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User 479360
(08-05-2016, 10:15 PM)
I've kind of forgotten to take my medicine the last two days, so I'll have to take it again before supper.

My Grandpa went in for tests today, an hour away. I was supposed to drive him up at 6am, but my Uncle said he would because he works in that direction, albeit not terribly close. They were testing his heart to see where blockage(s) are, and were going to put in stints if they could today, letting him stay overnight and have it all done at once.

Unfortunately, the artery is too blocked, so they will need to do a bypass. I hope it'll go well. He's a beloved, very generous and well respected person, who despite being in his 80s, is more active than most. He's still a beekeeper and gardener.

I hate thinking of him as mortal, and hope he'll be okay. He's always seemed immortal. But they're not doing the bypass today.

I was asked to go pick him up around 7pm.

I've lost so much this year, that good news is needed.