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Originally Posted by The Beard

It's not silly. That's exactly what I heard about plasmas before I bought mine. If I played 5 straight hours of BF1 on my VT60, I'd see the HUD for at least a day afterwards, maybe 2. I'll give OLED a chance to see if it's better than plasma in that regard, but from what I've heard from various owners so far, I'm not expecting it to be much better.

I'm talking about IR not burn in btw. I'm really anal about PQ when I'm watching movies. I don't want to see anything on the screen that shouldn't be there. I don't want to see a faint ghost image of #Discoverychanel in the upper right hand corner against a shot of a blue sky, it completely takes me out of what I'm watching.

But you're forgetting that these OLED panels run automatic cleanup cycles to get rid of anything that shouldn't be there. There's a reason why burn-in/IR isn't a major concern on the internet, because the issue isn't prevalent. It's a non-issue.

What you'll hear about are cases of vertical banding/vignetting affecting some panels, not your BF1 HUD being visible during a movie. :P