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(06-08-2017, 12:42 PM)
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Originally Posted by BraXzy

I still haven't found anywhere that has a decent exchange here without fees. I still don't fully understand the cause for high fees and such but I bought from Bittylicious witout issue.

Whoever makes a UK exchange with reasonable fees and bank transfers could make a pretty penny.

Yeah it was a bit of hassle getting some BTC. I ended up signing up on C-Cex and Payeer. I used Payeer to take $200 off my credit card and then transferred that to C-Cex to buy BTC. Now I have signed up on Yobit and Bittrex and just bouncing around those exchanges.

This is the problem with this industry at the minute it's the barrier to entry. When someone comes up with a simple, quick and safe way to get money out of your bank and into BTC then it will sky rocket.