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2011 Game of the Year Media Picks Thread


May 20, 2009
Opinions and all. I loved Asylum and thought City was crap. Didn't even bother playing half of it before selling it off.

The gameplay has only been improved from AA so to love it and find AC crap is bizarre.


May 25, 2007
Yeah AC is a step up from Arkham Asylum it simply beats it by letting me glide round the city something that was in very short supply in AA.

And it's just as focused as the first game just on a grander scale.


Dec 5, 2008
The gameplay has only been improved from AA so to love it and find AC crap is bizarre.

In your opinion.

Did you listen to the last day of the Bombcast GOTY podcast? Brad pretty much summed up how I feel about AC.

I didn't enjoy the traversal (same reason I dropped Red Dead prematurely and loved the shit out of Just Cause 2, makes all the difference in an open world game for me).

I'll say it again, it was too open for its own good. Other games are more open (and better for it) and yet other games are more linear (and again better for it). I don't see how people can say that this game being more open makes it objectively better (because I don't think it does).

There are other small niggling complaints I have which I didn't have with AA but to be honest it might also be the fact that I played AC in, what was it, 2009 and AC in 2011. My game history had increased a whole bunch in the interim and that experience may have made me more critical/less forgiving of the things I didn't like about AC.

Crap was an exaggeration on my part, more an expression of my feelings towards the game. I realize it's a high quality game with heaps of stuff going for it. I just couldn't find the fun in it.


Jun 7, 2004
Did any Media outlet that didn't pick Skyrim come out and say that Skyrim would have been their GOTY if not for the PS3 issues?

Not that I think the PS3 issues should come in to play if they played the 360 or PC versions (I know this goes against the vocal minority on GAF), but I would like to know if Skyrim could have gotten even more picks than it already has...


Mar 10, 2011
Shocked at the lack of Deus Ex accolades...then again this was a pretty packed year.

Thanks for keeping the OP updated, Cheesemeister.

Thinking the same thing. Like you said, it was a pretty packed year.

Just surprised that only 2 have given it GOTY so far.