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52 Games. 1 Year. 2021.

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Game 1-Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back(N. Sane Trilogy(2018)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on January 1
-I liked this game much more than the first game. It isn’t so hard which makes it much more fun for me. Great remake and I look forward to 3 now. 9/10

Game 2-Crash Bandicoot Warped(N. Sane Trilogy)(2018)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on January 8
-This was another fun game that was just as good as the second game. 9/10

Game 3-Our World is Ended(2019)-Switch-Beaten on January 24
-I really enjoyed this visual novel overall. I liked the characters and I was interested in the story the entire time. The big issue I have is that’s it’s just way too long. It took me 45 hours to finish it. That’s crazy in my opinion. I think visual novels would be better shorter and more focused. Here was just so much padding to this story. With that said, I still enjoyed it. 8/10

Game 4-The Space in Between(2021)PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on January 24
-This short visual novel was a look into the struggles of an Chinese American as a young person. It’s entirety takes place during a date looking at stars where the couple discusses the challenges of their life(racism, depression, etc.). It was a nice 40 minute read. 8/10

Game 5-Saw(2009)-PS3-Beaten on January 29
-I haven’t played a PS3 game in some time and I felt like a horror game. I enjoued the Saw movies so I decided to give this one a go. While it was janky and not perfect, I did really enjoy my time with it. I will try to play the second one soon. 7/10

Game 6-Hitman 3(2021)-PS5-Beaten on February 4
-This was a great game and I loved the second level at the country estate. Such a good level! With that said, I liked the previous games better as this is more of the same and really short. 8/10

Game 7-Lynne(2018)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on February 7
-This was a short visual novel about a teenager with some mental disorders. As the game goes on, her stress level continued to build and at the end of the game she loses her sanity. At least maybe that’s what happened. I’m not really sure. I came across this while searching for horror themed visual novels. While it isn’t horror at all, it is a look at mental illness. 7/10

Game 8-Little Nightmares(2017)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on February 13
-With the sequel now out, I wanted to finally finish the first game. What a creepy experience this was! I look forward to playing the DLC and the s tart the sequel soon. 9/10

Game 9-Half Past Fate Romantic Distancing(2021)-Switch-Beaten on February 15
-I bought Half Past Fate on sale recently and saw that this was coming really cheap so decided to get it and play it. It was a good time but very short. This is the third game I have played that has the pandemic as per of the story which is interesting. I look forward to the original game soon. 8/10

Game 10-Little Nightmares DLC Secrets of the Maw(2017)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on February 16
-I liked the original game and I liked this DLC as well. A good, spooky game. 8/10

Game 11-X-Men Origins Wolverine(2009)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on February 21
-This game is a hidden gem. It’s so good if you like brawlers. I really miss these types of games from the PS3/360 era before everything went online with persistent worlds. The Win Max plays all these games at the highest settings portably and it’s just perfect. 10/10

Game 12-Collar X Malice(2017)-Vita-Beaten on February 25
-I liked this visual novel a lot. It was a good story but it was the first visual novel I played that has different routes to take and I personally would just prefer it to be one route. it just overstays its welcome. Maybe 2-3 different routes but there were just too many. 8/10

Game 13-Wolfenstein(2009)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on February 28
-What a great game this was. As I said with the Wolverine game, I really miss these great single player focused linear action games. I love them. 10/10

Game 14-Legendary(2008)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on March 3
-This was a pretty decent FPS game. Much better than the reviews at the time gave it. It was a bit generic but I still had a good time with it. The one issue is there was a glitch right at the very end of the game so I had to watch the last ten minutes on YouTube. That was a bummer. 7/10

Game 15-Inversion(2012)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on March 7
-I continue my focus of more obscure PC/360/PS3 generation games and I really liked this Gears of War style game. The mechanic of controlling gravity was a lot of fun. I assumed the nice payoff at the end by finding his daughter would make the story worth it but no. I didn’t expect that. Maybe that’s actually a good thing. 8/10

Game 16-Higurashi When they Cry Hou Chapter 1 Onikakushi(2009)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on March 12
-I was looking for a horror themed visual novel and this series came up a lot when searching somI thought I would give it a try. After a super slow and boring start, I started enjoying it as the story turned darker. I look forward to part 2. 7/10

Game 17-Monsters from the Deep Final Fantasy 15(2017)-PSVR-Beaten on March 12
-It‘s been awhile since I beat a PSVR game and this one was a lot of fun. I loved FF 15 and it was fun seeing all the guys again, even if it was a brief experience. I would have loved this to have had more of a story. 8/10

Game 18-Higurashi When They Cry Hou Chapter 2 Watanagashi(2015)-PC Via GPD Win Max-Beaten on March 28
-I enjoyed his episode quite a bit but I really wish they would shorten the “slice of life“ part by about 75% and focus more on the horror elements. 7/10

Game 19-Higurashi When They Cry Chapter 3 Tatarigorshi(2016)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on April 24
-As with the previous games, the first part about their life is really boring and way too long. Once the mystery starts it gets really good. 7/10

Game 20-Rage 2(2019)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on April 24
-This was a fun game that doesn’t get a lot of love but really should. I had a great time with it! 9/10

Game 21-Higurashi When They Cry Chapter 4 Himatsubushi-(2017)--PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on May 15
-I really liked this episode as it was much shorter and cut out much of the slice of life fluff that went on way to long in he first three episodes.not scary/spooky at all though. Looking forward to Episode 5. 8/10

Game 22-Resident Evil 8 Village(2021)-PS5-Beaten on May 24
-What a great game this was! I love Resident Evil games and this one was a lot of fun. I think I still liked 7 better but this was still a top tier survival horror game. 10/10

Game 23-Assassin’s Creed III Remastered(2019)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on June 11
-I played this right along with Valhalla and enjoyed both games. The big difference is this game can be finished under 20 hours. I have played over 20 hours of Valhalla and still have a long way to go. Anyway, I prefer games to be under 25 hours and this game was a wry good time. As a history buff, I really enjoyed the time period of the American Revolution. 8/10

Game 24-Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered DLC The Tyranny of George Washington(2019)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on June 13
-I enjoy alternate history and this dlc was ok. Seeing King Washington was an interesting concept and I think I was just worn out after playing the main campaign. 7/10

Game 25-Last Window The Secret of Cape West(2010)-NDS-Beaten on June 16
-I beat Hotel Dusk about a year ago and really enjoyed it and I finally got around to finishing the sequel and I liked it just as much. A good combination of visual novel and adventure gameplay. I also loved the graphics. 9/10

Game 26-Assassin‘s Creed Rogue(2014)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on June 18
-Half way to 52! A year ago I already was over 52 games beat. I’m way behind. Oh well. I really enjoyed this game. It was similar to Assassin’s Creed IV which I really liked so it makes sense that I would like this one. I also really liked how the end ties into the beginning of Unity. Great little touch! 8/10

Game 27-Dishonored The Knife of Dunwell(2013)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on June 19
-I played the main game when it first came out in 2013 and I never got around to the DLC. It took a little while to get adjusted to the game again, once I did, it was awesome! 9/10

Game 28-Dishonored The Brigmore Witches DLC(2013)-PC via GPD Win-Beaten on June 20
-This was a pretty good dlc but also quite short which is fine for me. I really look forward to the sequel now. 9/10

Game 29-Ratchet and Clank A Rift Apart(2021)-PS5-Beaten on June 21
-The Ratchet and Clank series is the epitome of fun. I have played and beaten every game in the series and this one ranks right up there. It’s a beautiful game and it was just a joy to play. Game of the year so far This year. 10/10

Game 30-Final Fantasy VII Episode Intermission(2021)-PS5-Beaten on June 25
-I really liked this brief episode and Yuffie is such a fun character to. Was it really necessary? No but it was still a lot of fun that fills the gap between the main release. 9/10

Game 31-Dishonored 2(2016)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on June 25
-Why did I wait so long to play the sequel to one of my favorite games in the last decade? I have no idea but I really look forward to Death to the Outsider now. 10/10

Game 32-Dishonered Death of the Outsider(2017)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on June 28
-I decided to finish the series and this addition is pretty darn good. It’s more Dishonored and that is always a good thing. 9/10

Game 33-Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age(2018)-PC Via GPD Win Max-Beaten on July 3
-I finally beat this game as it is been a long time coming. It was pretty good and had some great parts(music, graphics, some of the gameplay) but also had some very annoying parts like the battle system and the part of the game with all the hallways/stairs with puzzles. I also thought the story was hard to follow. Only a few Final Fantasy’s left on my backlog and I look forward to them.

Game 34-Resident Evil Survivor(2000)-PS1-Beaten on July 8
-I played and beat all the mainline Resident Evil games back in the PS1 days but never got around to this game. I have been listening to the “Itchy, Tasty” Resident Evil audiobook and after talking about this game, I decided to go back and ally some of the light gun games from the Pas1/PS2 era. Was this good? Well for the two hours that it lasts, it was a nostalgia trip, that’s for sure, but no, not really good.5/10

Game 35-Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code Veronica(2002)-PS2-Beaten on July 8
-So I decided to play the sequel right after and it was a much better game but also shorter. I only played the arcade mode so one could get more hours out of it if they wanted. While I said it was a much better game than the first, it still was only ok. 6/10

Game 36-Resident Evil Dead Aim(2003)-PS2-Beaten on July 9
-This was by far the best of the light gun Resident Evil games during the Ps1/PS2 era. I really enjoyed this one as it reminded me as a cross between old school RE and Resident Evil 4 as far as how the game controlled. The weird thing was how it switched from a over the shoulder 3rd person view when moving to a light gun style first person shooter When shooting. glad I played it and look forward to the PS3 light gun games in the future. 7/10

Game 37-Dino Stalker(2002)-PS2-Beaten on July 9
-I have gotten into all these Capcom light gun games due to the audiobook I’m listening to called Itchy, Tasty. In this book, the author mentions all these games and I decided to give them all a try. This one was based on the Dino Crisis series and is nowhere near as good. It’s ok at best but so short that I don’t mind. 6/10

Game 38-Time Crisis Project Titan(2001)-PS1-Beaten on July 10
-After playing some Capcom light gun games, I decided to play some Namco ones. This one was pretty fun but very simplistic. One thing for sure, they are all short and help add to. Y completed list very quickly. 7/10

Game 39-Time Crisis(1997)-PS1-Beaten on July 10
-This was a pretty basic light gun game that was over in about half an hour. I look forward to playing the PS2 games from this series.

Game 40-Persona 5(2017)-PS4-Beaten on July 22
What a stylish RPG this was! I really enjoyed it but it should have been a lot shorter. Almost 90 hours! 9/10

Game 41-Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII(2015)-PC Via GPD Win Max-Beaten on July 26
-I really like the FF 13 trilogy. I think more people are just now starting to appreciate the trilogy for what they were-great games. The game has great music and is just beautiful! Hard to believe it was a PS3 game. While the story goes off the rails in his game, I still really liked it. 8/10

Game 42-The Medium(2021)-Xbox Series X-Beaten on July 27
-I have really liked all of Bloober Teams games and this one is no exception. What a great concept and spooky atmosphere this game was! I wasn’t a huge fan of the split screen parts of the game but it was an interesting idea. 8/10

Game 43-Outriders(2021)-Xbox Series X-Beaten on July 30
-I didn’t think this game was going to amount to much but I really enjoyed the story campaign. I played it single player and thought it was a very good shooter. 8/10

Game 44-Watch Dogs Legion(2020)-PS5-Beaten on August 9
-I really enjoyed this game but not as much as the previous two. I would prefer several main protagonists as having anybody makes it a bit generic in my opinion. I really like the hacking and firefights in this game. A good but not great game. 7/10

Game 45-Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline(2021)-PS5-Beaten on August 10
-I liked Legion enough to get the dlc and I thought it was better than the main game. I like the fact that it has a better story and two main playable characters. much better than the generic “play as anyone” idea of the main game. 9/10

Game 46-Higurashi When They Cry Kai Chapter 5 Meakashi(2017)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on August 13
-Wow! What an episode! By far the best one yet as it answers a lot of he questions for the previous games. Looking forward to Ch. 6! 10/10

Game 47-Before Your Eyes(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on August 13
-This game was a very emotional one about a young boy that gets sick and dies. You basically go through his life watching key memories along the way. The game allows you to blink to move along the story but that didn’t work well for me so I used point and click controls. I really enjoyed the game. Sad though. 8/10

Game 48-Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts(2019)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on August 16
I love sniping games and this one was a lot of fun. I look forward to the sequel that came out recently. 8/10

Game 49-Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on August 21
-I liked the first game a lot and decided to play the sequel right after. There is something about sniping people from a long distance that is so much fun. The slow mo kill cam is cool as well. Great game! 9/10

Game 50-Assassin’s Creed(2007)-PC via GPD Win-Beaten on September 4
-In many ways I prefer this original game to the games now. It’s more focused and it’s about assassinations mostly which makes sense. The games are a lot more polished now, of course but for a 14 year old game, I think it hold up and I had a ton of fun with it and it’s not 50 hours long. 8/10

Game 51-LIfe is Strange True Colors Episode 1 Side A(2021)PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on September 12
-So this game still does episodes but all episodes were released at once instead of sporadically throughout a year or more. It’s probably a good idea but there was some thing special about the episode formats that I really liked. I always counted each chapter as a separate Game so I will continue to do that for consistency. Anyway, this first episode was like most, getting to know the characters. I really liked it and the surprise ending was not something I expected. Great opening episode! I will play episode two right away. 9/10

Game 52-Recore Definitive Edition(2017)-PC via GPD Win Max and Xbox One via Play Anywhere)-Beaten on September 13
-52 games beaten!! I played about 75% of this game on PC and the rest on Xbox One. I love Play Anywhere. Great idea! As far as the game goes, I really liked the first six hours. It was good fun. But then in order to move on to the last level I needed more prismatic cores. Like 14 more and it took forever to find them(four hours or so). Then the last dungeon is just ridiculous. These two issues soured my enjoyment of the game. 6/10

Game 53-Life is Strange True Colors Episode 2 Lanterns(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on September 15
-This was a slower episode that is setting up bigger things down the road. It was a decent episode. 7/10

Game 54-LIfe is Strange True Colors EpIsolde 3 Monster or Mortal(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on September 16
-This was a decent eposode. I thought he LARP part was something not seen before but was too long and was most of this episode. It got better at the end and I look forward to Episode 4. 7/10

Game 55-Life is Strange True Colors Episode 4 Flicker(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on September 18
-This was a very short episode and the best one since episode one as both that one and this left left on quite a cliffhanger. I look forward to the finale. 8/10

Game 56-Life is Strange True Colors Episode 5 Side B(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on September 18
-This was a good finale. It was a happy ending to an overall sad story. I look forward to the Wavelengths prequel at the end of the month. 9/10

Game 57-Bloodwash(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on September 19
-September and October means horror games for me and his is the first one I have beaten this season. This was a brief PS1 style horror game that was decent I guess. There wasn’t much to it outside of walking around taking to people outside of the very end of the game. Enjoyed my 90 or so minutes with it. 7/10

Game 58-Little Nightmares II(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on September 24
-What an atmospheric horror game. I had no idea what the story was but it was a creepy atmosphere which is all I want. Great sequel and I hope there are more in the series down the road. 9/10

Game 59-Dagon(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on October 2
-This was a free steam point and click horror game about HP Lovecraft sand what caused him to start writing horror. It was a decent half hour. 6/10

Game 60-Pumpkin Jack(2020)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on October 3
-What a great throwback to PS2 era platformers. This game was a lot of fun and a great game to play in October. Had a great time with it! 9/10

Game 61-Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on October 9
-This DLC for True Colors was ok at best. It was so limited as you didn’t leave the record store. I found it kind of boring overall but still enjoyed parts. 6/10

Game 62-Imposter Factory(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on October 11
-About a year and half ago, I played the previous games in this series and loved them. Quite emotional games and this one is the same. I really enjoyed it. 9/10

Game 63-Back 4 Blood(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max and Xbox Series X-Beaten on October 22
-Played most of this on PC but went back a forth a bit with Gamepass. This was a.very fun game where you kill lots and lots of zombies. I do wish there was a bit more enemy variety but that is a minor gripe. 8/10

Game 64-Costume Quest 2(2014)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on October 26
-One year after beating the original Costume Quest, I beat the seque. It was a charming little Halloween game. 8/10

Game 65-The Dark Pictures Anthology-House of Ashes(2021)-PS5-Beaten on October 29
-I really liked this game in the series. It was different from the previous two which I also enjoyed. Loved the monster aspect but the monsters and environments were the same throughout until the very end of the game. I wonder if there will be a follow up based on the scene during the credits. 8/10

Game 66Higurashi When They Cry Hou-Chapter 6 Tsumihoroboshi(2018)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on November 12
-I continue to enjoy the series overall but they really would Be better if they were shorter. There is just so much wasted time where things just keep going on and on. And please quit with the slice of life stuff. 6/10

Game 67-Call of Duty Vanguard(2021)-PS5-Beaten on November 13
-Loved the campaign even though it was quite short. Like a summer blockbuster movie. A great time. 9/10

Game 68-Far Cry 3(2012)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on November 14
-I have been meaning to finish this game for almost a decade and it was such a fun game! I look forward to all the sequels in the future. 9/10

Game 69-Gears of War Hivebusters(2020)-XSX-Beaten on December 2
-I had a great time with this DLC campaign and will greatly look forward to the next Gears of War installment. 9/10

Game 70-Higurashi When They Cry Chapter 7 Minorogoshi(2019)PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on December 10
-This was a great episode that answered a lot of questions. Bring on the finale! 9/10

Game 71-Ys IX Monstrum Nox(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on December 16
-This is the first Ys game I have finished and after loving the Trails series, I really liked this game. It was a lot of fun! I look forward to other games in the series over the next year. 9/10

Game 72-Grubbins on Ice Costume Quest DLC(2010)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on December 19
-I was under the assumption that this was Christmas themed but it was half Halloween themed and half winter themed. It was still a fun little romp. 7/10

Game 73-Cave Story’s Secret Santa(2021)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on December 20
-I wish other game makers would put out Christmas themed games. I love them and would gladly pay for them.! This was a fun little puzzler where I have to sneak gifts back into houses without getting caught. It was about an hour long and was free and so for that a 10/10.

Game 74-Sakura Santa(2015)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on December 20
-I am trying to play Christmas related games right now and this was a short visual novel that is very forgettable. 5/10

Game 75-Halo Infinite(2021)-Xbox Series X-Beaten on December 22
-I have really enjoyed all of the Halo games and this one is no different. Great campaign but I will say that the inside were a little stale and samey. 9/10

Game 76-The Artful Escape(2021)-PC via GPD Win-Beaten on December 22
-What an artistic game! I really liked the music and graphics in this game. The story was strange but had a good meaning. 8/10

Game 77-The Gunk(2021)-Xbox Series X/PC-Beaten on December 28
-I really enjoyed this short action/adventure game. I played about 70% of it on the XSX and about 30% on my Win Max. It was a perfect Christmas break game that lasted about 5-6 hours. 7/10

Game 78-James Bond 007 Bloodstone(2010)-Xbox 360-Beaten on December 30
-I watched the latest Bond movie recently and it put me in he mood to play a Bond game. I had this game so I decided to play it. It was a generic game but still a good time. Games like this just aren’t made anymore. 7/10

Game 79-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One(2010)-PC via GPD Win Max-Beaten on December 31
-The final finished game of the year and it was a pretty bad one. There is no reason that the Harry Potter franchise is Shouldn’t have been given a better game. I assume it only had a short development time. I plan to play Part 2 very soon so I’ll see if it is any better. 4/10

Platform Breakdown:

PS Vita-1
Xbox Series X-5
Xbox 360-1

2021 Game of the Year that I finished: Resident Evil Village


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Games I finished (first time or replay, no matter) in 2021: From top to bottom it's january to december

Astrobot Playroom
Demons Souls ps5
The Evil Within 2
Ratchet and Clank 2016
Syberia 2
Return of the Obra Dinn
Resident Evil Village
Uncharted 4
Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
It Takes Two (coop)
Lego Builder's Journey RTX
A Way Out (coop)
Final Fantasy VII Remake ps5
Final Fantasy XV Royal pc
12 Minutes
Saints Row the Third Remastered
Exo One
The Forgotten City
Guardians of the Galaxy
Before Your Eyes
Halo Infinite


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I beat 26 which is less than last year but still a lot I guess... Anyone making a 2021 beat games rundown thread for casuals like me?
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