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Originally Posted by Vice

Said he could kill Frieza, but was intimidated by/worried about Dabura. That's Frieza Saga level to me.


Shin was stronger than Piccolo in the Buu arc.

Originally Posted by Icyflamez96

I didn't say otherwise.

But in the scenario that Jiren encounters them at a planet where they are killing people, I can see Jiren taking taking out Black before they decide or even have a chance to fuse. It wasn't until they finally realized they had no other options until they decided to fuse, and I wonder if they'd realize that in time.

Jiren also probably knows about fusion earnings considering his close connection with the gods. I don't think he would sit there and let them do it, especially if he knew by that point that Zamasu was immortal. He'd be fast enough to stop them.

Things could go a lot of different ways though. At the very most I'm saying it is plausible that Jiren could win.

I still think he can't beat Zamasu and he will eventually get tired and killed.