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2012 Movie Preview - what are you most anticipating?

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How is that possible when Raiders isn't even the best Indy movie?

Until someone says Saving Private Ryan your all wrong.

As for 2012, it's really only Skyfall and Prometheus that I'm excited to go see. I want Judge Dredd and Spiderman to turn out well but I have my doubts.


don't bother. I saw it twice in theaters since I really wanted to like it. It's a mess, and the redux didn't fix much.

Why do you feel the movie was a mess? I haven't had the chance to see the Redux yet, but the original film is not bad at all. It does require certain amounts of context though, which I'm not sure if everyone gets.


will totally Facebook friend you! *giggle* *LOL*
Come into this thread to find people who thinks it's okay to even joke like Raiders ain't some of the dopest dope ever produced.

Is this the biggest gap from when a major film's trailer was released to the film being released in theaters ever?

Season of the Witch was a big one (I think delayed a year after trailers hit theaters). Can't remember, but there is a decent amount of others. This a big move though.


Also, I'm really looking forward to Side by Side, a documentary about the rise and impact digital has had on movie making, with voices and opinions on either side of the debate ranging from amateur directors to James Cameron and Martin Scorsese.


I really liked this trailer, as Keanu seems genuinely fascinated in the subject. Its also interesting to see contradictory opinions between even the big superstar directors like Christopher Nolan, who still sees film as superior but begrudgingly accepting digital's move to prominence, compared to James Cameron who said "film has been dead to me for over ten years".
I don't know I can pick a Spielberg 'best' since he dabbles in so many different genres.

I would say that his best dramatic pieces are Schindler's List, Munich, SPR and Empire of the Sun. With Munich being the most mature of all of them and Schindler's List acting as his magnum opus.

Raiders is definitely my favourite Indy movie, though Crusade isn't too far off.
I definitely prefer Spielberg the action/adventure director (but even there he can be pretty hit and miss). His dramas are too cloying and manipulative for my tastes. It's the reason I've avoided War Horse because I can just tell it's one of those films of his. But that's not to say I haven't liked most of them, and yeah, Munich was definitely his most mature film.
Hey Expendable, did you consider 'God Bless America'? After seeing the trailer on /film earlier today it looks like a great way to blow off some steam, not necessarily a masterpiece but something dark and fun for sure. A movie about going around shooting tossers can't be that bad.


I'm very picky about movies (there is too much crap at the cinema every year)

This year I'll definitely watch 3 Movies:

1.The Dark Knight Rises
3.The Hobbit
Hey Expendable, did you consider 'God Bless America'? After seeing the trailer on /film earlier today it looks like a great way to blow off some steam, not necessarily a masterpiece but something dark and fun for sure. A movie about going around shooting tossers can't be that bad.

Yeah, I saw this at TIFF and mostly loved it. It honestly skipped my mind since it didn't have a release date when I made the list. Highly, highly recommended.


I have been a huge Bond nerd all my life, so Skyfall is obviously my top pick. Quantum was a misfire because of the writers' strike, but the talent assembled for this movie is amazing. Surely there must be something to the script to attract the likes of Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, the always-awesome Naomie Harris and Albert Finney? I'm not mad about most of Sam Mendes' stuff (remember Road To Perdition being half decent though), but he brings with him Roger Deakins as cinematographer and Thomas Newman as composer. My fingers are absolutely clenched crossed that the gunbarrel sequence goes back to the beginning: there's just no better way to start a movie.
will go and watch all the big movies in the cinema and watch the smaller better ones at home.

day 1 for hobbit, prometheus , skyfall, dark knight, django unchained. would be very surprised if django unchained will not land on my top 3 list this year.


So I'm like half way through reading Cloud Atlas now, and I'm really not sure at all how this can be adapted for screen by the Wachowski brothers. Their style and direction is very much about making things look slick and having very visceral direction when it comes to action, using a lot of great effects and camera techniques.

But the book isn't about action, there's hardly any action in it at all, and most of the story is basically characters talking to each other. It's a really good read so far, but such a strange and unfitting project for the people involved...
First Look at Ang Lee's Life of Pi and tweets from footage:

Ok, so Ang Lee's "Life of Pi" will be getting a best picture Oscar nomination. The footage screened at #CinemaCon could claim one for short!

Most impressive footage - Ang Lee's Life of Pi. Looks magical, wonderful. From what we saw... this is going to be a strong Oscar contender. I just said to @akstanwyck after coming out of Life of Pi footage: "the Oscar race has begun." Her reply "yes it has." Looks wonderful.

They also premiered footage from the fantastic looking Ang Lee Christmas movie LIFE OF PI. 3d looked great. Looks like this years HUGO. Also LIFE OF PI is an absolute Oscar contender for Best Picture. Looked incredible, magical, and everything you want in a movie.

Footage from Ang Lee's Life of Pi screened at CinemaCon: full of cinematic magic, wonder. Underwater 3d stuff looks amazing. I know it's too early and stupid to make such claims but I'd be amazed if Life of Pi isn't nominated for Best Picture.

Wow. Tons of Life of Pi footage just showed. The co-star is a giant cat! Underwater 3D stuff is wow. I teared up a little at the trailer.

Mark my word, based on the footage shown at #cinemacon Ang Lee's LIFE OF PI is going to be a MAJOR player at this year's Oscars.

LIFE OF PI footage absolutely wrecked me. I cried. Choking up thinking about it. This doesn't happen to me. The master at work. #cinemacon

Ang Lee's LIFE OF PI looks so special, wonderful to hear him speak about it, can't wait to see him bring that book to life #CinemaCon
The first trailers for Argo and Gangster Squad attached to Dark Shadows! And the latter test screened last night.

"Just left an advanced screening of Gangster Squad! Another badass movie starring the City of Angels!Ryan Gosling & a machine gun!YES!"

"Omg! Gangster Squad is one of the best movies I've ever seen! Holy crap! Amazing acting. Robert Patrick kicked ass!!!!"

"Just saw Gangster Squad & all I'm allowed to say is it was awesome! (@ Mann Glendale Marketplace 4 Theatres)"

"just got home from watching a screening of the gangster squad. it was pretty great."

"Wow film aesthetics class made me look for all the elements of film for the private screening today. Gangster Squad is gonna be a great film"

I was honestly underwhelmed by the film.

In short, it's a very, very stylized film and its aesthetics reminded me of Sin City and Watchmen. The film uses a lot of slow motion, a lot of which takes away from the film, in my opinion. It's very action-packed and the first half hour is excessive violence. In short, it's style over substance, in my opinion.

I was worried that the film would be out of the range of the director based on his previous works, and that belief was reaffirmed in the first act of the film. This isn't a conventional, atmospheric and stylish LA noir. It's only stylish in the sense that there's a lot of slow motion and constant, jarring flashbacks, but it's not what I expected from a drama piece that in the 1940s.

The film is also more comedic than I expected, and the comedic undertones take away from the film itself. The audience was cheering and clapping all the time, and it's the kind of film that is definitely entertaining but nothing special. It's very straightforward, very predictable, and obviously an enjoyable experience, but I really expected something serious like LA Confidential. This isn't that kind of film -- even people around me and with me that enjoyed the film said this was more like Sin City and Watchmen because of it's excessive slow motion.

I don't want to bash the film. This obviously didn't work for me, because I expected something a little more serious, but this was way too stylized and in some ways, a film that didn't take itself seriously.

The characters are also caricatures, really nothing special. Sean Penn, however, was great, and even though he was playing a caricature himself, he was very enjoyable as a mobster. There were several lines that reminded me of the brashness of some great screen gangsters. I love Ryan Gosling - Drive is my kind of film so maybe that's some indication why this was a little excessive for me - but even his character felt like an extension from his previous performance in Drive. Their characters were the only ones that stood out for me. The film revolves around Josh Brolin's character, so he and Sean Penn are the leads. Ryan Gosling is given significant weight too, so he's up there as well. The others are part of Josh Brolin's assembled "Gangster Squad."

The film looked complete for the most part, although there were some CGI things that needed fixing. It's also funny because as a temp track they used music from Inception and The Dark Knight, which obviously will be taken out as the film gets scored, but that was interesting in and of itself.
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