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I'm going to figure all of my problems out, even if I can't do it alone. And I'm going to be a much stronger person because of it. I'm going to get my life in order. I'm taking it back. I can sit and mope forever if I wanted to. I can feel sorry for myself for the hand I've been dealt for the rest of my life and doing that will never make me happy. I can admit that I'm afraid of failure so I don't even try. I act like I don't care about this or that but I'm just afraid and it makes me feel worthless and like a failure. I remembered that once upon a time in my life I never gave up so easily and never just sat back and took shit. Life wasn't always a tragedy every single day. I can do this.

I posted this in the old thread and often came back to it so I'm quoting it for myself in this thread. I posted this a couple years ago when I was feeling really low. I've come back to it often when I'm feeling bad and it always seems to help me a little bit. I'm doing so much better now than when I first posted that but I still sometimes have my bad days.