2022 Spotify Wrapped / Apple Music Replay - Music Streaming Stats

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Top genres in these is always funny, because especially in the Metal subgenres many bands get mislabeled or have such diverse portfolios that they can't be put into only 1 genre, Spotify usuall does only list a single genre per band tho

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anybody that doesnt have a desktop pc might as well be a farm animal

do you also listen to spotify on your phone speakers?
i actually listen to spotify mostly on my PC but i'm under no illusion and know that most people listen on mobile.

on mobile no i don't listen through my phone speakers. i have £400 headphones for listening to music on both mobile/desktop.
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This is a pretty cool feature, mine just popped up last night. I did the math and I’ve used Spotify for over 750 hours in 2022 - that’s like 30-something DAYS of listening. Admittedly I listen to mostly podcasts but man, that’s fucking crazy to have it laid out like that.

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Fuck Kanye West. I am a jew and his a deranged anti simetic racist piece of shit.

If it wasn't for Jews, he wouldn't be as rich as he is. Jews own the Hollywood and most of the businesses. This is why most people hate us. Hope they die of envy. Lol.

Fun fact - @EviLore is also a Jew and is the owner of gaf for those who didn't know. I'd ban Kanye West on this platform lol.
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The dude needs to be put on a hate crime watch at this point
I absolutely love Yeezus and think that album sounds more like old Nine Inch Nails than new Nine Inch Nails but Kanye completely lost me with the incendiary anti-semitism. Of course only Alex Jones at this point could be an umbrella.

And there’s people in this forum defending this is all fine and it’s free speech.
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Exposing the sinister cartel of retailers who allow companies to pay for advertising space.

And ’m not even Russian.
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My list is not even worth posting, because I've found out this year I like to use Spotify to listen to podcasts... and I've found some pretty good ones related to tv shows, F1 or gaming. I've gotten less than 10000 minutes of music even though I use Spotify daily when I walk my dog or go shopping.
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Here is mine:

Top artist is Eminem with 1 324 minutes listened (top 2% world ^^)
I don't know why Queen is not in Imagine Dragon's place because I only listened to one song of it while I listen to Queen every day

More than 49K minutes of listening, 2 796 different artists, 140 different style.

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