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Zeta Oni
(10-02-2017, 05:00 PM)
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(Credit to GAF member Screaming Meat for the OT title)
(Credit to GAF member dragonzdogma for the updated "Time","World", "Story", "Pawns", & "Vocations" graphics)

Genre: Action-Role Playing Game
Platform: PS4, Xbox One
Release Date: October 3rd, 2017
Developer: Capcom
Director: Hideaki Itsuno (Rival Schools: United by Fate, Devil May Cry 3/4/4SE, Powerstone 2 and more) Twitter
Publisher: Capcom
Price: $29.99
Size: 19.2 GB
Store Links: PSN | Xbox
(Digitally preordering on PS4 includes DRAGON'S DOGMA: DARK ARISEN DYNAMIC THEME)

Differences from previous console release:
Full 1080p resolution (Including PS4 Pro support), also the removal of the black bars featured in the original
• Improved textures, draw distance, and a stable framerate (30fps)
• Includes all previous DLC, as well as the addition of nine new achievements/trophies
• Also adds changes from the PC release, mainly in that arriving in Gran Soren will unlock the following: An Eternal Ferrystone, Set of Fop’s Trek Wear, Voldoan Armor, Priest Vestments, Lady’s Trek Wear, Queen’s Clothing, and Nun Vestments.

A mighty Dragon rips the heart out of a villager during an attack on a coastal fishing village. Mysteriously, this poor soul survives the encounter and despite being left heartless, is alive. Upon awakening it is revealed you are the prophesized “Arisen”, hero to the people of the fantasy filled land of Gransys. Now, embark on your own adventure along with three loyal companions, exploring an unfamiliar world and fighting all manner of fabled beast and foe, all in a quest to return what’s rightfully yours.

• The world of Gransys is filled with dangerous enemies, but also home to a lively cast of characters for you to interact with as the Arisen. You will quickly find yourselves dealing with the local merchants for elixirs, upgrading your armor and weapons with the local blacksmiths, or taking up missions bodyguarding people who wish to cross the dangerous open world. Different NPC’s will respond to your behavior towards them, so it’s important to nurture those connections when present, if desired.

• As you explore the world around you, you will find many treasures, weapons, armors, materials and all sorts of things to pick up and save. Even the most basic item could have a use as an ingredient, or can be combined to make something completely new, or could be used to upgrade a weapon, etc... Since this encourages a lot of scavenging, keeping an eye on your weight will become vital. Pick up too much, and you’ll move like a block of concrete is strapped to both of your legs. Note that each member of your party has a fully accessible inventory as well for you to take advantage of, just be wary of giving important things to temporary guests. Deposit your acquired goods at your storage available at every inn often, as you will also find some of the heaviest materials falling from the corpses of your enemies, and there will be a lot of those.

• And on the subject of corpses, combat takes place in real time and at a brutally fast-pace, and finds you mixing up between a variety of basic attacks and powerful skills specific to each of the games vocations to dispatch a wide variety of enemies. Certain classes have access to powerful Magick skills capable of destroying battlefields or saving lives, and I could spend paragraphs on this subject alone, but what it boils down to is that DD is RPG combat done right, and magic users are no exception here. Players will also often find themselves against foes much larger, and to aid in this endeavor, DD provides players with the ability to mount (or simply pick up in the case of smaller) enemies at the press of a button, scale to any position, and attack, with several skills devoted to this mechanic for those wishing to make the most of it. That said not all enemies are humongous, yet will still be more than capable of killing your entire party. Overall, it’s incredibly important to stay stocked up on various curatives (or have/be a mage) as enemies hit hard, hit often, and don’t mind using deadly attacks to dispatch you quickly.

• Passing time in Dragon’s Dogma has consequences. Some quests have limited windows in which they can be obtained/completed, some involve finding characters who move around throughout the open world (NPC’s in Dragon’s Dogma have their own schedules, they wake up, go to work, and often travel from location to location either for story/quest purposes or because that’s what they do, like traveling merchants), some require you to be at specific places during specific times, and some items have altered properties as they change from age. To help with passing time inns, or in some cases campsites are conveniently located and cheap to use, passing 12 in-game hours, saving, and fully restoring your party every time you rest.

• Shortly after starting, you will gain the ability to summon “Pawns”, a group of mysterious and souless beings that can be pulled from an alternate dimension called the “rift” (including from your friend’s worlds!) to serve and assist with whatever obstacles that may face the Arisen. You will be able to fully customize a single pawn, known as your “main pawn”, to your liking, choosing their appearance, their gear, their classes, and most importantly: their behavior. An often-overlooked part of pawn creation, your pawns inclination determines their A.I.’s behavior in combat. When creating your pawn, you will be asked to answer questions based on how you would like them to respond in each situation, and these answers determine your pawns specific actions when fighting enemies. The available pool of actions the A.I. can pull from in a given situation is also determined by their experience with the specific enemy your fighting. The game admittedly does a very poor job of explaining what these questions and really this mechanic in general means, so I’ve linked a page here (http://dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Inclination) to explain it in much more detail for those interested.

• Vocations are the class system in Dragons Dogma, providing nine unique playstyles separated into three categories: Basic, Advanced, and Hybrid. Basic vocations will be available upon creating your character, while Advanced and Hybrid vocations will become available after reaching Gran Soren, the games major city area. While playing as one of these classes, it’s important to distinguish between the different leveling mechanics at play. You need to level your character to increase your core stats (Health, Stamina, Strength, Magick, Defense, & Magick Defense), meanwhile you level your Vocation to access new moves for that Vocation. Purchasing these moves cost discipline points, or DP for short, and that is gained by defeating enemies. That said, what vocation your using determines the rate your core stats grow when you do level your character. For example, leveling up while playing a Warrior results in more of an increase in HP, Stamina, and Defense, while playing as a Mage puts more weight towards your Magick and Magick Defense.


Equipped with a sword and shield, Fighters offer a good balance of offense and defense and serve on the party’s front lines.

Primary Weapon: One handed Sword
Secondary Weapon: Shield
Defense: Fighters offer a variety of defensive abilities that allow them to serve as a veritable “tank” for the party, allowing ranged and offensive classes to deal damage from further away.
Offense: Fighters possess a variety of deadly sword skills ranging from dashing attacks that allow fighters to quickly close the gap on an enemy to skills that allow them to skewer enemies safely behind their shields.
Combat Utility: Fighters can launch characters into the air to grab flying enemies with their Shield Toss skill, making them invaluable allies when fighting winged enemies.


Wielding dual daggers and a shortbow, Striders deal damage with quick speed and deadly accuracy. Striders also have trap abilities and trick arrows that allow them to confuse and disorient enemies.

Primary Weapon: Daggers
Secondary Weapon: Bow
Quick Damage: Striders serve as fast damage dealers, quickly moving around the battlefield with speed and agility and striking at enemies with their dual daggers.
Range: Thanks to their many bow skills, Striders are able to rain down arrows on enemies from long distances and can shoot down airborne enemies with ease.
Acrobatics: The Strider class is able to grapple and climb large enemies longer than any other class, allowing them to freely strike at an enemy’s weakest areas


Masters of elemental magicks, Mages rain down fire on their enemies while keeping their party alive with their restorative magickal abilities.

Primary Weapon: Staff
Offensive Magick: Mages possess deadly magickal abilities allowing them to control the elements. From walls of fire to deadly ice storms, mages are truly a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.
Healing: In addition to their offensive abilities, mages possess healing magicks, allowing them to heal their party’s wounds and cure debilitations.
Enchanting: Mages can use their mastery of elemental magicks to enchant their companions’ weapons, allowing the party to exploit the elemental weaknesses of enemies.


Favoring brute force over subtlety, Warriors charge into combat head on. Equipped with massive two-handed weapons, Warriors fearlessly take on all foes, crushing enemies with incredible power and soaking up damage on the front lines so their ranged party members can punish enemies from afar.

Primary Weapon: Two Handed Weapons
Frontline Offense: Warriors are a force to be reckoned with on the frontlines of any battle and can deal out massive damage to enemies.
Impressive Reach: With their huge two-handed weapons, Warriors are capable of dealing devastating damage to multiple enemies with a single strike.
Staunch Defense: No one takes stands up to enemy punishment like a Warrior. With their heavy armor, Warriors are able to stand up to all but the deadliest attacks without being knocked down.


No class is deadlier from afar than the Ranger. Equipped with a massive longbow, Rangers deliver punishing arrows from a distance, taking out enemies before they’re able to come near. And thanks to their dual daggers, Rangers also make capable opponents up close.

Primary Weapon: Daggers
Secondary Weapon: Longbow
Longbow Expert Marksman: Rangers are the only class able to equip longbows, which allows them to do massive amounts of damage from safe distances.
Debilitating Arrows: Rangers possess a number of trick arrows that allow them to stun or pin down enemies from afar.
Capable Melee: Rangers also make for tough opponents up close as they also possess a number of dagger skills as well.


Schooled in the arcane arts, Sorcerers deploy the deadliest of magicks in battle. From meteor showers, massive ice spikes, and deadly necromancy, Sorcerers are truly an awesome force to behold and should never be underestimated.

Primary Weapon: Archistaves
Devastating Magicks: No other class is capable of harnessing the near cosmic magickal forces that Sorcerers wield.
Powerful Enchantments: A Sorcerer’s enchanting magicks can turn the tide of any battle, powering up companions weapons with deadly magickal effects.
Crippling Debilitations: Sorcerers poses a variety of debilitating magicks, ranging from petrifying enemies, summoning noxious miasmas, or blinding enemies, making Sorcerers invaluable companions.


A shadowy master of covert attacks, the assassin wields all manner of weapons to get the job done. From a near-surgical level of precision with bladed weapons, to a mastery of explosives and poisons, Assassins are truly an enemy to fear.

Primary Weapon: Sword/Daggers
Secondary Weapon: Shield/Bow
Weapon Masters: Assassins have access to a plethora of deadly weapons, making them a deadly jack of all trades.
Deadly Toolkit: Wielding paralyzing toxins, deadly poisons, and devastating explosives, Assassins use all the tricks of their trade to eliminate their enemies.
Silent Killer: Masters of stealth, Assassins utilize their shadowy abilities to move in to place and silently take their enemies out.

Magick Archer

Equipped with magick bows, the Magick Archer is a class that weaves sorcery into every shot from their bow, ensuring that they always hit their mark. Magick Archers also blend sorcery into their daggers as well, making them a deadly class up close or from afar.

Primary Weapon: Daggers/Staff
Secondary Weapon: Magick Bow
Magick Arrows: Magick Archers have fused magick into their very bows, allowing them to fire magickal arrows without the need of a quiver.
Seeking Shots: The enchanted arrows Magick Archers fire are capable of tracking enemies and moving through the air, following their targets no matter where they run.
Mystical Daggers: Magick Archers are able to weave their sorcery into their daggers, allowing for spectacular magickal attacks that destroy their enemies.

Mystic Knight

Masters of sword and sorcery, the Mystic Knight deals devastating damage to foes on the battlefield with their enchanted weapons, while also defending against the most ferocious attacks with their magickal shields.

Primary Weapon: Sword/Mace
Secondary Weapon: Magick Shield
Battle Magick: Mystic Knights are able to cast powerful magicks while wearing heavy armor and wielding maces or swords.
Stalwart Defense: Mystic Knights carry large, magickal shields with them in combat, allowing them to defend against all but the most punishing attacks. The shields can also be imbued with magickal energy, providing a deadly surprise for any enemy that dare attack.
Deadly Enchantments: The Mystic Knight is the only magickal character capable of enchanting the entire party’s weapons at once, making them invaluable support characters.

Aw, why not 60FPS?
No idea. That said, it’s a rather substantial upgrade for those coming from the previous console release, which was quite bad.

What about Pro support?
Yes, but at this point in time what exactly that is still up in the air. Regardless, the screenshots below (courtesy of GAF member Nemisis0) were captured on PS4 Pro while in the games photo mode and show a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

Is there a PC version available?
Yes, available on both Steam and GOG.

What is “Dark Arisen”?
The original game, simply titled Dragon’s Dogma, received an expansion after release that reworked some of the more negative aspects of the original and added in a heap of additional content, mainly including the dark and difficult Bitterblack Isle. That version of the game received the subtitle “Dark Arisen”, was released as a separate product containing the original game, and is the version of the game both the PC port and this port are based off (with some minor adjustments).

Have they added in any of the content that was removed from the original release?
No, both the Berserk manga inspired armor sets as well as the original song used for the opening menu “Into Free” are still unavailable, unfortunately.


PS4 / XB1 Trailer
30 Second Spot
Comparison Video #1
Comparison Video #2
Comparison Video #3

Last edited by Zeta Oni; 10-03-2017 at 11:54 PM. Reason: updated graphics/art
Zeta Oni
(10-02-2017, 05:01 PM)
Zeta Oni's Avatar
GAF Pawn Sharing

As previously mentioned, Pawns are a vital part of Dragons Dogma, and sharing them is yet another feature to look forward to. While you still get to create your Main Pawn, up to two additional pawns can be hired to accompany you in your journey as well. You can find pawns wandering the world of Gransys, resting in the city of Gran Soren, or pull them directly from the alternate dimension known as the ďRiftĒ. Pawns accept a special currency called RC in order to hire them, and the bigger difference in level between you and the pawns you hire, the more RC it costs (to prevent you from simply hiring high level pawns and breezing through the game). When in the rift, you can look up specific pawns friends have made, sort by the most popular, vocations, or skills, or even just grab some random ones and get back to fighting. Just a heads up, XP is affected by the level your parties pawns are at as well:

Originally Posted by Optimus Prime

Just a word of warning on hiring pawns (if it hasn't
changed since last gen):

If you hire a pawn that is higher than you, you will gain less xp. Every level higher than you is 1% less xp, capped at 25%. Conversely, if you hire a pawn lower than you, you will gain more xp (up to 25% more). You also gain more xp the less pawns you have in your party (25% more per slot--it's equivalent to having a pawn at least 25 levels below you).

Source: http://dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Experience_Points

On PS3, I hired a friend's high-level pawn because it was free. Though it was a basic warrior tank, it was level 75. I ended up using the pawn throughout most of the game and finished around level 50 or so. Found out later about the xp thing with pawn hires, and that most people are much higher level when they finished. I had some great weapons and armor by the time I finished the game, but when I went into Bitterblack Isle, I couldn't get very far.

I guess the only good thing was my mage pawn was really good for being level 50. Made her a good hire for players around that level, and I got a good amount of rift crystals from that.


Originally Posted by Laughing Banana

Gahh I forget that in order to update our pawn in the rift it is required for us to actually sleep at an inn during online mode.

I didn't see this mentioned in the OP, I think the OP should mention this in the pawn sharing post.

With all that out the way, the purpose of this post is to provide a place where GAF members interested in sharing their pawns with others can leave their information so their pawn can be found easily. Itís worth pointing out that previously, players on your friends list could ignore the RC cost and hire a friendís pawn for free. If this is still the case than for those interested, feel free to include your PSN ID or Gamertag with the Pawn information so people can friend request (Xbox Live Gold and PS+ is NOT required to use this feature)

So, id like to try the format below:

PSN ID/XBL Gamertag
Platform (PS4/XB1)
Pawn Name
Pawn Level
Pawn Vocation

Addition details (some equipped skills, maybe a picture if youíre feeling stylish, etc.)

An example (keep in mind I have yet to start the game, so all of this info is for example purposes only) :

PSN ID: Alpha-Lupi
Pawn name: Oni
Pawn level: 35
Pawn vocation: Fighter
Additional details: Using Hindsight Slash/Dragon's Maw/Sheltered Assault, Likes to mount often, etc.

Just throw that in a post here in the OT after youíve created your main pawn, and ill take the information and move it to this post for easy access for those interested. Be sure to favorite the pawns you use, and I look forward to traveling with some of your creations GAF!

Edit: Also want to mention this will be a live post rather than something set in stone, meaning feel free to update this information for the thread as you progress through the game. Odds are your pawns wont be looking or fighting quite the same way as you spend more time in game.

PlayStation 4

PSN ID: Darcion
Pawn name: Solaria
Pawn level: 20
Pawn vocation: Mage
Additional Details: Specialization in healing, buffs, damage

PSN ID: grewitch
Pawn name: Melek
Pawn level: 11
Pawn vocation: Warrior
Additional details: Using Escape Slash / Pommel Strike


Pawn name: Kyaro (designed after my wife)
Pawn level: 31 at the moment
Pawn vocation: Mage
Additonal Details: Inclination- Utilitarian (Primary), Medicant (Secondary), Challenger (Tertiary)


PSN ID: velmenni
Pawn name: Syzygy
Pawn level: 200
Pawn vocation: Mage
Additional details: Most likely 'support' Mage, or whatever I need (on my other account/s). Skills may vary, gear is work in progress. Loves Large Mushrooms. Please mention "GAF" or similar in your request. RANDOM friend requests will be ignored. Also, EU timezone so requests may not be processed during sleeping hours. Also, Platinum get.

PSN ID: Wretched_Walrus
Pawn name: Abby
Pawn level: 66-70
Pawn vocation: Sorcerer
Addition details: Decked out in BB1 lvl. 1 gear now. Used to be a strider, so she has very decent health, defense and stamina. The change in class seems to bring me a lot less RC now, could use some hires. Utalitarian, Challenger.


PSN ID: wquinn
Pawn name: Brienne (Gwen)
Pawn level: 16
Pawn vocation: Warrior (5 marks)
Addition details: Heroic disposition

Brienne (Gwen)

Pawn name: Briza
Pawn level:
Pawn Vocation: Mage

PSN ID: Pablo_Klutch
Pawn name: Kenvara
Pawn level: About lvl 30
Pawn vocation: Sorcerer
Additional details: Female

PSN ID: NoirSombra
Pawn name: Gau
Pawn level: About LVL 8
Pawn vocation: Fighter
Additional details: Male, My pawn is a 13-14 year old, Viking Warrior looking kid. He's real scrappy. Give him a try.

PSN ID: Caja117
Pawn name: Casca
Pawn level: 6
Pawn vocation: warrior
Additional details: Will maybe end up as a mage not sure right now.

PSN ID: KylieDog
Pawn name: Rayne
Pawn level: 65-70ish.
Pawn vocation: Strider
Additional details: If send a friend request mention GAF please, blank ones get rejected.


PSN ID: frank_silva
Pawn name: Gwen
Pawn level: around 45
Pawn vocation: Sorceress
Addition details: Inclinations: Scather/Utilitarian
will rent gaf pawns, gift and rate accordingly
i'm also trying to acquire bbi gear

PSN ID: ike7779
Pawn name: Peep
Pawn level: 38
Pawn vocation: Sorceress
Additional details: She's pretty jacked for level 38, 2 third tier elemental buffs already thanks to some lucky drops in Bitterblack.


PSN ID: Achire
Pawn name: Freia
Pawn level: 48
Pawn vocation: Strider
Additional details: Friendly strider with a cool cloak. Loves dungeon crawling in Bitterblack Isle. Extensive beastiary and quest knowledge, dragonforged BBI gear and high-end skills (Brain Splitter, Hailstorm Volley). Currently #1 ranked Strider on PS4. Please add GAF to your friend requests. I have sent requests to everyone in the OP.

PSN ID: ZA_Edge_
Pawn name: Mitsu
Pawn level: 14
Pawn vocation: Mage
Additional details: Female, pretty strong for that level, redhead, kicks ass


PSN ID: Agacerie
Pawn name: Sofiane
Pawn level: 90
Pawn vocation: LV. 9 Ranger
Additional details: My girlfriend is jumping back in to Dragon's Dogma (after spending an unreasonable amount of time with the original version) and would like if people could take her new pawn along to gain quest knowledge. She tried to make him svelte and handsome, for anyone who'd like male pawns that aren't towering, chunky pack mules. She'd be happy to take other people's pawns along (and she is thorough in her questing, so they'll likely make gains of their own), so just let me know if you add her and she'll add you back (GAF user WiiredShawn). Thanks!


PSN ID: humbleboy13
Pawn name: Arys
Pawn level: 102
Pawn vocation: Ranger
Additional details: Challenger/ Mitigator;Full Shadow set Gold-Normal rarified; Framae Blades Silver rarified, Revenant Wail Gold rarified. I'm going to keep her at this level for a bit, so rent her if you're around this level. I really would like beastiary knowledge for BBI

If you're going to add me, please tell me your GAF name.

PSN ID: Sion413
Pawn name: Lady
Pawn level: 14
Pawn vocation: Fighter

PSN ID: LaughingBanana
Pawn name: Celestia (Female)
Pawn level: 13
Pawn vocation: Currently Fighter, wanting to get Sinew before switching.
Addition details: Equipped with Burst Strike + Shield Drum for Active, Vigilance + Bastion + Awareness for Augments. Also, not using that Queen dress thing, too gaudy, lol XD


PSN ID: GradonPrower
Pawn name: Daniel
Pawn level: 13
Pawn vocation: Fighter (for the time being, will probably make a warrior)
Addition details: based on boyfriend, please mention GAF when adding :) (just so I know)
Flesh Skewer / broad cut / tusk toss
Shield drum / Shield storm

PSN ID: dmagicguess
Pawn name: Artemisia
Pawn level: 13
Pawn vocation: Fighter (will be Warrior very soon)
Additional Details: Blitz Strike + Flesh Skewer for sword, Shield Summons + Sheltered Spike for shield, dire onslaught, and Bastion

PSN ID: Optimus_Prime
Pawn name: Elsa
Pawn level: 39
Pawn vocation: Strider
Additional details: Elsa will eventually be a sorcerer, but she's a strider for now. When you add me, please do mention Gaf or Dragon's Dogma. Thanks!
Offense: Strength - Primary 319 (Scalding Razors), Secondary 368 (Pleached Limbs) Defense: 365, Magick 347
Skills: Primary - Hundred Kisses, Skull Splitter, Shearing Wind; Secondary - Fivefold Flurry, Downpour Volley, Fracture Dart
Augments: Sinew, Bastion, Eminence, Arm-Strength, Dexterity, Awareness
Inclination: Utilitarian, Scather, Challenger

PSN ID: Audioboxer
Pawn name: Yuria
Pawn level: 21~23 (can't remember 100% from when I logged out last night lol)
Pawn vocation: Sorcerer (has mage rank maxed out, so 10% damage buff)
Additional details: Has armour and weapons from Bitterblack Isle (Adept's gear and Plucked Heart). Feel free to friend request.


PSN ID: ocelot14gr
Pawn name: Legolas
Pawn level: 21
Pawn vocation: Mage

PSN ID: rejam
Pawn name: Mr Nix
Pawn level: 46
Pawn vocation: Strider currently (intending to be a warrior).

PSN ID: Rojo-_-
Pawn name: Sky
Pawn level: 31
Pawn vocation: warrior
Additional details: Pretty strong due to getting lucky with a bbi wounded heart weapon drop

PSN ID: Dua1-Blade-
Pawn name: Jade (Sara)
Pawn level: 4
Pawn vocation: Mage
Additional details: Female. Pretty much just created her. I am going for a good support Mage with some attacking spells to aid my Strider build.

PSN ID: Dashl-
Pawn name: Lily
Pawn leve:l 59
Pawn vocation: Ranger (Rank 9)
Additional details: Put GAF or pawn in the request please.

PSN ID: AStiffBreeze
Pawn name: Anwyn
Pawn level: 39
Pawn vocation: Mage (currently a Sorcerer, will be back to Mage shortly)
Additional details: Utilitarian/Challenger. Set up for buffs and healing (i.e. support mage), but enjoys frying bad guys as well.


PSN ID: quote to see
Pawn name: Tavish
Pawn level: 26
Pawn vocation: Fighter
Addition details: if you add me, just put Dragon's Dogma or NeoGAF in the message.


PSN ID: schemingmeat
Pawn name: Dante
Pawn level: 10
Pawn vocation: Mage (subject to change)
Additional Details: Currently specialises in healing and elemental buffs (Mention GAF in the request)

Pawn name: Bianca
Pawn level: 20
Pawn vocation: Mage
Additional details: For now its mostly support, healing and buff.

PSN ID: leadmonkey123
Pawn name: Cassandra
Pawn level: 15
Pawn vocation: Fighter
Additional details: Gets right into wasting fools!
Inclinations: Scather/Mitigator

PSN ID: leehom
Pawn name: Baby Girl
Pawn level: 31
Pawn vocation: Warrior (temp), Fighter by tonight or tomorrow.
Additional details: Sinew, Bastion, and Apotropaism equipped. Will switch back to fighter (voc maxed out) after maxing out warrior vocation (current rank 6).

PSN ID: blackjaw
Pawn name: Rei
Pawn level: 20
Pawn vocation: Mage lvl 6
Addition details: Mitigator, Medicant - enjoys long walks, getting lost and goblins

PSN ID: Shishinden
Pawn name: Yukiko / Yuki
Pawn level: 48
Pawn vocation: Fighter (9) atm or Ranger (10)
Additional Details: Sinew, strength & defense augments. Scather / Challenger.

Yukiko / Yuki
Here she is with Gaf Athena.

PSN: SolemnSilver
Pawn name: Anise
Pawn level: 35
Pawn vocation: Mage (Level 8)
Additional details: Blind in one eye, tailored for offense, glass cannon. High Fire, High Ice, High Lightning, healing, fire enchantment.

PSN ID: LegacyBroken
Pawn name: Tali Aeryn
Pawn level: 6
Pawn vocation: Warrior

Pawn name : BoF Ryu
Pawn level: 27
Pawn vocation: Fighter
Additional details: (Scather/Acquisitor)

Pawn name: Bahari
Pawn level: 16-17
Pawn vocation: Sorcerer
Additional details: Inclinations- Scather (I think)

PSN ID: Flunkie44
Pawn name: Valkyrie
Pawn level: 17
Pawn vocation: Mage
Additional details: Utilitarian, Aquisitor

PSN ID: tiebreaker110
Pawn name: Peter
Pawn level: around lv 25
Pawn vocation: Strider -> will change to ranger after maxing strider

PSN ID: jetoaster
Pawn name: Kyoko
Pawn level: 37
Pawn vocation: Sorcerer (Rank 9)


PSN ID: Musiol
Pawn name: Bluszcz
Pawn level: 68
Pawn vocation: Warrior
Additional details: He's tall and weight more, so he's good for beign ox cart ;) If someone send me friend request, add info about NeoGAF or just Dragon's Dogma, because I don't accept request without any info.


PSN ID: Akuma_818
Pawn name: Isabel
Pawn level: 160
Pawn vocation: Ranger
Addition details: Currently leveling, will eventually be a Strider. Doing regular quests for knowledge/trophies right now. Please take my pawn along for bestiary/geography knowledge.
To those that have taken my pawn out questing, let me know if you need any specific item that can be bought with gold and/or mailed. Since I really appreciate bestiary/geography knowledge, I want to reward those who have helped me out, thanks :-)

Pawn name: Mia
Pawn Level: 90
Pawn Vocation: Sorceress
Addition details:
- Currently ~2400 magic
- Utilitarian/Challenger/Mitigator
- Grand Bolide/Grand Gicel/Grand Fulmination/Grand Seism

PSN ID: LuckyDoobage
Pawn name: Aya
Pawn level: 48
Pawn vocation: Mage
Additional details: healer/ enchanter

PSN ID: Glastriel
Pawn name: Athena
Pawn level: 50 ish
Panw vocation: Mage
Additional details: Specialization- cannot die, healing, buffs, curing. Dragon forged cape!

PSN ID: StaffyManasse
Pawn name: Nefer
Pawn level: 22
Pawn vocation: Ranger
Additional details: She's a challenger with some crowd control skills

PSN ID: Meansary
Pawn name: Merlene
Pawn level: 71
Pawn vocation: Sorcerer
Additional details: I tend to keep her as Utilitarian/Challenger with potions.
High Miasma/High Voidspell/High Fulmination/High Bolide/High Gicel/High Comestion

Added screenshot to prove she's not wearing that dumb princess outfit


PSN ID: twothumbedfist
Pawn name: Aoife
Pawn level: 92
Pawn vocation: Ranger
Additional details: Inclinations Pioneer, Acquisitor

She's 182cm so she's a big girl and she likes to loot. I know that's pretty much the marmite of pawn builds so thought it was worth mentioning. She hits pretty hard though and has a habit of using blast arrows on bosses if she has access to them :p

PSN ID: deathgodgrimmjow
Pawn name: Morgana
Pawn level: 101
Pawn vocation: Strider

PSN ID: NeoFoxTrot
Pawn name: Isabel
Pawn level: 21
Pawn vocation - Mage
Additional details: Pawn Sex - ♀ Pawn Inclination - Utilitarian

Pawn name: Ellie
Pawn level: 51
Pawn vocation: Sorcerer
Additional details: Pawn Inclination - Challenger/Utilitarian

Xbox One

Gamertag: BigOilersFan
Pawn name: Malar Aetak
Pawn level: not sure, just started
Pawn vocation: Mage
Additional details: Loves his lightning and fireballs

Gamertag: Tarahiro
Pawn Name: Leon
Pawn Level: 13
Pawn Vocation: Fighter
Addition details: likes to distract and grab. Started playing this morning so will be levelling him regularly.

Gamertag: Xaero Gravity
Pawn name: Bill Murray
Pawn level: Can't remember right now
Pawn vocation: Mage

Gamertag: Zeta Ori
Pawn name: Ori
Pawn level: 28
Pawn vocation: Warrior
Additional details: Aggressive, skills not finalized


Gamertag: Meal Machine
Pawn name: Jet Jaguar
Pawn level: 8 (just started last night!)
Pawn vocation: Fighter

Gamertag TheBlack12elve
Pawn name: Lyn-Silva
Pawn level: 23(as of this post)
Pawn vocation: Mage
Additional details: Support/Healer. Raising points to add party defense buff shortly. Currently equipped with only one attack spell- High Brontide
High Anodyne/Halidom
Elemental buffs: all
Ethereal buffs: none

Gamertag: DeeDubs
Pawn name: Dante
Pawn level: 10
Pawn vocation: Balanced Strider/Mage (at level cap)
Addition details: Build- Fighter 1-25, Warrior 26-50, Ranger 51-100, Sorcerer 101-200

Gamertag: Witch Hunter
Pawn name: Penny
Pawn level: 7
Pawn vocation: Mage
Additional Details: Loves to torment other pawns by playing strategic mind games with them. Hates that wolves hunt in packs. Would prefer them to be single :3
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(10-02-2017, 05:01 PM)
psychotron's Avatar
Great OT! Can't wait to try this.
(10-02-2017, 05:01 PM)
Jake2by4's Avatar
Nice OT👍.
Morrigan Stark
Arrogant Smirk
(10-02-2017, 05:01 PM)
Morrigan Stark's Avatar
Excellent OT title ;)
(10-02-2017, 05:03 PM)
WheelHoss1's Avatar
Nice OT

Prepare to get wrecked in the dark of the night.

Also Souls fans -- jump in!
Last edited by WheelHoss1; 10-02-2017 at 05:05 PM.
(10-02-2017, 05:04 PM)
Neptonic's Avatar
Wonderful OP! While itís a shame they couldnít get the ports to 60fps, everyone should really give this game a try. Action RPG combat perfection.
(10-02-2017, 05:05 PM)
Hag's Avatar
Is there any broken stuff or best class in the game?
(10-02-2017, 05:06 PM)
Exentryk's Avatar
Great OT! Including gifs is a wonderful idea.
(10-02-2017, 05:07 PM)
Erv's Avatar
Loved this game on 360. Might have to get it.I never beat it
(10-02-2017, 05:07 PM)
ike_'s Avatar
Nice OT. Can't wait. Third time through and another 100+ hours of my life gone.
(10-02-2017, 05:07 PM)
Rymuth's Avatar
I'm glad the superior title got chosen.
Junior Member
(10-02-2017, 05:08 PM)
SRV's Avatar
Awesome OT, enjoying my time back even though I'm only a few hours in.
Junior Member
(10-02-2017, 05:10 PM)
Bubble's Avatar
Time to see what this game is all about. People on here (and other places too) can't stop praising the combat, so I need to see it with my own eyes.
(10-02-2017, 05:11 PM)
ASilentProtagonist's Avatar
Clean OT! Loving the gifs

(10-02-2017, 05:12 PM)
dawgparty's Avatar
I'm obsessed with rewarding magic systems in games and I've heard this is the place to be for that. Stoked.
Zeta Oni
(10-02-2017, 05:12 PM)
Zeta Oni's Avatar

Originally Posted by Hag

Is there any broken stuff or best class in the game?

I wouldn't call it broken, but Magick Archer is the best vocation for almost every situation.

There will be times your physical attacks wont effect enemies, Magick Archer doesn't have that problem.

There will be times you have to fight an enemy at a range your vocation is bad at, Magick Archer doesn't have that problem.

There will be times you need a mage or a stockpile of curatives to keep yourself alive, Magick Archer still manages to be able to avoid even that problem.
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(10-02-2017, 05:12 PM)
Marcel's Avatar
Mage will be more viable to play in this version of the game as your FPS won't drop to 5 when casting a huge spell.
Skyline Owl
Junior Member
(10-02-2017, 05:13 PM)
Skyline Owl's Avatar
Eh, after 600 hours and 5 play-through's on 360, I don't think I have it in me for another.

Anyone trying his out for the first time: Have fun. DD:DA was one of my favorite games last generation.
(10-02-2017, 05:16 PM)
Baalzebup's Avatar
Excellent OT and well chosen OT title :)

I salute all the newly Arisen about to embark on this journey for the first time.
(10-02-2017, 05:16 PM)
Nephtes's Avatar
I got next to nowhere in the original...
So much walking and backtracking and dying, but not in a fun Dark Souls way...but rather the kind where you lose hours of work instead of minutes...

Do I want to give this game another try... Or just wait for Monster Hunter next year?
Capcom USA
(10-02-2017, 05:17 PM)
wbacon's Avatar
FYI, the old ďInflectionĒ bug that was inadvertently introduced in the PS3/X360 SKUs have been fixed in the PS4/XB1 HD versions. Steam version will also get patched later this week.

Feature and content wise, both PS4 and XB1 are same as the outgoing Steam version. That includes the new and expanded Trophy/Achievement set. After all, it was ported by the same talented team who worked on the Steam version. ;-)
Junior Member
(10-02-2017, 05:18 PM)
DantesLink's Avatar
Came for the OT Title, was not disappointed. :)
(10-02-2017, 05:18 PM)
Hag's Avatar

Originally Posted by Zeta Oni

I wouldn't call it broken, but Magick Archer is the best vocation for almost every situation.

There will be times your physical attacks wont effect enemies, Magick Archer doesn't have that problem.

There will be times you have to fight an enemy at a range your vocation is bad at, Magick Archer doesn't have that problem.

There will be times you need a mage or a stockpile of curatives to keep yourself alive, Magick Archer still manages to be able to avoid even that problem.

Thanks for the info =)
Cognitive Dissonance, Distilled
(10-02-2017, 05:18 PM)
140.85's Avatar
Jealous of people getting to experience this for the first time. Enjoy. Now you too will learn that wolves hunt in packs.
(10-02-2017, 05:21 PM)
Triggerhappytel's Avatar
I'm trying to be good but not sure I can resist. I was going to try to finish The Witcher 3 first, but I might just have to take the plunge and order this. I just wish I could import my pawn from the PS3 version.
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(10-02-2017, 05:22 PM)
WITHE1982's Avatar
Nice OT.

Been looking forward to this for weeks. Had to put off starting any new games so I can go full on in DD.

and remember...

(10-02-2017, 05:24 PM)
WheelHoss1's Avatar

Originally Posted by 140.85

Jealous of people getting to experience this for the first time. Enjoy. Now you too will learn that wolves hunt in packs.

Actually according to science you can experience more pleasure when you return to favorite books/movies/games because your brain anticipates pleasure.

Just sayin
(10-02-2017, 05:26 PM)
kubus's Avatar
Beautiful OT and beautifuller title.

I'm getting my copy tomorrow. Never been so excited for a remaster of a game I've already played and had a remaster of before.
(10-02-2017, 05:27 PM)
Luap's Avatar
Great job on the OT, Zeta Oni.

This game is the shit, y'all. So excited for those of you who haven't played it before. Enjoy!
Screaming Meat
(10-02-2017, 05:29 PM)
Screaming Meat's Avatar
Nice OT, OP!

...and great OT title! That's a first for me!
(10-02-2017, 05:29 PM)
xaosslug's Avatar
(10-02-2017, 05:30 PM)
Magnetic_North's Avatar

Originally Posted by Screaming Meat

Nice OT, OP!

...and great OT title! That's a first for me!

Ehhh I helped a little ;)
(10-02-2017, 05:31 PM)
J-Skee's Avatar
To buy or not to buy? I still have to play Nioh, Persona 5 & Nier: Automata.
(10-02-2017, 05:31 PM)
Gator86's Avatar

Originally Posted by Neptonic

Wonderful OP! While itís a shame they couldnít get the ports to 60fps, everyone should really give this game a try. Action RPG combat perfection.

The fact that they couldn't get it to 60fps, on the Pro at least, killed it for me until the end of the fall onslaught or it's a flash sale.
If I doubt a Kotaku rumor, it's probably true
(10-02-2017, 05:32 PM)
sublimit's Avatar
Loving the thread title! My copy shipped today hopefully i will have the game by tomorrow!Can't wait to revisit Gransys!!
Screaming Meat
(10-02-2017, 05:33 PM)
Screaming Meat's Avatar

Originally Posted by Magnetic_North

Ehhh I helped a little ;)

If I doubt a Kotaku rumor, it's probably true
(10-02-2017, 05:34 PM)
sublimit's Avatar

Originally Posted by J-Skee

To buy or not to buy? I still have to play Nioh, Persona 5 & Nier: Automata.

Buy! They are masterworks all can't go wrong!
(10-02-2017, 05:34 PM)
Okey So i might bite

how dos this compare to other titles ?
(10-02-2017, 05:34 PM)
SomTervo's Avatar
I'm good with the PC version but had to pop in and say the thread title is perfect
(10-02-2017, 05:35 PM)
Baroquemantic's Avatar
Awesome OT and title.
(10-02-2017, 05:37 PM)
TheSpoiler's Avatar
Buying this game again. Idgaf
(10-02-2017, 05:37 PM)
Garland7G's Avatar
Pre-loaded and ready to go!
(10-02-2017, 05:38 PM)
pbayne's Avatar
Im really gonna give it a chance this time i swear.
Fair play to capcom, they usually price these type of re-releases pretty well, can get it for £15
(10-02-2017, 05:40 PM)
Jamiaro's Avatar
Will buy. Again. :) Need to make an awesome Pawn.
(10-02-2017, 05:42 PM)
Irishonion's Avatar
Waited forever for a ps4 port, glad it's here. Couldn't play much on ps3.
(10-02-2017, 05:44 PM)
Abdiel's Avatar
This arrived for me on Saturday. Already got to level 20.

Anyone who wants to recruit my pawn:

Platform: Ps4
Class: Mage
Level: 20
Name: Solaria
Specialization: healing, buffs, damage

My psn name is Darcion.

She's great so far.
Junior Member
(10-02-2017, 05:44 PM)
Soulez's Avatar
Nice OT and really looking forward to actually playing this for the first time.
(10-02-2017, 05:45 PM)
Hippopuncher12's Avatar
I never played the PS3 version I got from PS+ in hopes of a PS4 port later. The dream is alive, and I can't wait!
(10-02-2017, 05:46 PM)
GeeTeeCee's Avatar
I might actually pick this up. I never got very far with the PS3 version - I loved the combat, but for me the world never felt as expansive or "alive" as other open world games around the same time, and it eventually got lost in the backlog. I've been itching to give it another chance.

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