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(03-30-2012, 02:41 PM)
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A friend of mine imported the game last year and it looks amazing. That being said I feel Nintendo is setting this game up for failure. Please see examples below.
  • Releasing the game a year later in the US after the real fans have already bought the EU version.
  • Making this release exclusive to 1 retailer.
  • Releasing a year old game for $50

Anyone with common sense would see that the list above points to major lack of sales. It's like Ubi releasing AC2 6 months later on PC and being shocked it didn't sell as well as consoles. I don't care for brick and mortar stores anymore. If I actually buy a game on a console (as opposed to most of my games I buy via Steam) it comes from Amazon.

So considering its a forgone conclusion that there is no realistic way sales can live up to what Nintendo wants out of them due to self inflicted wounds I would like to hear a counter arguement to why I should support the game that is already setup to fail? I love RPG's and especially ones with great stories, is it really worth biting the bullet on this one?