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4chan Rumoured Leak: Justice League Cast and Plot

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Granny Goodness

Can't fucking wait
After how heart breaking BvS was, they need to go either one of two ways with Justice League.

Get an amazing script, and let Snyder handle the visuals. Or, have almost no story ala Fury Road, and just let Snyder go nuts with the visuals and action.

I still put the blame on WB for BvS. My gut says all they did was see dailies, saw how awesome it looked, and figured the final product would deliver.

No doubt they had the same facial expression that the producer of phantom menace did when he first saw it.


Master of the Google Search
I'm still laughing at the idea that Warner Bros is so desperate for original ideas that they are combing through Toonami for new properties to ruin.


>we're probably getting pokemon. nintendo is only letting the chinese bid on it to artifically drive up the price of the rights

Nintendo is selling their biggest IP? When did this happen?
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