$130m Loss Expected for Epic Games Store Exclusives in First Wave

Ahem. Why not just ignore, why ppl are up in arms? Care to elaborate?
Well why are people up in arms about anything?
People are up in arms about things that don't even impact them because they're happening half a world away, just because they need a cause to be up in arms about.

Here you have a major hobby, a pleasant pastime, a source of fun and socialization (and other things) - i.e. gaming - that plays a significant part in the life of many people, and you have something that disrupts it, presents various barriers to enjoying different games, makes things less convenient. People can be up in arms even without a good reason, about things that don't even concern them, and this is a matter much closer to home for them, that directly impacts them, so the response is much stronger.
Isn't a 130 million loss for Epic the loss of revenue for 2 hours of one of their new skins going up followed by 22 more hours of straight profit?
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