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Opinion Game Dev Indie 4K gaming: “It’s useless,” says Playdead founder.


Dec 23, 2016
Yeah, bit shit. I have a 4k OLED, and I’m perfectly fine with games pushing 1440p, they look great. 4k native is hard to tell for me, and I have a 65” set as well. It’s just a waste of resources for my liking.

1440p can certainly look great. You're not sitting close enough to notice the difference if you're finding it hard to tell between that and native 4k on a 65 inch. Perhaps the games you play don't necessitate sitting that close. If so, bully for you. You just got free performance out of finding 1440p as your threshold for 'good enough' (diminishing returns).

It's different for different people and I don't think the constant demonizing really get us anywhere. Now, I think we can all agree that 8K has very limited application at the present moment and if Sony/tv manufacturers start pushing it heavily, we should revolt lol
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Mar 11, 2009
A year ago I finally went from 1080p to 4K on a computer monitor and the increase in pixels alone makes it feel like a generational leap to me. Things look soooo much better imho.
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