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(03-30-2012, 02:48 PM)
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Originally Posted by Neon_Icarus

It looks like NOE made a new trailer featuring all their recent
RPG/adventure games. Xenoblade is after Zelda.

Only two more weeks until Pandora's Tower... :)

Be careful, there are several scenes from both Xenoblade and TLS very final stages.

Watching this has made me realize how better is going to be Wii's death compared to the ones of N64 and GC. It's been 8 unforgettable months without letting my Wii take a breath with Xenoblade, Skyward Sword and The Last Story, which are easily in my top 5 of the system. I'm not really interested in Pandora's Tower, though. Hope you guys have ordered a massive load of batteries and enjoy them :P

And for Xenoblade, I would recommend you to play it calmly and, since you're going to play it for at least 50-60 hours, trying not to play other complex or time-consuming games at the same times. About sidequests, Xenoblade is a really flexible game and allows the player adapt to it in many ways, so if you don't feel comfortable with doing hundreds of clonic hunting missions, you can skip them and don't have many dfficulties to finish the main quest. I have to say that despite being really similar and basic, they can be really addicting!