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2022 PC Screenshot Thread of No Compromises


Cyberpunk 2077



Prince of Persia 2008 still looks absolutely stunning in 4k:



I hate the zero-penalty, unrewarding gameplay, but when I did play this... Man, what an absolutely outstanding art direction. The game looked great when I first played it in 2008 (on a PS3, no less)... I should get a copy on PC just to max it out.

Also the chemistry and banter between the Prince and Elika is pretty awesome. The dialogue writers did a great job!
neXt RC Helicopter Simulator. About 200 hours of practice so far.

My friend's brother does this IRL. He'll have that thing full speed into the ground and he just stops an inch from the ground, blades-down, clipping grass. Then he'll shoot it into the atmosphere in some crazy spiral. I can barely keep up with it and yet somehow he's controlling it just fine. It's a lot of confidence when your flinging a $2K+ toy around.
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