and a full story, albeit simple - but with a couple twists, strong villains, betrayals and double crosses, and a lot of characters who die. Most of those are to be expected now, but they were absolutely revolutionary at the time.

Still, this game was much maligned by fans for its standout leveling system, similar to those you find in games like The Elder Scrolls; you level up stats by using certain weapons and doing certain actions. While weird for a FF game, it's mostly unobtrusive in the Pixel Remaster and won't prevent anyone from reaching the end of the game. Moreover, if you want to finetune your characters to specialize in certain weapons and magic, this allows you to do exactly that - but it's perfectly possible to beat the game by just equipping the strongest weapons and Attacking the fights away.

Frankly, I thought I wouldn't enjoy this game as much as I did. Like FFI, it's a museum piece - but one that can be perfectly enjoyed today.

My Score: ★★★

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24. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

+15h. 79% of the game completed, including postgame.

I feel nobody was expecting this game to be as good as it is, and I don't fault the fans - most Kirby games go from ok to subpar. But this one really hits the spot. The production is surprisingly high (The music is particularly awesome) and the stages feel lovingly handcrafted, as opposed to the many "paint by the numbers" feel of the games that are being released recently. The weird post-apocalyptic setting seems jarring at first, but you know what? It works, somehow. Your pink wad of chewing gum doesn't seem TOO out of place because everything is still cutesy and colorful enough (most of the time) and unlike Mario Odyssey, there are no weirdly realistic bosses - the art, basically, is consistent in its weirdness and that makes it work.

The gameplay is closer to Mario 3D World than Odyssey, and Kirby's ability to sort-of-fly-ish doesn't break levels as much as I thought it would (mostly because it's been limited). The copy abilities are fun and useful, too useful at times. For example, once I evolved the Ranger ability to max, I basically never used anything else because of it broken it was. In fact, the only niggle I can find is that the game is (to the surprise of no one) too easy, but the difficulty ramps up near the end and becomes genuinely challenging by the postgame and the latter two coliseum fights. Nothing ragequit-worty though, just... harder than before.

My Score: ★★★

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Game 23 - Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) - 30h 37m
Beat 12/05/2022 - my score: ★★★

Game 24 - Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All! (XBO) - 09h 23m

Beat 16/05/2022 - my score: ★★★

My 2nd playthrough of Horizon and still one of the best game on previous gen. I am ready for Forbidden West.
Asterix is very mediocre title. Expected more. Probably 3/5 is too many.
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Game 23 - Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) - 30h 37m
Beat 12/05/2022 - my score: ★★★

Game 24 - Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All! (XBO) - 09h 23m

Beat 16/05/2022 - my score: ★★★

My 2nd playthrough of Horizon and still one of the best game on previous gen. I am ready for Forbidden West.
Asterix is very mediocre title. Expected more. Probably 3/5 is too many.

the title "asterix & obelix" itself would also make me give it an at least 3 :) i loved their films and cartoons ! looking back they're not even that good but fond memories definitely play tricks with mind!


the title "asterix & obelix" itself would also make me give it an at least 3 :) i loved their films and cartoons ! looking back they're not even that good but fond memories definitely play tricks with mind!
The worst are fps drops. In beat'em up it's a huge trouble. Besides very repetitive levels and boring fights. Throw, dash, throw dash, throw, dash and you can beat this game.


Game 5 - Sly 2: Band of Thieves - 8/10? - RPCS3

Finally finished this game after starting it last summer. I thought I could do more Sly Cooper After the 1st one and apparently I could not.

Sly 2 is the kind of sequel that makes the previous game look like a prototype. Think Uncharted 2, Dead Space 2, Portal 2, Mass Effect 2.

Significantly better visuals, animation, as a game it's 3 to 4 times the length, a lot more mechanics and huge "by Sly 1 standards" hub worlds where the missions happen.

The fluidity of motion is what I end up appreciating about these games most of all. The writing is also surprisingly competent.
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Game 19 - Rogue Legacy 2 - PC / Steam - Completed May 22nd, 2022
I absolutely loved the first Rogue Legacy game, so when I saw they were making a sequel I was pretty excited. I picked it up when it first released to Early Access (about two years ago!) and played it a couple of times while it was in development. Now that it got released a few weeks ago to 1.0, I've been playing it a lot lately. It's very much like the first game but better in (almost) every way. The only real letdown was that some of the Fairy chest rooms were pretty bullshit this time around. This game had a lot better traversal, with the ability to permanently unlock shortcuts to each area. If you liked the first game, be sure to give this a try!
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