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Ask me about my dream Kill la Kill game. It's going to be stylish. And totally unauthorized by my employer, who I am not representing.
(07-21-2013, 02:57 PM)
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OK, now I see what the issue is... Thanks for the clarification.

I wasn't actually talking about seriously going to a mod. My comment was tongue-in-cheek. If it didn't come off that way, then I apologize. Of course, everyone is 100% free to not only use that phrase, but hate (or love, or anything in between) the game incredibly vocally as well. I would never want to stifle discussion on anywhere, let alone here.

That being said - Ask your mom (or the inevitable, I asked my mom and she said X) jokes are crazy old at this point. :)

Putting this thread back on track - Yes, the game is longer than Bayonetta. Someone a few threads ago mistranslated Kamiya's comments saying it was the "most expensive" PG game ever; however, what he was actually saying was that this game is probably the one where everyone one involved put in the most amount of effort. I've never seen a team so dedicated to getting in right. Kamiya-san basically lived at the office for a couple of months.