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(06-07-2017, 03:25 PM)
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Sooo.. Byteball will do another airdrop of bytes and blackbytes on 9th of June. I signed the message instead of giving them BTC (Used Mycelium as my btc wallet for this).

Sooo.. Airdopping means they push out their first coins to some people for free, right?

But then the message was something like: "Signature was OK."

"You receive 62.5 MB and 131,943,750 blackbytes for each 1 BTC of the total balance of this Bitcoin address on June 9.

Current balance of this address is 0 BTC.

For the bytes you hold on June 9 you receive 0.2 new byte for each 1 byte of your balance, even if your bytes are not on linked Byteball addresses.

You also receive 0.42222 blackbytes for each 1 byte of your balance on the linked Byteball address, which currently is: 0GB."

Ahhhh yessss. I understand next to NUFFIN
Can anybody help? And guys do this as its free crypto for everyone.
Also heads up to IOTA which gets hyped and will hit bittrex the next days.