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Game Dev Hype 4A Games on next-gen: "We are fully into ray tracing" "I am more excited for not yet publicly revealed things"


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

In an interview centred on 4A Games' excellent work in bringing Metro Redux to Switch, we asked CTO Oles Shishkovstov for his reaction to publicly revealed aspects of next generation console hardware. "We are fully into ray tracing, dropping old-school codepath/techniques completely," he told us.

The firm is keeping its cards close to its chest but 4A has already shipped Metro Exodus on PC with DXR ray tracing support and is currently assessing options for its next step. "Internally we experimented a lot and with spectacular results so far. You will need to wait to see what we implement into our future projects," Shishkovstov told us.

There's still much we don't know about the next generation of console hardware and while the prospect of Zen 2 CPU cores, solid state storage, ray tracing and 2x the graphics power of Xbox One X sounds awesome, 4A reckons there's more to come. "I am more excited for not yet publicly revealed things," Oles Shishkovstov says, enigmatically.

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Jun 16, 2019
Metro with RTX already looked good and that was just with a single light source.
Can't wait to see what they can achieve once next gen consoles and GPUs are out.
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Jun 2, 2020
So is he implying that there's more to the next-gen machines that hasn't been revealed yet? Or is he talking about his own projects being secret... or both?