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Originally Posted by PastorOfMuppets

I agree with this. Basically I see the coins like this right now:

Bitcoin - Store of value. It's useless for pretty much anything else until they resolve the blocksize issue.

Ethereum - Man, this one is hard to sum up in a sentence but Ethereum at its fullest potential could be the backbone of the next evolution of the internet with what it allows people to do. There are a whole bunch of alt coins attempting to emulate its Smart Contracts system but I don't think any are even attempting to do what Ethereum is with it's decentralized application functions.

Dash - I think this is what Bitcoin was initially meant to be. The transactions are instant and it has an interesting governance model. It also limits the power of miners and has the ability to make transactions private.

Privacy Centric Coins - I don't think there is a clear leader in this category yet. There's Monero but the dev team is completely untrustworthy. There's also ZCash and DASH as well as a whole bunch of other alt speculative altcoins. I think these coins might not have as much utility in the developed world but I can see them being very useful for people who live under authoritarian governments.

On Ether, why do you think that?

Isn't it a glaring weakness that Vitalik can decide to make more and act like a Central Bank?